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- More Damned Emails, By Charles M. Blow
- Behind Hillary’s Mask, By Gail Collins
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- We’re Helping Deport Kids to Die, By Nicholas Kristof
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- W., Borne Back Ceaselessly, By Maureen Dowd
- Trump’s Celebrity Shortage, By Gail Collins
- Bull Market Blues, By Paul Krugman
- Blood on Your Hands, Too, By Charles M. Blow
- Trump Reaps a Veep, By Gail Collins
- A History of White Delusion, By Nicholas Kristof
- Has Barack Obama Hurt Race Relations?, By Frank Bruni
- The (G.O.P.) Party’s Over, By Thomas L. Friedman
- How Dangerous Is This Moment?, By By ARTHUR C. BROOKS and GAIL COLLINS
- Cheap Money Talks, By Paul Krugman
- The Clinton Contamination, By Maureen Dowd
- A Week From Hell, By Charles M. Blow
- Divided by Race, United by Pain, By Frank Bruni
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- Hillary, Beyond Email, By Gail Collins
- Hillary Clinton: Ma’am Survivor, By Charles M. Blow
- Barack Obama’s Final Fight, By Frank Bruni
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- Giving Clinton Her Due, By Charles M. Blow
- The Utter Inconsequence of Hillary’s Veep, By Frank Bruni
- The Terrorists the Saudis Cultivate in Peaceful Countries, By Nicholas Kristof
- In Paris With Boris, Donald and Lemon Tarts, By Maureen Dowd
- The State of Race in America, By Charles M. Blow
- Patriotic Presidential Quiz, By By GAIL COLLINS
- A Bachelor Named Britain, Looking for Love, By Frank Bruni
- You Break It, You Own It, By Thomas L. Friedman
- Don’t Mess With Texit, By By ARTHUR C. BROOKS and GAIL COLLINS
- White Savior, Rape and Romance?, By Charles M. Blow
- Britain to Leave Europe for a Lie, By Roger Cohen
- 14 Young Democrats to Watch, By By FRANK BRUNI
- Obama’s Death Sentence for Young Refugees, By Nicholas Kristof
- Britain’s Brexit Leap in the Dark, By Roger Cohen
- Tax Dodging on the High Seas, by Gail Collins
- Hillary Gossip Redux, by Gail Collins
- Trump, Champion of the Downtrodden? Ha!, By Charles M. Blow
- Another Age of Discovery, By Thomas L. Friedman
- R.I.P., Jo Cox. May Britain Remember Your Wisdom., By Nicholas Kristof
- Is There Any Dignity Left in Politics?, by By ARTHUR C. BROOKS and GAIL COLLINS
- A Tale of Two Parties, By Paul Krugman
- The G.O.P.’s Cynical Gay Ploy, By Charles M. Blow
- The Republicans’ Big Hot Mess, By Frank Bruni
- Trump in the Dumps, By Maureen Dowd
- Why I Was Wrong About Welfare Reform, By Nicholas Kristof
- The Trump Disaster Chronicle, by Gail Collins
- Brexit Would Be a Colossal Blunder, By Roger Cohen

- Fear, Loathing and Brexit, By Paul Krugman
- Omar Mateen, American Monster, By Charles M. Blow
- A Pistol for Every Bar Stool, By Gail Collins
- Some Extremists Fire Guns and Other Extremists Promote Guns, By Nicholas Kristof
- Lessons of Hiroshima and Orlando, By Thomas L. Friedman
- A Time to Stand With Gay Americans, By Frank Bruni
- Orlando and Trump’s America, By Roger Cohen
- The Scope of the Orlando Carnage, By Frank Bruni
- A Party Agrift, by Paul Krugman
- Is It a Crime to Be Poor?, By Nicholas Kristof
- Girl Squad, by Maureen Dowd
- The First Gay President?, By Frank Bruni
- Hillary and the Horizontals, By Paul Krugman
- The Hillary and Bernie Road Trip, By Gail Collins
- Sanders, Clinton and, er, President Trump?, By Nicholas Kristof
- What Hillary Imagines, By Gail Collins
- Dump the G.O.P. for a Grand New Party, by Thomas L. Friedman
- An Obama Nominee’s Crushed Hopes, By Frank Bruni
- Kerrey’s Vietnam Dilemma, By Roger Cohen
- Will Sanders Go Gentle?, By By ARTHUR C. BROOKS and GAIL COLLINS
- The Madness of America, By Charles M. Blow
- A Pause That Distresses, By Paul Krugman
- Italy Feels Our Pain, By Frank Bruni
- John Adams Was a Hermaphrodite?, By Maureen Dowd
- Meet Sultana, the Taliban’s Worst Fear, By Nicholas Kristof
- Hillary’s Really Good Day, By Gail Collins
- The Id That Ate the Planet, By Paul Krugman
- If the Trans-Pacific Partnership Crumbles, China Wins, By Roger Cohen
- The Right Asian Deal, By Roger Cohen
- A Chill Wind Blows, By Charles M. Blow
- Tightwad Trump Explodes, By Gail Collins
- Building Children’s Brains, By Nicholas Kristof
- Clinton’s Fibs, and Her Opponents’ Double Whoppers, By Thomas L. Friedman
- Feel the Math, By Paul Krugman
- The Ghosts of Old Sex Scandals, By Charles M. Blow
- Australia Does Anxiety, By Roger Cohen
- The Liberal Blind Spot, By Nicholas Kristof
- Trump’s Delusions of Competence, By Paul Krugman
- Violence Is Never the Answer, By Charles M. Blow
- Sore, Happy Feet on the Pacific Crest Trail, By Nicholas Kristof
- Memorial Day Weekend Ranting, By Gail Collins
- Trumping on Eggshells, By Frank Bruni
- Netanyahu, Prime Minister of the State of Israel-Palestine, By Thomas L. Friedman
- Australia’s Offshore Cruelty, By Roger Cohen
- Election From Hell, By Charles M. Blow
- Remembrance of Booms Past, by Paul Krugman
- Weakend at Bernie’s, By Maureen Dowd
- How Facebook Warps Our Worlds, By Frank Bruni
- Meet Deadeye Donald, By Gail Collins
- Obama’s War on Inequality, By Paul Krugman
- Subtract One Clinton, By Gail Collins
- Where Republican Dreams Die?, By Frank Bruni
- Donald, Save Your Golf Greens, and the Planet, By Thomas L. Friedman
- The Know-Nothing Tide, By Roger Cohen
- Trump’s Asymmetric Warfare, By Charles M. Blow
- It Takes a Policy, By Paul Krugman
- A Humane Revolution, By Nicholas Kristof
- The Mogul and the Babe, By Maureen Dowd
- Paging Trump’s Wallet, by Gail Collins
- Trump and Taxes, By Paul Krugman
- As West Virginia Goes…, By Charles M. Blow
- Bring Hillary and Bernie Together, By Gail Collins
- Congress to America: Drop Dead, By Nicholas Kristof
- Obama’s Gorgeous Goodbye, By Frank Bruni
- Trump’s Miss Universe Foreign Policy, By Thomas L. Friedman
- The Making of an Ignoramus, by Paul Krugman
- Sadiq Khan vs. Donald Trump, by Roger Cohen
- G.O.P. Has Only Itself to Blame, by Charles M. Blow
- Donald Trump or Paul Ryan: Who’s King of the Hill?, By Maureen Dowd
- Sex and the Singular Pol, By Frank Bruni
- The Conservative Case Against Trump, By Ross Douthat
- Who Wants to Be on Trump’s Ticket?, By Gail Collins
- Truth and Trumpism, By Paul Krugman
- Black Men, Violence and ‘Fierce Urgency’, By Charles M. Blow
- The Donald Trump New Normal, By Gail Collins
- Ted Cruz’s Bitter End, By Frank Bruni
- Trump and the Lord’s Work, By Thomas L. Friedman
- The Diabetic Economy, By Paul Krugman
- A Trump-Sanders Coalition? Nah., By Charles M. Blow
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- Candidates, Let’s Talk About Women’s Health, By Nicholas Kristof
- Out of Africa, Part III, By Thomas L. Friedman
- The Cult of Sore Losers, By Frank Bruni
- The Donald Trump Moment, By ARTHUR C. BROOKS and GAIL COLLINS
- The 8 A.M. Call, By Paul Krugman
- Clash of the Injured Titans, By Charles M. Blow
- Is Hillary Clinton Dishonest?, By Nicholas Kristof
- In Hamilton’s Debt, by Paul Krugman
- What Is Sanders’s Endgame?, By Charles M. Blow
- Obama in Saudi Arabia, Exporter of Oil and Bigotry, by Nicholas Kristof
- Out of Africa, Part II, By Thomas L. Friedman
- Bernie’s Israel Heresy, By Roger Cohen
- Sanders Dismisses the Deep South, By Charles M. Blow
- Robber Baron Recessions, By Paul Krugman
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- Animal Cruelty or the Price of Dinner?, By Nicholas Kristof
- Five Big Questions After a High-Stakes Democratic Debate, By Frank Bruni
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- The Real Welfare Cheats, By Nicholas Kristof
- The Death of Liberalism, By Roger Cohen
- Campaigns of Ultimate Disappointment, By Charles M. Blow
- Out of Africa, By Thomas L. Friedman
- Snoopy the Destroyer, By Paul Krugman
- The Islamic State of Molenbeek, By Roger Cohen
- Dinklage and Dragons: Will Tyrion Win the ‘Game of Thrones’?, By Maureen Dowd
- Hillary and Bernie Meet New York, by Gail Collins
- Sanders Over the Edge, By Paul Krugman
- The Politics of Me, By Roger Cohen
- So Little to Ask For: A Home, By Nicholas Kristof
- The Bible Meets the Salamander, By Gail Collins
- Impossible Missions, By Thomas L. Friedman
- Donald Trump Won’t Leave Us Alone, By Frank Bruni
- Cities for Everyone, By Paul Krugman
- The (Un)Democratic Party, By Charles M. Blow
- The Politics of Backlash, By Roger Cohen
- Trump Does It His Way, By Maureen Dowd
- The Republicans’ Gay Freakout, By Frank Bruni
- Trump, Truth and Abortion, By Gail Collins
- Learning From Obama, By Paul Krugman
- A Time of Bullies, By Roger Cohen
- ‘Bernie or Bust’ Is Bonkers, By Charles M. Blow
- The Republican Gun-Free Zone, By Gail Collins
- Trump and Abortion, By Nicholas Kristof
- When the Necessary Is Impossible, By Thomas L. Friedman
- Trump's New World Disorder, By Roger Cohen
- The Sullen Strategy, By By ARTHUR C. BROOKS and GAIL COLLINS
- Trade, Labor, and Politics, By Paul Krugman
- Republican Self-Destruction, By Charles M. Blow
- Obama’s Last Tango, By Maureen Dowd
- My Shared Shame: The Media Helped Make Trump, By Nicholas Kristof
- Trump, Cruz, Kasich and the Ladies, By Gail Collins
- Lose With Cruz: A Love Story, By Frank Bruni
- Crazy About Money, By Paul Krugman
- Dangerous World, Serious Leaders, By Charles M. Blow
- The Republicans’ Sin of Endorsement, By Gail Collins
- Terrorists, Bathtubs and Snakes, By Nicholas Kristof
- Does Obama Have This Right?, By Thomas L. Friedman
- What Are We Voting For?, By ARTHUR C. BROOKS and GAIL COLLINS
- Cuba Heads for Miami, By Roger Cohen
- On Invincible Ignorance, By Paul Krugman
- Learning Lessons From Outrage, By Charles M. Blow
- Will Trump Be Dumped?, By Maureen Dowd
- The World’s Modern-Day Lepers: Women With Fistulas, By Nicholas Kristof
- 50 Ways to Leave The Donald, By Gail Collins
- Republican Elite’s Reign of Disdain, By Paul Krugman
- A Bernie Blackout?, By Charles M. Blow
- Take the Trump Quiz, By GAIL COLLINS
- ‘Big Government’ Looks Great When There Is None, By Nicholas Kristof
- Let Trump Make Our Trans-Pacific Trade Deal, By Thomas L. Friedman
- Goodbye, Bushism, By Ross Douthat
- Smackdown Tuesday? Bring It On, By By ARTHUR C. BROOKS and GAIL COLLINS
- Trump Is No Accident, By Paul Krugman
- The Trump-Berlusconi Syndrome, By Roger Cohen
- Carson Endorses the Demagogue, By Charles M. Blow
- The Sultan and the Salad, By Maureen Dowd
- Donald Trump’s Epic Neediness, By Frank Bruni
- Where the Soldiers Are Scarier Than the Crocodiles, By Nicholas Kristof
- Trump Clarifies, and It’s Worse, By Gail Collins
- Trade and Tribulation, By Paul Krugman
- Sanders Surprises, By Charles M. Blow
- ‘Every Parent’s Nightmare’, By Nicholas Kristof
- Hillary! Bernie! Debate!, By Gail Collins
- Only Trump Can Trump Trump, By Thomas L. Friedman
- The Presidential Plot Thickens, By ARTHUR C. BROOKS and GAIL COLLINS
- When Fallacies Collide, By Paul Krugman

Issues We Still Care About

SUPPORT SJ RES 19 - a Joint Senate Amendment to undo the harm caused by Citizens United. Sign this petition now.

DEMAND OBAMA RELEASE THE EXECUTION MEMOS. Just as the public demanded the release of the Bush Administration's Torture Memos to expose the ludicrous rationale behind their secret torture program, we too must demand to know the legal rationale for a program that allows our president to unilaterally choose to deprive someone of life and liberty - without the victim even being charged with a crime. Sign FireDogLake's petition demanding the Obama administration produce the internal memos and legal justification for their targeted execution program.

SUPPORT THE StopWatching.Us CAMPAIGN. The StopWatching.Us campaign aims to turn grass-roots anger at secret surveillance into political action.

SUPPORT CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT THAT DOESN'T GIVE PERSONHOOD TO CORPORATIONS. We have got to send a constitutional amendment to the states that says simply and straightforwardly what everyone - except five members of the United States Supreme Court - understands: Corporations are not people with equal constitutional rights. Corporations are subject to regulation by the people. Corporations may not make campaign contributions -- the law of the land for the last century. And Congress and states have the power to regulate campaign finances. Sign Sen. Sander's petition.

SUPPORT PFAW'S GRASSROOTS CAMPAIGN. People for the American War want to pass an amendment to the U.S. Constitution which would nullify the worst part of the USSC's decision by granting Congress the authority to limit corporate influence in elections. The Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United v. FEC threatens to tear apart the fabric of our democracy and grant powerful corporations unfettered influence in our political process. Tell congressional leaders to support and pass a constitutional amendment granting Congress the authority limit corporate influence in elections without delay. Sign PFAW's online petition now.

PROSECUTE BUSH CRIMES. Sign the petition at the Center for Constitutional Rights requesting various Bush officials be prosecuted for committing criminal acts. Also sign their letter to Sen. Leahy telling him that criminal prosecutions are necessary. Make sure you do both! Also download their factsheet to share with others [256k] and read the list that includes 182 people and organizations calling for prosecutions of top officals.

Trumpfeld - a show about nothing

What's new for the 2016 election: Our newly expanding collection of humorous anti-Trump images starting with photo1053 and our interactive page of Trump jokes - all in our Humor section. We also added a page called GOP political whores so you can keep track of Republicans and their enablers who formally trashed Trump but are now endorsing and/or supporting him. We will continue to update this collection. And we invite you to help us do that.

We update topplebush.com weekly with new Humor and commentary (newest listed at the top) that will appeal to our veiwers. You might also enjoy our large selection of progressive political humor, our interactive projects plus our free music downloads. --RJ Crane, editor

Search the Web Search Topplebush.com

All older articles that appeared in this section through December 31, 2012 can be found in our archives. Starting in 2013 we will no longer be archiving articles in this section.

The Most Extreme Republican Platform in Memory
"It is as though, rather than trying to reconcile Mr. Trump’s heretical views with conservative orthodoxy, the writers of the platform simply opted to go with the most extreme version of every position."

What the plagiarism controversy tells us about Trump's campaign
By Maeve Reston, CNN
"Still, the lack of vetting of Melania Trump's speech was yet another example of the remarkable unevenness of the Trump campaign operation at this critical juncture."

Rudy Giuliani’s Racial Myths

The Promise of Regrexit
By George Soros
"The post-referendum turmoil has highlighted for people in Britain just what they stand to lose by leaving the EU. If this sentiment spreads to the rest of Europe, what seemed like the inevitable disintegration of the EU could be instead creating positive momentum for a stronger and better Europe."

Sorry conservatives, new research from Harvard shows a profound amount of racism by police…not less of it

A Slain Officer’s Example for Us All

140 Silicon Valley leaders pen open letter protesting Donald Trump nomination

When Police Use Lethal Robots
"Yet the ability to kill remotely — and Dallas’s success in doing so — could encourage other police departments to use lethal remote-controlled devices, with potentially alarming consequences."

Fears of Trump muddling the electoral map are overblown: His Rustbelt weakness reveals a fundamental vulnerability

The sad incurious case of Mike Pence: Why he’s a perfect fit for Donald Trump

Veterans for Trump: The military supports Trump for the same reasons civilians support him
Since no president has made much progress in ending the wars so far, voters have turned to outsider candidates

By Michael T. McPhearson, BillMoyers.com

Donald Trump and Mike Pence: The Political Reality Show
"The suspicions that Mr. Trump stirs among evangelicals made Mr. Pence, who was one of the most socially conservative members of the House in his six terms there, the most strategic pick among the uninspiring politicians on Mr. Trump’s shortlist."

The Iraq lies still matter: Bush’s deceit and the seething distrust Americans have in their leaders

Privatizing extradition: Behind the investigation into the criminal justice system’s underbelly

Mr. Obama’s Dubious Detention Centers
"But these privately run, unlicensed lockups are no place for children. Or mothers."

There will be another Trump: His views alienate some, but the ideas behind them represent every American’s worst fears

Israeli military’s new chief rabbi implied soldiers can rape in war, as government lurches to far-right

“A Trump speech is just a story starring Trump”: Science proves The Donald is a textbook narcissist
"Symptoms include an excessive need for admiration, disregard for others’ feelings, an inability to handle criticism, and a sense of entitlement."

Trump Is Getting Even Trumpier!
By David Brooks
"Does anybody else have the sense that Donald Trump is slipping off the rails?"

Marketer-in-chief: Is Donald Trump only running for president to exploit the business opportunities?
"Again and again, we see Trump standing before the global media cameras knowing full well that he would receive wall-to-wall coverage, and instead of talking about policy, he shamelessly hawks his own Trump products."

Let’s Grow Up, Liberals
"I sympathize with those who believe that Hillary Clinton represents a tired, compromised, laggingly conservative wing of the Democratic Party leadership. They have a point. But she is the nominee and, as Mr. Sanders now concurs, the only alternative to an unspeakable alternative."

America is a wasteland: The U.S. produces a shocking amount of garbage

An enemy of progress: Donald Trump’s world view is stuck in the ’70s
Trump's "law and order" speech was a sign that he's grossly out of touch and has zero compassion for minorities

By Heather Digby Parton

A Lesson for Newt Gingrich: What Shariah Is (and Isn’t)
"Put simply, for believing Muslims, Shariah is the ideal realization of divine justice — a higher law reflecting God’s will...In effect, Mr. Gingrich was proposing to deport all Muslims who consider themselves religious believers."

With Obama, the Personal Is Presidential
By Timothy Egan
"No matter what you think of Obama the executive branch, it’s hard to argue that Obama the human being has been anything less than a model of class and dignity."

U.S.-backed Syrian rebels committing war crimes, torture, abductions; imposing harsh Sharia law: Report
Amnesty International report: Syrian rebel groups "committed serious violations of international humanitarian law"

By Ben Norton

Our Best Defense Against Terrorists
"But whoever struck the blow, whatever its malevolent purpose or toll, the response cannot be to abandon the respect for human rights, equality, reason and tolerance that is the aspiration of all democratic cultures."

Press, politics and popularity: Report shows how the media — yet again — botched the election

Shedding New Light on the Gun Debate
By Lawrence Downes

The West escalates with Russia: Make no mistake, a second Cold War is now official NATO policy
"One, while talk of Cold War II has been common for several years, as of last week it is official policy in Washington and at NATO headquarters in Brussels. This is a grave, reckless step."

Puerto Rico’s Rude Awakening
"IT’S official now. Puerto Rico has about as much sovereignty as a United States colony."

The electoral “college” crowd: Clinton gaining a huge edge with educated white voters

“No justice for war crimes victims” 2 years after Gaza war, Amnesty International says
"Israel killed more than 2,250 Palestinians in the war. According to the U.N., two-thirds of the Palestinians killed were civilians — 1,462 people, including more than 550 children."

Iraq War Lies, 13 Years Later
"The report should not be read as an indictment only of Mr. Blair’s foolish decision. Though the United States was not the subject of the inquiry, it was the Bush administration that falsely sold and launched the invasion."

Donald Trump’s Appeal to Rust Belt Workers
"Mr. Trump’s “Make America Great Again” message resonates with many of this region’s workers, whose wages — and hopes — have been tugged downward by the abandoned steel mills and coal mines."

The Big News About What We Already Knew
By Andrew Rosenthal
"The longest-running investigation was conducted by John Chilcot, a retired British civil servant, who took 2.6 million words to report that Prime Minister Tony Blair helped President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney mislead their countries into a war with Iraq in 2003 that was one of the most damaging blunders in history."

‘Star Wars’ and the Fantasy of American Violence
"Whom we’re fighting against or why doesn’t matter as much as the violence itself, our stoic willingness to shed blood, the promise that it might renew the body politic."

Can Old-Style Politics Beat Donald Trump?

Civil liberties be damned: Donald Trump — an enemy of the Constitution
"But it’s a mistake to think that Trump’s authoritarian tendencies are in reaction to current events. They are his nature."

The Purge of Ohio’s Infrequent Voters
"Should voting sporadically in past elections be grounds to remove a voter from the election rolls?"

Republicans can’t stand the guy: More than half of GOP voters wish Trump wasn’t their candidate

We’re Better Than That
By Timothy Egan
"But on this upcoming Independence Day, at a time when Trump’s response to our better angels is to go small, mean and tribal, an American ideal is in peril."

“A uniquely American tragedy“: The staggering myths about gun control
"Across all those high-income nations, the United States accounts for more than 90 percent of the gun deaths of children under fifteen years of age."

U.S. claims drones only killed 116 civilians; experts say it’s way more
"For years, the U.N., Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have criticized the U.S. government’s secrecy in its drone assassination program, and have even implied that the Obama administration may be guilty of war crimes."

The web poisoned our politics: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and America’s digital divide
"It’s impossible to say whether the media introduced a new political predicate or reflected and intensified what was already brewing — probably a little of both."

Did a Fear of Slave Revolts Drive American Independence?
"FOR more than two centuries, we have been reading the Declaration of Independence wrong. Or rather, we’ve been celebrating the Declaration as people in the 19th and 20th centuries have told us we should, but not the Declaration as Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams wrote it."

The Theology of Donald Trump
By Peter Wehner
"This fulsome embrace of Mr. Trump is rather problematic, since he embodies a worldview that is incompatible with Christianity. If you trace that worldview to its source, Christ would not be anywhere in the vicinity."

Don’t Let Iran’s Progress on the Nuclear Deal Go to Waste
"One year later, the nuclear deal between Iran and the major powers is working."

“We have a right to engage in non-violent action”: Christian leaders refuse to be silenced in struggle for Palestinian rights
As Gov. Andrew Cuomo continues his controversial crusade against BDS, church voices defend the movement

By David Palumbo-Liu

Republicans want a do-over: The GOP finds itself trapped in the date from hell

America has had a tyrant like Trump before: We fought a revolution to get rid of him

When Will the Killing Stop?
"Videos of two fatal shootings of African-American men have again documented what appear to be almost casual killing by the police."

It’s “political sleight-of-hand”: For their next trick, Republican magicians will make your federal land disappear

Can Obama Pardon Millions of Immigrants?
"However, President Obama can still act to bring humanity and justice to an immigration system notoriously lacking in both. He can do so by using the power the Constitution grants him — and only him — to pardon individuals for 'offenses against the United States.'”

Don’t be fooled: Trump’s populist economic rhetoric is a fraud
Trump's "populist" economic policies would be downright harmful to the people whose interests he claims to defend

By Conor Lynch

“I don’t even think J. Edgar Hoover ever did this”: DOJ veterans weigh in on FBI Director James Comey’s handling of Clinton email probe
Former DOJ officials disagree on whether James Comey overstepped the bounds of his office with his statement

By Michael Garofalo and Brendan Gauthier

Istanbul and the empathy gap: Why was the West’s response muted compared to Paris or Brussels?

Is the Islamic State Unstoppable?

Everything I Learned From Prof. Donald Trump
By Emma Roller

A Real Estate Developer Can Go Bankrupt. A President Can’t.

The Secret Rules of the Drone War

A Trump presidency and ISIS: Aggressive U.S. intervention is exactly what they want

The NRA’s election strategy: Why the group’s latest ad campaigns have nothing to do with guns

The Not-So-Liberal Roberts Court
By Linda Greenhouse
"But to understand the Supreme Court under Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., it’s important to get beyond the binary liberal-versus-conservative label and see these and other recent cases in their full context."

Trump’s profitable bigotry: The takeaway from his anti-Semitic tweet — his run is more a grift than a real campaign
Is Trump trying to win? Or is his racist dog-whistling about building an audience for his next endeavor?

By Amanda Marcotte

Death in Black and White
By Michael Eric Dyson
"We, black America, are a nation of nearly 40 million souls inside a nation of more than 320 million people. And I fear now that it is clearer than ever that you, white America, will always struggle to understand us."

All older articles that appeared in this section through December 31, 2012 can be found in our archives. Starting in 2013 we will no longer be archiving articles in this section.

Links to Tom Tomorrow, This Modern World cartoons

Links to Mark Fiore animations and other funny animations

Ben Carson Confident That Trump Will Choose Him as V.P.
satire by Andy Borowitz

Cut from G.O.P. Convention, Tebow Hopes to Catch On with Other Political Party
satire by Andy Borowitz

Furious Christie Refuses to Pick Up Trump’s Dry Cleaning
satire by Andy Borowitz

Needs more guns...
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

7 steps toward police reform
cartoon by Brian McFadden

United in sorrow
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

Open carry, closed mind
cartoon by Matt Bors

The truth revealed
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

animation by Mark Fiore

Congressional Republicans Vote to Abolish F.B.I.
satire by Andy Borowitz

Animal Nuz - Lose, Lose or Draw Edition
cartoon by ericlewis0

Don 'The Con' Trump—Guide to Grifting
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

Summer beach reads
cartoon by Brian McFadden

Brexit, Andy Capp!
cartoon by laloalcaraz

Beware the Xeno virus!
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

Trump's Nazi tweets
cartoon by Matt Bors

Doctor Who vs. the Brexit
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

animation by Mark Fiore  

Trump’s Bid to Become Born-Again Fails as Jesus Turns Down Friend Request
satire by Andy Borowitz

Animal Nuz - Like a Gaffe Edition
cartoon by ericlewis0

Winnie the U.K. gets into a tight place
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

Policing after Utah v. Strieff
cartoon by Brian McFadden

AR-2016 Congressgun
cartoon by laloalcaraz

George Will's bowtie rebellion
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

From my cold dead phone
cartoon by Matt Bors

An extremely normal year
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

animation by Mark Fiore

British Lose Right to Claim That Americans Are Dumber
satire by Andy Borowitz

Cash-Strapped Trump Campaign Auctions Chris Christie on eBay
satire by Andy Borowitz

LeBron Feeds Entire City of Cleveland with Loaves and Fishes
satire by Andy Borowitz

House Music Edition
cartoon by ericlewis0

Finding Dory: The Republican story
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

Alternative gun control proposals
cartoon by Brian McFadden

Armed and dangerous
cartoon by laloalcaraz

Sexual assault platinum pass
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

Gun control that doesn't fly
cartoon by Matt Bors

Gun talk
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

animation by Mark Fiore

Guns in the Nuz Edition
cartoon by ericlewis0

Mass shooting? It's Congress-Man to the rescue!
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

General election symptoms
cartoon by Brian McFadden

Don't politicize Orlando
cartoon by laloalcaraz

Punditspew, Orlando edition
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

Shots and prayers
cartoon by Matt Bors

When we were great
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

animation by Mark Fiore

Cleveland Fans Mainly Hoping Cavs Avoid Being Subject of Another Depressing ESPN Documentary
satire by Andy Borowitz

Cavs Replace “All In” Slogan with Quote from Jean-Paul Sartre
satire by Andy Borowitz

Sanders Vows to Keep Fighting for Nomination Even if Hillary is Elected President
satire by Andy Borowitz

Trump: Mexicans Swarming Across Border, Enrolling in Law School, and Becoming Biased Judges
satire by Andy Borowitz

Animal Nuz - Misfortune Teller Edition
cartoon by ericlewis0

The Trump vision of America
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

Peter Thiel's million-dollar legal maneuvers
cartoon by Brian McFadden

Trump gets a new Mexican judge
cartoon by laloalcaraz

Radical cleric vs. Trump
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

The American Meme
cartoon by Matt Bors

The real threat
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

animation by Mark Fiore

Stephen Hawking Angers Trump Supporters with Baffling Array of Long Words
satire by Andy Borowitz

Animal Nuz - Boxing Day Edition
cartoon by ericlewis0

Super-Fun-Pak Comix, feat. Childhood ruined
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

Conservatives cure the Zika virus
cartoon by Brian McFadden

Brazil 2016 Olympics
cartoon by laloalcaraz

Intelligence tests of our times
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

The long slog
cartoon by Matt Bors

Even more primary phenomena
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

animation by Mark Fiore

Hotel of Miseries Edition
cartoon by ericlewis0

In line at the ladies' room
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

Sketchy start-ups
cartoon by Brian McFadden

Trump has this thing tied up
cartoon by laloalcaraz

Canned patriotism
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

The mysterious Donald Trump
cartoon by Matt Bors

The great Trump overload
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

animation by Mark Fiore

Obama Alienates Millions with Incendiary Pro-Knowledge Remarks
satire by Andy Borowitz

Animal Nuz - Labor of Love Edition
cartoon by ericlewis0

Donald and John: A boy and his imaginary publicist
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

Cut from commencement speeches
cartoon by Brian McFadden

Hillary is a sexist pig
cartoon by laloalcaraz

McTeacher Night is new low in marketing to kids
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

The Avenging Uterus vs. Donald Trump
cartoon by Matt Bors

The folly of aspiration
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

animation by Mark Fiore

Trump Promises Paul Ryan That He’ll Sound Slightly Less Like Hitler
satire by Andy Borowitz

Animal Nuz - Loser I.D. Edition
cartoon by ericlewis0

The Trump Monster returns to the laboratory
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

Donald Trump's same old party
cartoon by Brian McFadden

I have the best elephant bowls
cartoon by laloalcaraz

The tragedy of baby-on-gun violence
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

The grueling primary
cartoon by Matt Bors

Primary pandemonium
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

animation by Mark Fiore

Senate Officially Mourns Return of Ted Cruz
satire by Andy Borowitz

Animal Nuz - Support Hose Edition
cartoon by ericlewis0

The disgusting, unspeakable satire that is being hurled at Turkey's president (illustrated)
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

Ted Cruz's path to the presidency
cartoon by Brian McFadden

Trump's Woman Card
cartoon by laloalcaraz

Playing the woman card
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

Dear god, make it stop!
cartoon by Matt Bors

The forever campaign
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

animation by Mark Fiore

THE MATH OF DEMOCRACYanimation by Mark Fiore


"To me, the bottom line is this: If we move on now without fully documenting what occurred, without acknowledging the betrayal of our values, and without determining whether or not any laws have been broken, we cannot help but validate all that has gone on before. If we look at the Bush record and conclude that the book should simply be closed, we will be tacitly approving both the documented abuses and the additional misdeeds we will have chosen to leave uncovered." --Rep.John Conyers Chair of House Judiciary Committe, D-MI, January 3 1, 2009, Huffingtonpost.com

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