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Boycott Rush Limbaugh's Sponsors & Advertisers

Rush in Limbo

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who would appreciate a good laugh.

Recent updates. Please check out our Rush Resources's page to find all the latest news, groups, and petition drives against Rush..

Get involved: To join the hundreds of thousands protesting Limbaugh's hate radio, here are some easy ways:

Sign: Limbaugh Sponsor & Clear Channel/iHeartPetition
Visit/Like: BoycottRush Facebook Group
Join: The Fight To Flush Rush
Visit: StopRush.net for an extensive list of Limbaugh Sponsors
Twitter: #FlushRush and #StopRush

How to locate current Limbaugh advertisers: Our website was actively involved in the StopRush project. This project consists of many dedicated volunteers all over the country using social media to connect with one another. The StopRush group gathers information on Rush's advertisers, contacts these advertisers urging them to stop advertising on his program, and then updates their database with any new information. Because of this collective and very successful effort, we feel the attempt to get Rush and his ilk off the air is much better served by using the StopRush database and website to track his advertisers than our list because it is much bigger and more up-to-date. So please use the stoprush database query form below before contacting any advertisers to check their current status and/or to locate many more advertisers than the ones we have listed below. It is just as important to thank advertisers who stopped their advertising as it is to contact Rush's current advertisers.

Here's a link that will come in handy from a viewer: List of all radio stations that broadcast Rush's program. View our new page for more company/station information.

Our list below includes only the top diehard Rush Limbaugh advertisers. There are still many other ones so use our StopRush database above to locate them.

1800flowers - has been buying ads from Rush Limbaugh, pretty much nonstop, for years.
phone: 1-800-716-4851
twitter: @1800flowers   
twitter: @jim1800flowers  
Web Contact Form

Amberen - supplement sold by Lunada Biomedical that is suppose to cut belly fat and a natural hormone that helps women with menopause. [One should ask why this company would even consider advertising with someone who refers to women as "Feminazis", blabbermouths, and "nags"?] We were informed by one of our viewers that the live chat feature on their website is not useful to contact them about their Rush advertising. They also appear to be a die-hard Rush sponsor and are falsely claiming their ads run randomly during his program when this is definitely not the case. This company should be considered a "hardcore Rush advertiser."
Telephone: 800-222-3304 Monday – Friday, 6am – 5pm PST
Address: Lunada Biomedical
P.O. Box 45008
Los Angeles, CA 90045
Twitter: @AmberenOnline


American Forces Network - They broadcast Rush's program worldwide to US military personnel so they are not advertisers. We feel that it is important to try and remove all hate-talkers like Rush from our government's airwaves.
Contact Us: @MyAFN.net
Contact Department of Defense

Website to see schedules of programs and services
Twitter: @myafn_sports
Article to read on this topic called "Should Rush Limbaugh Be On the Armed Forces Network?"
Another article to read by Salon called "Rush’s big enabler: The army
A government-funded radio station beams Limbaugh to service members around the globe"
Another "better" Contact: Office of Media for News Media
Department of Veterans Affairs
Please call: 202-461-7600.
Office of Public Affairs, Department of Veteran Affairs  202-461-7500
Petition to sign:
Asking AFN to remove Rush's program from their broadcasts to military personnel. This is one of the more effective ways to get AFN to listen to people. This petition drive has reached its limit so no more names can be added at this time.

Here's what AFN claims: "As a service of the Department of Defense, AFN does not advertise on Mr Limbaugh's program, offer products for sale, or sponsor any of the programs we relay to our audience. The American Forces Network does not censor content and we do not seek to protect our overseas Department of Defense audience from hearing views with which they may disagree. Our mission is to offer program choices, which includes both the one-hour versions and three-hour version of various popular political talk shows."

This is our response: It is topplebush.com's position that the reason so many troops stationed in Iraq were so ignorant for so long and to this day still believe that Saddam was affiliated with al Qaeda and was responsible for 9/11 and still thinks Saddam had WMDs even though no one could find any is because the troops were fed Limbaugh's program [also FOX News and Glenn Beck] by AFN and their COs as a main news source while programs expressing a strong and factually correct alternative viewpoint were filitered out. It is also our view that Rush Limbaugh is a "cultural pornographer" and therefore deserving of censorship.

Hillsdale College -- Rush reads a radio ad for a free class on the Constitution. Keep in mind that this is a very conservative bible-thumping private liberal arts college. We removed our caution sign from this listing because their ads started running again.
location: Hillsdale, MI 49242
phone: 517-437-7341, 517-439-8504
fax: 517-437-3923
twitter: @hillsdale
contact us
webpage registration for this class

From a viewer: Please have your viewers call Larry P. Arnn the current president of Hillsdale to stop their support of Limbaugh at 517-607-2301. Arnn is trying to direct all calls to "marketing" but don't let him.

IDrive-IDrive provides a backup service and is one of Rush Limbaugh's most loyal sponsors.
address:  26115 Mureau Road, Suite A
Calabasas, California 91302 
Phone: (818) 878-9202, (866) 748-0555
twitter: @IDriveBackup   

Lear Capital - investment company
1990 S. Bundy Dr., Ste 600
Los Angeles, CA 90025
phone:  1-800-957-GOLD
fax:  310-571-0194
twitter: @learcapital   

Lifelock - sells identity theft protection and advertises heavily on Rush's program. Enthusiastically endorsed by former not-so-popular NY Mayor Giuliani, this so-called 'identity theft protection' company continues to get horrid reviews and accusations of being a 'rip-off' company. Some of the many complaints can be seen on the Consumer Affairs website.
Address: 60 East Rio Salado Parkway, Suite 400
Tempe, AZ 85281
Phone: general information line at 1-800-440-4833
Emails: marketing@lifelock.com (TV, radio, and print) or online@lifelock.com (online only). Note: Please ensure that your subject line contains the types of media your proposal is regarding (i.e., TV, radio, print, online, outdoor, or other).
additional information: One of our viewers who contacted us furnished this information: Their Chief of Marketing is Marvin Davis at 480-682-5100 ext. 5432. Their CEO is Todd Davis. Their email is member.services@lifelock.com

Onf 03.03.12 Lifelock claimed they are sticking with Rush. Source.

Pajamagram - a seasonal advertiser of the Rush Limbaugh Show. They get in during Christmas and Valentine's Day, and quickly jump out thinking no one would notice.
Attn: Customer Service (OR Returns)
6655 Shelburne Road
Shelburne, VT 05482
phone: 800-448-3757
Twitter: @PajamaGram


ProFlowers-sells flowers online but they have been getting lots of complaints.
phone: 800.580.2913
twitter: @proflowers   
facebook URL:    https://www.facebook.com/...

Stamps.com - print stamps from your home. Another one we had to put back on this list who decided to change their coimpany's values to align with Rush's.
address: 12959 Coral Tree Place
Los Angeles, CA 90066-7020
phone: 1-888-434-0055
contact us

"Rush Limbaugh's recent comments do not align with our company values, and as such, Stamps.com has suspended advertising on the Rush Limbaugh radio program," the company said in a statement March 6, 2012. Apparently they did not do this for long

Visiting Angels - highly criticized 'Elderly Care' company, Visiting Angels, joined the Rush Limbaugh Show in 2015 and has opted to stay, blatantly ignoring consumer pleas to leave.
Address: 28 W Eagle RD Suite 201
Havertown, PA 19083
phone: 800-365-4189
twitter: @1visitingangels 
website  facebook
web Contact Form

List of stations that carry Rush's program by state [We weren't surprised that the map was shown in blue versus red states from the 2008 election.] You may want to use this list to locate stations in your area that carry his program in order to boycott local businesses that advertise with him since it is beyond the scope of our website to be able to cover this much territory. We are accepting local ads from viewers being run on Rush's program so if you want to send us these, we will add them to our local's list. When submitting some local ads, please also try and include the call letters of the radio station and the city where the station is located, the date when the ads aired, and any contact information for the business that was advertising if you can. It makes our job that much easier.

You can view our list of former advertisers who were removed. We urge our viewers to thank the companies on his list for not advertising with Limbaugh anymore.

Note about our policy: We are not removing any companies from this list unless there is a public record of them stating they will not be running ads with Rush anymore or they have stopped advertising on his program. Anything else is too wishy-washy for us. We will also add companies back onto this list if we find after a few weeks their ads are still running on his program and/or they think the dust has settled and it's okay for them to put their ads back onto his program.


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