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Featured Weekly NYT Columnists

- Trade and Trust, By Paul Krugman
- Buried Truths About Nazi Mass Murder and the Allied Victory, By Roger Cohen
- The Power of Hope Is Real, By Nicholas Kristof
- Tubman Versus Jackson, By Gail Collins
- Of Bikers and Thugs, By Charles M. Blow
- Hillary, Jeb, Facebook and Disorder, By Thomas L. Friedman
- Chemo for the Planet, By Joe Nocera
- The Presence of the Pastm By Roger Cohen
- Errors and Lies, By Paul Krugman
- Unaffiliated and Underrepresented, By Charles M. Blow
- What ‘Wild’ Has Wrought, By Nicholas Kristof
- He Is Heavy. He’s My Brother., By Maureen Dowd
- The Greatest Generation of Scientists, By Joe Nocera
- Let George Do It, By Gail Collins
- Fraternity of Failure, By Paul Krugman
- The President, Fox News and the Poor, By Charles M. Blow
- This Angry Arab Moment, By Roger Cohen
- Wow, Jeb Bush Is Awful, By Gail Collins
- Crisis at Sea, By Nicholas Kristof
- Moore’s Law Turns 50, By Thomas L. Friedman
- At Rutgers, It’s Books vs. Ballgames, By Joe Nocera
- Wall Street Vampires, By Paul Krugman
- Italian Curves, Italian Cures, By Roger Cohen
- Of Museums and Racial Relics, By Charles M. Blow
- Despite DNA, the Rapist Got Away, By Nicholas Kristof
- The Battle for DuPont, By Joe Nocera
- The Alamo and Walmart, By Gail Collins
- David Cameron Cruises Home, By Roger Cohen
- Triumph of the Unthinking, By Paul Krugman
- Our Biased Brains, By Nicholas Kristof
- Beyond the Demon Sheep, By Gail Collins
- Germany, the Green Superpower, By Thomas L. Friedman
- Secret’s Doomed Script, By Joe Nocera
- Race, Class and Neglect, By Paul Krugman
- Restoring Faith in Justice, By Charles M. Blow
- Britain’s Strange Election, By Roger Cohen
- Stroke of Fate, By Maureen Dowd
- ‘Inequality Is a Choice’, By Nicholas Kristof
- Bernie Sanders Yells His Mind, By Gail Collins
- Ideology and Integrity, By Paul Krugman
- Violence in Baltimore, By Charles M. Blow
- When Baltimore Burned, By Nicholas Kristof
- When Good News Is No News, By Gail Collins
- On Trade: Obama Right, Critics Wrong, By Thomas L. Friedman
- Europe’s Google Problem, By Joe Nocera
- ‘Lynch Mob’: Misuse of Language, By Charles M. Blow
- Nobody Said That, By Paul Krugman
- Are You Smarter Than an 8th Grader?, By Nicholas Kristof
- Beware Our Mind Children, By Maureen Dowd
- Presidential Primary Book Club, By Gail Collins
- On the Export-Import Bank, the Numbers Come First, By Joe Nocera
- Zombies of 2016, By Paul Krugman
- Long Live Europe, By Roger Cohen
- Beyond Education Wars, By Nicholas Kristof
- Deal or No Deal?, By Thomas L. Friedman
- Lessons From #RaceTogether, By Joe Nocera
- Muslims and Jews on the Seine, By Roger Cohen
- Has the N.R.A. Won?, By Charles M. Blow
- Greece on the Brink, By Paul Krugman
- The Giant Rats That Save Lives, By Nicholas Kristof
- Granny Get Your Gun, By Maureen Dowd
- Peering Through the Haze, By Joe Nocera
- That Old-Time Economics, By Paul Krugman
- Take Your Hillary Temperature, By GAIL COLLINS
- The French Republic Resolute, By Roger Cohen
- Woe of White Men, Again?, By Charles M. Blow
- Starving for Wisdom, By Nicholas Kristof
- What’s Up With You?, By Thomas L. Friedman
- Confessions of a Francophile, By Roger Cohen
- It Takes a Party, By Paul Krugman
- Walter Scott Is Not on Trial, By Charles M. Blow
- Grandmama Mia!, By Maureen Dowd
- Smart Girls vs. Bombs, By Nicholas Kristof
- Where Government Excels, By Paul Krugman
- In South Carolina, Shot in the Back as He Ran, By Charles M. Blow
- Rand Paul, Paul Rand Quiz, By Gail Collins
- Enjoying the Low Life?, By Nicholas Kristof
- God Bless France, By Roger Cohen
- Did Rolling Stone Hurt the Quest for Justice?, By Charles M. Blow
- United States Embassy, Tehran
A Hermetic Iranian Nuclear Deal Is Unlikely
, By Roger Cohen
- Iran and the Obama Doctrine, By Thomas L. Friedman
- Good Riddance, Carrie Mathison, By Maureen Dowd
- The Trader Who Donates Half His Pay, By Nicholas Kristof
- And Now, Political Virgins, By Gail Collins
- Power and Paychecks, By Paul Krugman
- Religious Freedom vs. Individual Equality, By Charles M. Blow
- The Order in Saigon’s Chaos, By Roger Cohen
- Indiana Loses Its Game, By Gail Collins
- A Nuclear Deal With Iran Isn’t Just About Bombs, By Nicholas Kristof
- Tell Me How This Ends Well, By Thomas L. Friedman
- Imaginary Health Care Horrors, By Paul Krugman
- The Beating of Floyd Dent, By Charles M. Blow
- Iran Matters Most, By Roger Cohen
- A Little Respect for Dr. Foster, By Nicholas Kristof
- Ready for 45?, By Maureen Dowd
- Ted Cruz Pop Quiz, By GAIL COLLINS
- Mornings in Blue America, By Paul Krugman
- An Unsettling Complicity, By Nicholas Kristof
- Of Catfish Wars and Shooting Wars, By Roger Cohen
- When Nancy Met Johnny, By Gail Collins
- Officers’ Race Matters Less Than You Think, By Charles M. Blow
- Look Before Leaping, By Thomas L. Friedman
- This Snookered Isle
Britain's Terrible, No-Good Economic Discourse
, By Paul Krugman
- Can-Do Lee Kuan Yew, By Roger Cohen
- Gov. Jindal’s Implosion, By Charles M. Blow
- What’s New, Pussycat? Meerkat!, By Maureen Dowd
- Two Women, Opposite Fortunes, By Nicholas Kristof
- A Woman’s Place Is on the $20, By Gail Collins
- Trillion Dollar Fraudsters, By Paul Krugman
- Stop Playing the ‘Race Card’ Card, By Charles M. Blow
- Deadliest Country For Kids, By Nicholas Kristof
- Bibi Will Make History, By Thomas L. Friedman
- Oh, No! It’s a New Senate Low!, By Gail Collins
- An Uneasy Coalition for Israel, By Roger Cohen
- Go Ahead, Ruin My Day, By Thomas L. Friedman
- The Hidden Talent of Steve Jobs, By Joe Noceras
- Israel’s Gilded Age, By Paul Krugman
- Flash Point Ferguson, By Charles M. Blow
- An Open Letter to hdr22@clintonemail.com, By Maureen Dowd
- To Kill a Chicken, By Nicholas Kristof
Syracuse, Boeheim and the N.C.A.A., By Joe Nocera
- Globe? Warm? Who, Me?, By Gail Collins 
- Strength Is Weakness, By Paul Krugman
- The Other Iran Letter, By Roger Cohen
- Hate Takes the Bus
A University of Oklahoma Fraternity’s Chant and the Rigidity of Racism
, By Charles M. Blow
- Hillary Clinton Comes Back, By Gail Collins
- When Liberals Blew It, By Nicholas Kristof
- Is It Sheldon Adelson’s World?,By Thomas L. Friedman
- College for a New Age, By Joe Nocera
- Where the Road From Auschwitz Ends, By Roger Cohen
- Partying Like It’s 1995, By Paul Krugman
- With the Clintons, Only the Shadow Knows, By Maureen Dowd
- Winds of War in Gaza, By Nicholas Kristof
- Bullets Over Washington, By Joe Nocera
- Pepperoni Turns Partisan, By Paul Krugman
- Netanyahu’s Iran Thing, By Roger Cohen
- Pearls Before Congress, By Gail Collins
- The Feds vs. Ferguson, By Charles M. Blow
- You Think Your Winter Was Rough?, By Nicholas Kristof
- What Bibi Didn’t Say, By Thomas L. Friedman
- The Vast Realm of ‘If’, By Roger Cohen
- How Warren Buffett Does It, By Joe Nocera
- CPAC: Hackneyed and Hollow, By Charles M. Blow
- Walmart’s Visible Hand, By Paul Krugman
- Did Israel Put Money Over Justice?, By Roger Cohen
- The Two Israels, By Nicholas Kristof
- Dirty Words From Pretty Mouths, By Maureen Dowd
- And Now, Homeland Insecurity, By Gail Collins
- Bloomberg Sees a Way on Keystone, By Joe Nocera
- What Greece Won, By Paul Krugman
- The Human Stain, By Nicholas Kristof
- Adieu, Chris Christie, Adieu, By Gail Collins
- ISIS Heads to Rome, By Thomas L. Friedman
- Scientology’s Chilling Effect, By Joe Nocera
- Knowledge Isn’t Power, By Paul Krugman
- Pakistan in Its Labyrinth, By Roger Cohen
- Who Loves America?, By Charles M. Blow
- Jeb Bush’s Brainless Trust, By Maureen Dowd
- Straight Talk for White Men, By Nicholas Kristof
- Football’s L.A. Trick Play, By Joe Nocera
- The Unsinkable R.B.G.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Has No Interest in Retiring
, By Gail Collins
- Cranking Up for 2016, By Paul Krugman
- The Cost of a Decline in Unions, By Nicholas Kristof
- The Obama Years By Charles M. Blow
- The Great Jewish Exodus, By Roger Cohen
- A Gun on Every Corner, By Gail Collins
- Democracy Is in Recession, By Thomas L. Friedman
- Weimar on the Aegean, By Paul Krugman
- A Kaffeeklatsch on Race, By Charles M. Blow
- Islam and the West at War, By Roger Cohen
- Call Off the Dogs, By Maureen Dowd
- Unpaid, Unarmed Lifesavers in Syria, By Nicholas Kristof
- Scott Walker Needs an Eraser, By Gail Collins
- Money Makes Crazy, By Paul Krugman
- Muslims, Marriage and Bigotry, By Nicholas Kristof
- An Ode to Obamacare, By Gail Collins
- Curtail Iran and Win, By Roger Cohen
- The Riddle of Powering Electric Cars, By Joe Nocera
- Nobody Understands Debt, By Paul Krugman
- Western Illusions Over Ukraine, By Roger Cohen
- Beyond ‘Black Lives Matter’, By Charles M. Blow
- Anchors Aweigh, By Maureen Dowd
- The Dangers of Vaccine Denial, By Nicholas Kristof
- Politics by Restaurant Review, By Gail Collins
- Net Neutrality Rules, By Joe Nocera
- A Game of Chicken, By Paul Krugman
- ‘American Sniper’ Moral, By Gail Collins
- Bruce Jenner’s Courage, By Nicholas Kristof
- Israel Needs a Grown-Up, By Roger Cohen
- A Bad Mistake, By Thomas L. Friedman
- A Future Segregated by Science?, By Charles M. Blow
- The Long-Run Cop-Out, By Paul Krugman
- Heroes and Bystanders, By Nicholas Kristof
- Mitt’s White Horse Pulls Up Lame, By Maureen Dowd
- Mitt Quits. Again. Probably., By Gail Collins
- New York’s Real Scandal, By Joe Nocera
- Europe’s Greek Test, By Paul Krugman
- How Do We Increase Empathy?, By Nicholas Kristof
- The Days of Wine and Droning, By Gail Collins
- Czar Putin’s Next Moves, By Thomas L. Friedman
- Reducing Our Obscene Level of Child Poverty, By Charles M. Blow
- Ending Greece’s Nightmare, By Paul Krugman
- Library Visit, Then Held at Gunpoint
Charles Blow: At Yale, the Police Detained My Son
, By Charles M. Blow
- Running for Daylight (Obama, Not Brady), By Maureen Dowd
- Where’s the Empathy?, By Nicholas Kristof
- And Now: Air Republicans, By Gail Collins
- Don’t Blame Nafta, By Joe Nocera
- Much Too Responsible, By Paul Krugman
- Inequality in the Air We Breathe?, By Charles M. Blow
- Reagan, Obama and Inequality, By Nicholas Kristof
- Where the Road Meets the Walrus, By Gail Collins
- Say It Like It Is, By Thomas L. Friedman
- A Detainee’s Diary, By Joe Nocera
- Hating Good Government, By Paul Krugman
- How Expensive It Is to Be Poor, By Charles M. Blow
- Not Just A Movie. By Maureen Dowd
- Smart Guns Save Lives. So Where Are They?, By Nicholas Kristof
- The Keystone XL Illusion, By Joe Nocera
- Texas Is Sending You a Present, By Gail Collins
- Francs, Fear and Folly, By Paul Krugman
- Dropouts and Politics and Cats, By Gail Collins
- An Islamic Reformer, Lashed, By Nicholas Kristof
- The Complexity of Deadly Force, By Charles M. Blow
- We Need Another Giant Protest, By Thomas L. Friedman
- Playing College Moneyball, By Joe Nocera
- For the Love of Carbon, By Paul Krugman
- Tamir Rice and the Value of Life, By Charles M. Blow
- The Battle to Belong
Depression and an Immigrant’s Struggle to Assimilate
, By Roger Cohen
- The Deano Chronicles, Continued By Maureen Dowd
- Race, the Police and the Propaganda, By Nicholas Kristof
- The Battle to Belong
Depression and an Immigrant’s Struggle to Assimilate
, By Roger Cohen
- On Duty for the Chris Christie Hug Watch, By Gail Collins
- Riddle of the Pyramids: What Is Herbalife?, By Joe Nocera
- Voodoo Time Machine, By Paul Krugman
- Who Should Apologize in Police Conflict?, By Charles M. Blow
- Back to the Future, By Gail Collins
- Is Islam to Blame for the Shooting at Charlie Hebdo in Paris?, By Nicholas Kristof
- Time for a Pause, By Thomas L. Friedman
- The Moral of the Kulluk, By Joe Nocera
- Trying to Remembe, By Roger Cohen
- Presidents and the Economy, By Paul Krugman
- Privilege of ‘Arrest Without Incident’, By Charles M. Blow
- Hillary Versus History, By Gail Collins
- A Time for Traitors, By Roger Cohen
- Twin Peaks Planet, By Paul Krugman
- Look Back to Move Forward, By Charles M. Blow
- The First Pop Quiz of 2015, By GAIL COLLINS
- Gaza Is Nowhere, By Roger Cohen
- Four Questions for 2015, By Joe Nocera
- The Obama Recovery, By Paul Krugman
- When Readers Do Get It, By Nicholas Kristof
- Silicon Valley’s Mirror Effect, By Joe Nocera
- The Virtue of Redeeming Vice, By Roger Cohen
- Tidings of Comfort, By Paul Krugman
- Scrooges of the World, Begone!, By Nicholas Kristof
- Why Israeli-Palestinian Peace Failed, By Roger Cohen
- Is Vacation Over?, By Thomas L. Friedman
- Shale and the Falling Price of Oil, By Joe Nocera
- Conquest Is for Losers
Putin, Neocons and the Great Illusion
, By Paul Krugman
- Pursuing Justice for All, By Charles M. Blow
- What Will Israel Become?, By Roger Cohen
- Who’s Playing Marbles Now?, By Thomas L. Friedman
- The Gift of Education, By Nicholas Kristof
- The Cuomo Cop-Out, By Joe Nocera

Issues We Still Care About

SUPPORT SJ RES 19 - a Joint Senate Amendment that is expected to come up for a vote this year [2014] to undo the harm caused by Citizens United. Sign this petition now.

DEMAND OBAMA RELEASE THE EXECUTION MEMOS. Just as the public demanded the release of the Bush Administration's Torture Memos to expose the ludicrous rationale behind their secret torture program, we too must demand to know the legal rationale for a program that allows our president to unilaterally choose to deprive someone of life and liberty - without the victim even being charged with a crime. Sign FireDogLake's petition demanding the Obama administration produce the internal memos and legal justification for their targeted execution program.

SUPPORT THE StopWatching.Us CAMPAIGN. The StopWatching.Us campaign aims to turn grass-roots anger at secret surveillance into political action.

SUPPORT CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT THAT DOESN'T GIVE PERSONHOOD TO CORPORATIONS. We have got to send a constitutional amendment to the states that says simply and straightforwardly what everyone - except five members of the United States Supreme Court - understands: Corporations are not people with equal constitutional rights. Corporations are subject to regulation by the people. Corporations may not make campaign contributions -- the law of the land for the last century. And Congress and states have the power to regulate campaign finances. Sign Sen. Sander's petition.

SUPPORT PFAW'S GRASSROOTS CAMPAIGN. People for the American War want to pass an amendment to the U.S. Constitution which would nullify the worst part of the USSC's decision by granting Congress the authority to limit corporate influence in elections. The Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United v. FEC threatens to tear apart the fabric of our democracy and grant powerful corporations unfettered influence in our political process. Tell congressional leaders to support and pass a constitutional amendment granting Congress the authority limit corporate influence in elections without delay. Sign PFAW's online petition now.

PROSECUTE BUSH CRIMES. Sign the petition at the Center for Constitutional Rights requesting various Bush officials be prosecuted for committing criminal acts. Also sign their letter to Sen. Leahy telling him that criminal prosecutions are necessary. Make sure you do both! Also download their factsheet to share with others [256k] and read the list that includes 182 people and organizations calling for prosecutions of top officals.

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Please check out our new humor photo addition called: "Israel's Bitches". It accurately depicts what our political classs has become.

New articles added from the past week that discuss: Indictments of the TPP - are we destined to make the same mistakes again?, more presidential politics including the failings of Jebediah Bush, the innocent bodies we count and don't count that are killed by our drones, what will happen now that a U.S. Appeals Court has declared the bulk collection of phone records illegal?, Sy Hersh reveals the truth about the bin Laden killing and the myths Americans were told, plus lots more in Sounding Off. You might also ienjoy our large selection of progressive political humor, our interactive projects plus our free music downloads. --RJ Crane, editor

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All older articles that appeared in this section through December 31, 2012 can be found in our archives. Starting in 2013 we will no longer be archiving articles in this section.

Ted Cruz, our ayatollah: Fight back now, or welcome to the 2016 religious right hellstorm
Way too many of us believe in a magic book negated by science and peppered with all manner of misanthropic myths


Robert Reich: America’s economy is a nightmare of our own making
The former secretary of labor examines how our country became the most unequal society in the developed world


Russia Impinges on Israeli ‘Right’ to Bomb Iran
By Ray McGovern
"American neocons are in a lather over Russia’s decision to go ahead with the sale of anti-aircraft missiles to Iran. The apparent outrage is that Iran thinks it has a right to protect its citizens from Israel’s right to launch airstrikes into Iran’s territory, as ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern explains."

The Killing of Osama bin Laden
Seymour M. Hersh
The actual text from the London Review of Books - for those who don't want the media to interpret this for them.


Corporate centrists declare war on Warren Democrats: Why Hillary Clinton must spurn this disastrous neoliberalism
Democratic Gov. Jack Markell's odious screed against populism exposes the neoliberal POV Clinton must resist to win


Democrats Embrace Citizens United in Defense of Clinton

A Rare Moment of Grace in American Politics
By E.J. Dionne Jr.

Trade Wars in Congress
"Congress is considering a trade bill that is pitting President Obama against many members of his own party and some Republicans. Though the two sides have major differences, a compromise is still possible and would be good for the American economy."

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is dangerous: Why we must reject her hateful worldview
To endorse Hirsi Ali—as pundits everywhere from Fox News to network news have—insults and mocks a billion Muslims

"What I have seen, particularly after the 9/11 attacks, was a broad rejection, not only of the extremism of Al-Qaeda but also of the authoritarian violence of Western-backed secular dictators — who, by stripping Muslims of their constitutional rights, jailing and torturing them, accomplished only the mass radicalization of young Muslims."

Making It Explicit in Israel
"The government that will be formed this week is the most clearly articulated, narrowest, most right-wing, most religious and most nationalistic government ever assembled in Israel."

Jeb Bush’s Revisionist History of the Iraq War
"Jeb Bush doesn’t seem to have learned anything from his brother’s failures and he is blithely parroting the worst propaganda about the war in Iraq."

The era of (Bill) Clinton liberalism is over. What does that mean for Hillary and the Dems?
Clinton revived the Democrats partly by incorporating GOP critiques on crime, welfare and race. What comes next?


Noam Chomsky undresses Sam Harris: Stop “pretending to have a rational discussion”
The new atheist tries to "engineer a public conversation" about terrorism and humiliates himself in the process


How the Media Helps ISIS Spread its Propaganda
By Ben Norton

“It’s pure authoritarianism”: Glenn Greenwald exposes the link between Baltimore’s uprising and the NSA
Award-winning journalist tells Salon why the erosion of civil liberties at home and abroad is interconnected


America’s assassination industrial complex: How the drug wars of the ’90s became the drone wars of today
Covert warfare used to take place in the shadows. Now it's become a flagship of our foreign policy

"Methods of implementation, including drones, cruise missiles, and Special Operations forces hunter-killer teams, may vary, but the core notion that the path to success lies in directly attacking and taking out your enemy’s leadership has become deeply embedded."

A Nation of Snitches
By Chris Hedges
"A totalitarian state is only as strong as its informants. And the United States has a lot of them."

The terrorist attack that changed America — and it wasn’t 9/11: “The public reaction was even worse”
The Wall Street bombings weren't the only way the year 1920 was eerily reminiscent of 2015, Eric Burns tells Salon

By Elias Isquith

The ludicrous myth of Republican fiscal responsibility: A history lesson for the modern GOP
The GOP loves to insist that Democrats have caused a fiscal crisis. But the real story looks far different

"Over the past three decades, the Republican party has followed a familiar strategy — get elected to executive office by preaching fiscal responsibility, make a complete mess of things fiscally, and then, when a Democrat comes in to clean up the mess, blame them endlessly for not fixing it fast enough."

"I'm From that Hell Called Gaza"
By James Wall
"The injustice in Gaza and the West Bank is, indeed, a curse. It is a curse President Carter knows all too well."

The GOP’s paranoid right-wing renaissance: What Pam Geller’s anti-Islam fear mongering says about American politics
The right has long harbored fantasies about shadowy government conspiracies. Now that paranoia is bigger than ever


We need David Letterman’s America: How the Leno/Fallon/Colbert choice defines us and how we see the world
Perhaps it's our real divide: Letterman/Colbert's irony and subversion vs. Leno/Fallon's desperate need to be liked

By Brad

Enforcing the Ukraine "Group Think"
By Robert Parry
"It may be fitting that the U.S.-funded Radio Liberty would be the latest media outlet to join in the bashing of an American academic who dares to disagree with U.S. policies on Ukraine, which have included supporting a 2014 coup that ousted the elected president and installing a new regime in which neo-Nazis play a prominent role. After all, Radio Liberty has a history of cuddling up to Nazis."

Retired judge unloads on hypocritical Supreme Court: “They’re talking out of both sides of their mouth”
The Court is all over the map on campaign finance — and U.S. democracy is hurting for it, James Nelson tells Salon

By Elias Isquith

Why not free 4-year college?
By Robert Weiner

What Israel fears with the successes of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement
Amendments in the House and Senate target the BDS movement. It must be doing something right

"Recently, the House and the Senate passed similar amendments to the bill authorizing negotiations for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership with Europe that in one stroke of the pen attempt to make legal the Israeli settlements that are recognized as illegal by both the U.N. and international law.  Conversely, the amendments punish companies for adhering to international laws intended to protect against colonization."

The government’s deceptive “transparency” lies: The truth about how it’s keeping its secrets
It's called "declassification review," and it's doublespeak at its most insidious


Obama's Petulant WWII Snub of Russia
By Ray McGovern
"President Barack Obama's decision to join other Western leaders in snubbing Russia's weekend celebration of the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe looks more like pouting than statesmanship, especially in the context of the U.S. mainstream media's recent anti-historical effort to downplay Russia's crucial role in defeating Nazism."

Illegitimate election
A key source for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. responds to criticism of his analysis of the 2004 election


The shocking court case that proves the government’s shameful Petraeus hypocrisy
A former CIA officers faces decades in prison. David Petraeus got two years probation for similar charges. But why?


Anatomy of a racist revolution: How the GOP was hijacked by small-state bigotry
In some ways, it's a tale as old as America: state vs. federal power. But 50 years ago, something sinister happened


Hillary Clinton Takes the Lead on Immigration
"With her speech on immigration in Las Vegas on Tuesday, Hillary Rodham Clinton took a large step forward, up front and to the left of President Obama. That is a good place to be for a presidential candidate who proposes to get the stalled debate moving again, and to bring hope to the millions living here outside the law."

The Middle East is America’s collateral damage: The brutal truth about America’s drone wars
Obama's apology for the death of an American aid worker lays bare his callous indifference toward Muslim life

" If you are an innocent American or Western civilian and a drone takes you out, you count.  If you are an innocent Pakistani, Afghan, or Yemeni, you don’t."

“The buck stops nowhere”: Meet the corrupt new elite running (and ruining) our economy
"Unaccountable" author Janine Wedel takes on Larry Summers, Citigroup and the sins of the Clinton administration


Jeb Bush’s terrifying W. strategy: How he’s sucking up to extremist billionaires—with the help of the worst president ever
Jeb recently said he goes to his brother for Israel advice. That should scare you for a billion different reasons


America is about to make a horrible mistake all over again
In the '90s, NAFTA was full of grand promises that never came true. Now we're hearing those same promises again


70 years after the end of WWII, the West is unwilling to celebrate the holiday in Russia
The Soviet Union did more than any other country to defeat Nazi Germany -- a history too important to deny


The New York Times does its government’s bidding: Here’s what you’re not being told about U.S. troops in Ukraine
U.S. troops are now operating openly in Ukraine. The "paper of record's" "coverage" is an embarrassment, per usual


The Illegal Phone-Data Sweeps
"There is a lot to praise in the powerful ruling issued by a three-judge federal appeals panel in New York on Thursday, which held that the government’s vast, continuing and, until recently, secret sweep of Americans’ phone records is illegal."

America is about to make a horrible mistake all over again
In the '90s, NAFTA was full of grand promises that never came true. Now we're hearing those same promises again


Even W was smarter than these clowns: The surprising issue Bush got right, but today’s wingnuts can’t comprehend
Bush and the GOP business wing got the politics of a minimum wage hike right in 2007. It's not 2007 anymore


Hillary Clinton and the Super Trough
"Just weeks after her ringing call to 'get unaccountable money' out of politics, Hillary Rodham Clinton is reversing course and joining the 'super PAC' sweepstakes for unlimited donations from big check writers.

It’s Not a ‘Stream’ of Consciousness
"While there is no disputing the aptness of this metaphor in capturing our subjective experience of the world, recent research has shown that the 'stream' of consciousness is, in fact, an illusion. We actually perceive the world in rhythmic pulses rather than as a continuous flow."

Fringe Festival
By Timothy Egan
"Last election cycle, the Republican presidential field was a clown car, holding the thrice-married Newt Gingrich lecturing about values, the pizza magnate Herman Cain fending off sexual harassment claims, and Michele Bachmann confusing John Wayne with a serial killer. That was just the front seat. This time around it’s a clown bus, with as many as 17 Republicans expected to compete for the nomination."

Beyond the Iran Nuclear Deal
"President Obama’s meeting with Arab leaders this week is an opportunity to reassure the deeply skeptical Gulf states that America’s engagement and probable nuclear deal with Iran is not a threat but an opportunity for regional stability."

This is how the right wing dies: The GOP has rigged the game for the rich, again
Reactionaries have a hammerlock on power, now. Last time GOP rewrote rules for the 1 percent, trust-busters emerged

By Heather Cox Richardson

The left has Islam all wrong: Bill Maher, Pamela Geller and the reality progressives must face
Confusion over Islam and how to relate to it imperils free speech, without which no secular republic can survive


Obama administration moves to bolster police in Baltimore
By Jerry White

The 23 Count Indictment of the TPP
By Joe Firestone, Ph.D
"Any one of these, would, by itself be sufficient for any representative of the people, Senator or Congressperson, to vote to kill it."

How Super PACs Can Run Campaigns

Make the Rich Panic
By Chris Hedges
"If you want change you can believe in, destroy the system. And changing the system does not mean collaborating with it as Bernie Sanders is doing by playing by the cooked rules of the Democratic Party. Profound social and political transformation is acknowledged in legislatures and courts but never initiated there. Radical change always comes from below.

The swaggering idiot returns: George W. Bush emerges from artistic exile to rehab his disastrous legacy
George W. Bush is back, and he's concerned that the foreign policy catastrophes he helped create aren't being fixed


Robert Reich: Americans are utterly powerless
The former secretary of labor examines how we let our biggest corporations get away with whatever they please
"The companies we work for, the businesses we buy from, and the political system we participate in all seem to have grown less accountable."

Junk Science at the F.B.I.
"Mr. Tribble’s case — along with the exoneration of two other men who served decades in prison based on faulty hair-sample analysis — spurred the F.B.I. to conduct a sweeping post-conviction review of 2,500 cases in which its hair-sample lab reported a match."

Brutality is Our Society's Trademark -- From the Justice System to Healthcare
By Donna Smith

Neocons bang the war drums: Here’s how they’ll try to sink the Iran agreement
It wouldn't help Republicans to add a bunch of poison pills to this bill, but you try telling Marco Rubio that


More Excuses on the Patriot Act
[What Congress does may be moot now since a US Appeals Court declared the bulk collection of phone records illegal.]

Scalia and Roberts don’t know best: Here’s how we take our politics back from reactionary court and billionaire donors
Right-wing justices have perverted our campaign-finance system. There's a mechanism to reclaim it: The Constitution

By Jamie Raskin

Trans Pacific Trickle-Down Economics
By Robert Reich
"By now we should know that when big corporations, Wall Street, and the wealthy get special goodies, the rest of us get shafted."

Roger Waters to Robbie Williams: “Your decision to play in Tel Aviv gives succor to Netanyahu and his regime, and endorses their deadly racist policies”
EXCLUSIVE: One UK superstar to another: If you take children and human rights seriously, please don't play Israel


All older articles that appeared in this section through December 31, 2012 can be found in our archives. Starting in 2013 we will no longer be archiving articles in this section.

Links to Tom Tomorrow, This Modern World cartoons

Links to Mark Fiore animations and other funny animations.

All of the past Bushspeak and Bushisms that we collected

Bush Says Iraq Question Unimportant Since He Clearly Will Never Be President
satire by Andy Borowitz

Scientists: Earth Endangered by New Strain of Fact-Resistant Humans
satire by Andy Borowitz

Full Disclosure
cartoon by Nick Anderson

cartoon by Nick Anderson

Jeb Bush
cartoon by Nick Anderson

cartoon by Nick Anderson

Animal Nuz #251 - Jerb Bush Edition
cartoon by ericlewis0

Pet shopping with the Kochs
Cartoon by rebeccahendin

Super-Fun-Pak Comix
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

Reality-based conspiracies
cartoon by Brian McFadden

Science for sale
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

Swing vote secrets
cartoon by Matt Bors

The populist menace
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

Obama Trades Transparency
animation by Mark Fiore

Desperate Residents of Austin Completely Surrounded by Texas
satire by Andy Borowitz

N.F.L. Sentences Brady to a Year with the Jets
satire by Andy Borowitz

Fiorina Has High Name Recognition Among Thousands She Fired
satire by Andy Borowitz

Ice Cream!
cartoon by Nick Anderson

Abstinence Only
cartoon by Nick Anderson

Be Prepared
cartoon by Nick Anderson

Local Control
cartoon by Nick Anderson

Muhammad Cartoons
cartoon by Nick Anderson

Good Morning Baltimore
cartoon by rebeccahendin

If boxing is the 'sweet science,' what are these sports?
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

A tale of two Baltimores
cartoon by Brian McFadden

Texas takeover
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

X-Race Specs
cartoon by Matt Bors

Responses to Baltimore
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

Pam Geller’s Islamification
animation by Mark Fiore

Hillary Expected to Adopt All of Sanders’s Positions by Noon
satire by Andy Borowitz

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Asks Someone to Wake Her When Scalia Stops Talking
satire by Andy Borowitz

cartoon by Nick Anderson

cartoon by Nick Anderson

cartoon by Nick Anderson

cartoon by Nick Anderson

cartoon by Nick Anderson

Animal Nuz #249 - Bending Towards Justice Edition
cartoon by ericlewis0

Doonesbury's Charlie Hebdo problem
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

Trans-Pacific speculation
cartoon by Brian McFadden

To protect and to sever
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

Satire to die for
cartoon by Matt Bors

Droney weighs in
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

Freedom of speech is absolute, but...
cartoon by Matt Wuerker

animation by Mark Fiore

G.O.P. Chairman Warns Against Hatred for Hillary Peaking Too Soon
satire by Andy Borowitz

Kochs Defend Purchase of Scott Walker
satire by Andy Borowitz

Hillary Promises to Get Everyday Americans Foreign Money
satire by Andy Borowitz

The Clinton Foundation
cartoon by Nick Anderson

Drone Strikes
cartoon by Nick Anderson

Don’t Shoot
cartoon by Nick Anderson

Migrant Cemetery
cartoon by Nick Anderson

Sealing the Border
Pcartoon by Nick Anderson

Animal Nuz #248 - Bullets & Bracelets Edition
cartoon by ericlewis0

The Great Meritocracy Race
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

The personal shopping assistant
cartoon by Brian McFadden

Bikes and cars
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

The Whiteness Fairy
cartoon by Matt Bors

It ate our brains
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

Clinton Inc
cartoon by Matt Wuerker

Death & Destruction, Inc.
animation by Mark Fiore

Americans Favor Fifteen Dollars an Hour for Congress
satire by Andy Borowitz

Hillary Clinton Officially Begins Nineteen Months of Looking Concerned
satire by Andy Borowitz

New Hillary Clinton Ad Features Just Kittens
satire by Andy Borowitz

Heinous Waste of Money Officially Begins
satire by Andy Borowitz

cartoon by Nick Anderson

cartoon by Nick Anderson

The Loyal Opposition
cartoon by Nick Anderson

Democratic Primary
cartoon by Nick Anderson

What is the product of the most incredible winning streak in the history of life on Earth?
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

Overdue police reforms
cartoon by Brian McFadden

Hillary Clinton pro vs. con
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

New restrictions on abortion restrictors
cartoon by Matt Bors

Hey kids! It's Officer Friendly!
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

Reince's Women Issues
cartoon by Matt Wuerker

Candidate Kit
animation by Mark Fiore

Rand Paul Joins Crowded Field of People Who Will Never Be President
satire by Andy Borowitz

Cruz’s Constant References to Jesus Drive Millions to Atheism
satire by Andy Borowitz

Poll: Americans Starting to Worry About Climate Change Now That It Affects Their Lawns
satire by Andy Borowitz

Target Practice
cartoon by Nick Anderson

Fear Monger
cartoon by Nick Anderson

Rolling Stone
cartoon by Nick Anderson

Xenu, Intergalactic Overlord, returns to Earth
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

Water Warnings
cartoon by Brian McFadden

'The Late-Night TV Circus'
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

War on Terror update, week 716
cartoon by Matt Bors

God speaks
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

The way to win
cartoon by Matt Wuerker

Three-eyed Billy Embraces the Apocalypse
animation by Mark Fiore

Peace with Iran Could Limit Ability to Bomb It, Warns McCain
satire by Andy Borowitz

Indiana Governor Stunned By How Many People Seem to Have Gay Friends
satire by Andy Borowitz

Easter Egg
cartoon by Nick Anderson

Magic Matt
cartoon by Nick Anderson

Wedge Issue
cartoon by Nick Anderson

Religious Freedom
cartoon by Nick Anderson

Animal Nuz #245 - Iran Nuclear Deal Edition
cartoon by ericlewis0

Lo, in the land of Indiana...
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

Keeping currency current
cartoon by Brian McFadden

The submerged state
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

Hitler cakes
cartoon by Matt Bors

Cruz's path to the White House
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

Religious Freedom and Gay Commerce
animation by Mark Fiore


"To me, the bottom line is this: If we move on now without fully documenting what occurred, without acknowledging the betrayal of our values, and without determining whether or not any laws have been broken, we cannot help but validate all that has gone on before. If we look at the Bush record and conclude that the book should simply be closed, we will be tacitly approving both the documented abuses and the additional misdeeds we will have chosen to leave uncovered." --Rep.John Conyers Chair of House Judiciary Committe, D-MI, January 3 1, 2009, Huffingtonpost.com

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