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Topplebush.com urges our viewers to take the topplebush.com pledge to boycott Dennis Miller whenever he appears on the Tonight Show. If you would like to read more information on this issue, there are two commentaries we have written in addition to our own letter to Jay Leno below. To take the topplebush.com pledge to boycott Dennis Miller, all you have to do is Submit our form and it will be sent directly to the Tonight Show. We need to send in enough letters to make a noticeable dent in the Nielson ratings so it affects advertising revenues. We also urge anyone participating in Nielson ratings during a Dennis Miller appearance to NOT watch Leno during this time.

Dear Jay,

I have noticed that you have allowed Dennis Miller to appear on your program way too frequently to bash all Democrats while selling the complete Bush agenda. We at topplebush.com are strongly opposed to the Bush/Cheney White House because of the damage being done to our country and the world. As you are aware about 2.7 million jobs have been lost since Bush has been in office. The economy is in serious trouble because of huge deficits created by several rounds of tax cuts for the rich and the costs of wars that weren't necessary to our security or world peace. And the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are going so poorly that the U.S. is now begging the UN and other countries to help us. During this administration so many environmental rules and regulations have been weakened that it is inevitable that the environment will be damaged severely.

Yet you allow Dennis to come on your show and make fun of other countries like Germany and France, who were cautious and smart enough NOT to get bogged down in Iraq. You have allowed him to make fun of the lootings of the museums in Iraq. You have allowed him to make fun of people who care about the environment and are attempting to protect our planet for future generations. You have allowed him to demean one of the most distinguished members of the Senate, Robert Byrd and the leader of the Democrats in Congress, Nancy Pelosi. You have allowed him to demean all of the Democratic candidates who have served their country in ways Dennis would never do. You have allowed Dennis to repeatedly bash the Clintons, while shamelessly promoting Arnold for Governor of California, whose record as an adulterer would match or beat anything Bill Clinton has ever done and whose long term drug use has been admitted to. You have allowed him to make fun of a huge deficit that threatens future generations and has many noted economists talking about deflation.

Dennis, in his NeoCon persona, has been reduced to hurling ad hominem attacks on everyone who doesn't goose-step to the Bush Administration, overly simplistic, totally meaningless utterances, and grossly misleading and false statements like these:

1. Calling all of the Democratic candidates for President "empty-headed scrum."
2. Implying there is something evil about Sen. Byrd because 50 years ago he was a KKK member, while not mentioning anything about Arnold Schwarzenegger's father being a Nazi storm trooper. He also called Senator Byrd, "crazy."
3. Telling environmentalists to get out of the trees and find a job.
4. Implying that we can manage our huge deficit by not paying back the money, which shows a total lack of understanding of even Econ. 101.
5. Saying that the planet looks real good to him because he doesn't see as much litter on the roads as if this should be THE measure of environmental protection we should accept.
6. Telling everyone how effective our troops have been in Iraq because they were able to kill suicide bombers. Huh??
7. Joking about the looting of the museums in Baghdad implying that priceless, historical artifacts were just Pier One trinkets.
8. Calling Democratic minority leader, Nancy Pelosi, "Stupid."
9. Reveling in the destruction and death going on in Iraq during the war.
10. Supporting the grossly misguided recall going on in California while distorting Gray Davis' record as Governor and supporting someone as unprepared and unqualified for the job as Ah....nold.

What's worse Jay, is that you just sit there and laugh with him while he says these things and never call his moronic statements into question. Dennis has been appearing on your program way too often and much more frequently than any other guest and without equal time to others whose views would be contrary to his.

Dennis is also a bald-faced liar. He has told reporters that he doesn't lean one way or the other politically yet everything he says on your program and others is contrary to this and totally one-sided. Name one thing he has ever said on your program during the Bush Administration that was contrary to the views and talking points of the far right wing of the Republican Party? Or even would be opposite to what Rush Limbaugh would say? Do you think Dennis would be appearing on Fox with Hannity and Colmes if he was "fair and balanced?"

So listen up, Jay! I am urging all of our viewers to take the topplebush.com pledge to boycott your program every time Dennis Miller appears as a guest as long as you continue to allow Dennis to promote Bush and his agenda and bash the Democrats every few weeks like this. While we here at topplebush.com hate trying to limit free speech like this, you leave us no choice. You are suppose to be an entertainment program...not a place where the right wing can foist their lies on your "Jaywalking IQ" audience. I urge you to not allow Dennis to appear anymore if he is primarily there to bash the Democrats and sell the Bush agenda. I urge you to book other entertainers with opposite political points of view to appear on your program as frequently as you have allowed Dennis to appear to make up for this unfair bias.


R. J. Crane, Editor

To take the topplebush.com pledge to boycott Dennis Miller, all you have to do is Submit our form and it will be sent directly to the Tonight Show.

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