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Resources Including Links to Recent Articles, Links to Facebook Boycott groups, Petition Drives, and Sites Tracking His Advertisers

Please contact us if you have something you would like us to add to this page.

Three Blind Chickens
"Three blind chickens" - by cartoonist Bill Sanders

Links to Other Rush Boycott Efforts, Including Facebook Groups, Advertiser Tracking Sites & More
We want to thank one of our viewers for alerting us to Media Matters' efforts to keep track of daily ads running on WABC on Rush's program and advertisers who have dropped him. You can view the Media Matters' list here.
Twitter: #FlushRush and #StopRush
The Daily Kos is collecting information on Local Rush advertisers. But keep in mind that local advertisers are not Rush sponsors. They only buy ads with local stations who randomly insert their ads into various programming. .This progressive websites: Addictinginfo.org is also supporting the boycott.
Drop Rush Limbaugh pages on Facebook [thanks to Richard in Colorado for sending us this list]: Boycott Rush Limbaugh's Sponsors to SHUT HIM DOWN, 1,000,1000 Global Voices in Opposition to Rush Limbaugh, I Bet I can find 2,000,000 people that do not like Rush Limbaugh!, Flush Rush: List of Limbaugh's sponsors, Remove Rush Limbaugh from Armed Forces Radio, Join the Fight to Flush Rush - big FB group building lists of his advertisers, and Telling Rush Limbaugh He's Full of Crap by (Leftake.com), BoycottRush Facebook Group
Also these groups are supporting the Rush boycott effort: Unitedwomen.org, NOW, Being Liberal, and Media Matters on Facebook.
Excellent list of all radio stations that broadcast Rush's program from a viewer.
Links to Rush advertiser tracking lists: Here it is! The ultimate database at stoprush.net designed to track Rush Limbaugh advertisers that anyone can use to report new ones and find ones to contact. Here is a link to a comprehensive online tracking system to keep track of the exact status of all Limbaugh advertisers. You can support the tracking system by using this link to: 1. Report local ads 2. Report dropped advertisers 3. Send in corrections / comments. Also anyone can download this tracker to Excel, sort the information as they like, and print and make notes, etc. And here's a link to Welcome to The StopRush Project Doing the hard work needed to reduce all the hate emanating from America's leading gasbag: Rush Limbaugh. another website trying to keep track of Rush's sponsors, Boycott Rush Limbaugh Sponsors - Stop the War on Women, and also this one called Boycott the Sponsors of HATE SPEECH in Broadcast Programming.
Here is a excellent link to use for finding out what company owns your local radio station, how radio advertising works, and how these stations work and make decisions. This is very useful information to have if you want to help with the Rush boycott movement.
ARBITRON RADIO MARKET RANKINGS: SPRING 2012 - find out where the largest radio markets are.

News Items and Articles of Interest
Early retirement For Rush Limbaugh? His show is in peril, but the right-wing world he helped build will sadly live on, By AMANDA MARCOTTE, 04/19/16
Rush Limbaugh hit where it hurts: World’s greatest troll faces steep pay cut, By ERIC BOEHLERT, MEDIA MATTERS, 04/14/16
Rush Limbaugh’s primary from hell: Even conservatives are finally turning on the famous blowhard, By ERIC BOEHLERT, MEDIA MATTERS. 04/09/16
Rush Limbaugh attacks Pope Francis in Trump’s defense: “I’m surprised he isn’t on the campaign trail for Bernie Sanders”, By SOPHIA TESFAYE, 02/18/16
Rush Limbaugh’s paranoid Donald Trump meltdown: “This is how they get rid of Republicans”, By SALON STAFF, Judy 21, 2015
Rush Limbaugh is cooked: The stunning fall of the right’s angriest bloviator, ERIC BOEHLERT, MEDIA MATTERS, 06/09/15
Radio Station WIBC Admits The 'Real' Reason They Are Dumping GOP Extremist Rush Limbaugh, By Daily Kos, 04/26/15
Rush Limbaugh’s ridiculous food freakout: “The Nanny State wants all of us to start eating stale food!”
The USDA is trying to do something about the major problem of food waste in America. Limbaugh has a bone to pick
. By JOANNA ROTHKOPF, 04/23/15
Rush Limbaugh: Scott Walker should say he dropped out of college to avoid being “accused of rape”
Shock jock alleges that men can't attend college anymore without facing rape charges VIDEO
, By Luke Brinker, 02/12/15

I got slimed by Rush: The real story of how Stephen Colbert schooled Limbaugh on U.S. history, patriotism
Rush attacked my Salon piece, dismissed me as "professorette" -- and got facts so wrong, he made my point stronger
, By SOPHIA A. MCCLENNEN, 12/24/14
Rush Limbaugh’s new definition of consent: “No means yes if you know how to spot it”
The conservative radio host lamented a definition of consensual sex that "takes all the romance out of everything" VIDEO
, By JENNY KUTNER. 09/15/14

Rush Limbaugh on “this domestic violence stuff” and the NFL: “If we keep feminizing this game we’re going to ruin it”
All this talk of domestic violence and feelings and football has the conservative entertainer worrying VIDEO
, By ELIAS ISQUITH, 09//12/14

Secrets of the right-wing lie machine: How Rush Limbaugh and others distorted CNN’s Ferguson scoop
It took only one guest to speculate a CNN recording was a hoax, and the right launched its master distortion plan,
By JOHN AVIGNONE, 08/29/14
Limbaugh says “leftists” want to use immigrants to “wrest control of this country” from whites
The talk radio king lets loose his white supremacist id — and mocks child refugees in the process VIDEO
, By ELIAS ISQUITH, 08/08/14
Rush Limbaugh confirms he is made of garbage and lives in a garbage can, Hobby Lobby edition
Limbaugh said something about Hobby Lobby. It barely made sense but still displayed his clear hatred for women VIDEO

Rush Limbaugh says Obama is like Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and Castro
The right-wing talk radio king uses the ongoing VA department scandal to imply Obama is a totalitarian murderer VIDEO
, By ELIAS ISQUITH, 05/19/14
The right’s sad VA hypocrisy: Limbaugh and co.’s desperate Obamacare ploy
With their anti-Obamacare 2014 campaign in tatters, hucksters like Rush want to use vets' suffering to score points
, By JOAN WALSH, 05/20/14
Rush Limbaugh ignores existence of Nigerians, pretends Michelle Obama holding a sign is only response to abducted girls
"Is that not pathetic? What the hell message does that send?"
, By KATIE MCDONOUGH, 05/09/14
Rush Limbaugh is now a Hillary Clinton shoe truther
The right-wing talk-radio king says Clinton's recent run-in with an airborne shoe might have been a false flag VIDEO

By Elias Isquith, 04/15/14
Sue Wilson Outlines Citizen Action to Take Back Our Public Airwaves,
By Joan Brunwasser, 04/04/14
There won’t be a liberal Rush: The economics of conservative media
There's a reason why the airwaves are filled with right-wingers — and it's all about big business
"Conservative dominance of political opinion radio, then, has both demand-side and supply-side explanations. On the demand side, conservatives’ greater distrust of mainstream media and greater interest in black and white narratives, and the niche talk alternatives for African American and Hispanic audiences help us to understand why conservative audiences might be larger than liberal audiences. Meanwhile, on the supply side, the early success of Rush Limbaugh, spurred executives — prone to build on financially successful models — to develop more programs in this vein. The format is inexpensive."
Rush Limbaugh: School shootings are caused by liberalism
"Liberalism, guaran-damn-te
ed, is what’s causing this” VIDEO, By
Limbaugh conservatism’s next test: Anti-women dogma’s inevitable cost
With SCOTUS considering contraception requirements for health care, conservatives are approaching another landmine
, By BRIAN BEUTLER, 12/3/13
Rush Limbaugh Calls Pope a 'Marxist' For Critique Of Inequality
By Heather, 11/ 28/13
Rush Limbaugh: Filibuster reform is like rape
"Can the women be raped? Well, all it would take then is half of the room," Limbaugh remarked
, article and video By KATIE MCDONOUGH, 11/22/13
You heard me: Rush Limbaugh is “a racist troll”
Mediaite and Politico think my saying that is news. Have they missed his 40 years of shameful racial stereotyping?

By JOAN WALSH, 09/10/13
For Rush Limbaugh, The Damage Is Done
By Eric Boehlert (about the author), 8/6/2013
Rush Limbaugh is finished
With or without Cumulus, his political power is much diminished. But the radio king can still do some damage.
BY ALEX PAREENE, July 29, 2013
Is Limbaugh finished?
The shock jock's ongoing feud with Cumulus Media suggests his divisive schtick may finally be wearing thin
Cumulus CEO on Limbaugh advertising fallout: “The facts are indisputable”
Cumulus CEO Lew Dickey stands by allegations that Limbaugh sank ad revenue for the network
Even more Limbaugh madness
UPDATE: The NRA is classy! Liberal culture is to blame for Newtown! Even more from Rush's radio broadcast today
, by DAVID DALEY, December 21, 1012
The second largest hamburger chain pulled ads from Rush this week, by Richard Myers, December 13, 2012
5 progressive stations drop; Rush audience down; radio industry suffers BIG revenue, reputation woes, by Richard Myers, December 11, 2012
Radio industry convulsing: more Clear Channel layoffs; Cumulus sharpens axe; more Limbaugh damage, by Richard Myers, December 10, 2012
GOP civil war: Limbaugh vs. the consultants
A top Republican strategist calls conservatives "loons and wackos." Limbaugh is not pleased
, BY ALEX SEITZ-WALD, November 21, 2012
Grumpy Limbaugh slams workers; is he unhappy because young wife has filed...?, by Richard Myers, November 20, 2012
The radio industry is FINALLY talking about the devastating impact of Rush Limbaugh's Fluke attack, by Richard Myers, November 20, 2012
Republicans are ripping Rush a new one, by Richard Myers, November 9, 2012
Do you like that sweet feeling of victory? Do you want another victory?,
by Richard Myers, November 8, 2012
Rush Limbaugh knocked out of top spot in streaming talk radio audience metrics, by Richard Myers, October 18, 2012
Big Trouble in Limbaugh Land, by Richard Myers, October 16, 2012
Limbaugh's legacy of liquidation: 70% of talk radio sponsors deceived, ad revs drop as much as 50%, by Richard Myers, October 17, 2012
NEWS FLASH: Rush Limbaugh has lost "tremendous chunk of advertising revenue"; ad support "dwindling"
by Richard Myers, October14, 2012

Bentley: Everybody's talking about KMJ, KYNO, by Rick Bentley - The Fresno Bee, Oct. 10, 2012. "t's been a busy time in local talk radio from the announcement of the departure of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity from KMJ (AM 580) to the death of the chat format on KYNO (AM 940)."

Tantalizing talk radio news: Rush slide increasingly evident; eBay, Sam's Club, Gap have dropped ads, by Richard Myers, September 24, 2012
The growing power of Rush Limbaugh's most loyal legion of listeners,
by Richard Myers, September 12, 2012
Rush Limbaugh is going down – here's the proof, by Richard Myers, August 15, 2012
Millions Lost: Rush Limbaugh Continues To Be Bad For Business
Cumulus CEO tells investors that Limbaugh ad troubles remain a "drag" on business
, by ANGELO CARUSONE. August 10, 2012
Vt. radio station shows Limbaugh the door, by Bruce Edwards, June 25, 2012
Rush Limbaugh compares hiring teachers, police and firefighters to Marxism, By Robert Sobel, Orlando Liberal Examiner, 06/11/12
Rush Limbaugh's Audience May Be Much Smaller Than You Think, by Jim Edwards, March 13, 2012
Three Ways to Stop Rush Limbaugh, by Richard Myers, May 26, 2012
Limbaugh takes post-Fluke ratings hit, by DYLAN BYERS, May 21, 2012
Rush Limbaugh boycott: protest and persuasion, by Richard Meyers, May 19, 2012
Angie's List Has a Problem with Women, by Angie's List Has a Problem with Women, May 17, 2012
Limbaugh Affiliate Cumulus Media Reports Millions In Lost Revenue, by Angelo Carusone, May 8, 2012.
Limbaugh Calls Female CNN Anchors "Clucking Hens", video from the April 12, 2012 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show.
Rush Limbaugh talk show fallout spreads to music formats, by Richard Myers, April 8, 2012
Rush Limbaugh goes to crisis management mode, by Hunter for Daily Kos, March 23, 2012
Limbaugh and Hannity Turn To Twitter In Response to "Slut" Crisis - By Gustav Wynn, April 1, 2012
Clear Channel boss 'delighted' to have Limbaugh - CBS news report 03.27.12. [We think they are trying to put a positive spin on a very deteriorating situation in order to get advertisers to come back.]
It's been reported by ThinkProgress.org that 141 advertisers plus a few radio stations have pulled all their advertising on Rush's program. It has also been reported that Premier Networks has asked all their affiliated stations to pull all Premier Network's list of commercial inventory from these right-wing hate talker programs in addition to Rush's: Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, and Tom Leykis.
Press release: NOW Calls for Clear Channel to Pull the Plug on Limbaugh - Statement of NOW President Terry O'Neill.
We are informed that Newt Gingrich's SuperPac "Winning our Future" listed as one of Rush's sponsors below, is buying up more ad time on Rush's program to replace advertising he has lost. Also a lot of PSAs are taking Rush's vacant ad slots but at least they don't pay him anything and aren't sponsors of Rush's program.
We contacted Sen. Carl Levin's office on 03.08.12 because he expressed his opinion as Chair of Armed Services that AFN should not run Rush's program anymore. But that's as far as his office or Congress is going to get involved. So we recommend you not bother to contact any of your elected officials on this issue.
Sent to us from a viewer: "The 53 Attacks Rush Limbaugh Didn’t Apologize For" article about and video.
To understand better the relationshop between Mitt Romney and Bain Capital - the current owner of Clear Channel, please read Clear Channel’s Directors Give Big to Romney, Who Won’t Criticize Limbaugh by investigative reporter Wayne Barrett in The Daily Beast.
Dating Site For Adulterers Wants To Buy All Available Limbaugh Ad Space (VIDEO) - article about website Ashley Madison by Wendy Gittleson
Rush Limbaugh Scandal Proves Contagious for Talk-Radio Advertisers Ninety-eight major advertisers—including Ford and Geico—will no longer air spots on Premiere Networks’ ‘offensive’ programs. Insiders say the loss will rock right-wing talk radio. - Daily Beast news article March 10, 2012
EXCLUSIVE: 141 Companies Drop Advertising From Rush Limbaugh - from an internal memo obtained by ThinkProgress. And here's a link to the Premier memo indicating companies that don't want their advertising to be associated with other right-wing hate talkers including Rush.
Limbaugh spurns Sleep Train's bid to resume advertising ties - March 10, 2012 article appearing in Sacramento Bee - if you feel you need to remind Sleep Train again as to why they dropped their sponsorship with Rush, go right ahead. We have all their contact information listed here.
Health care company sues to stop name airing on Rush Limbaugh show; Humana received angry emails over Sandra Fluke flap
Humana does not advertise on Limbaugh but another company hawking a similarly named product does
- article from Newyorkdailynew.com
"New Huckabee Radio Show Moves In on Limbaugh's Turf" - WSJ article detailing how Cumulus Radio, the syndicator of Mike Huckabee's radio program, could be helping us to take down Rush and potentially on WABC in NYC. The bad news is that Huckabee will be heard in more markets.
Peter Gabriel asks Rush Limbaugh to remove his music and the band Rush also pulled their music from his program.
"Boycott Won't Rush Him Out" - opinion piece by Michael Smerconish, radio host
"Radio campaign next step against Rush Limbaugh" By DAVID BAUDER, Associated Press. Media Matters is spending at least $100,000 for two advertisements that will run in eight cities.
Three weeks and counting...Mike Huckabee debuts April 9. and More Limbaugh fallout – One agency wants stations to report “DJ/personality names” for each daypart. - by Tom Taylor TRI
Exclusive: Limbaugh’s parent company still using actors to fake radio call-ins, exec tells Raw, by avid Edwards, March 7, 2011. Link to Premier on call.

YouTube Videos and other information that can be used when contacting Rush Advertisers
Caught On Tape: Limbaugh's Seventy Sexist Smears, Published on March 6, 2012 by ThinkProgressVideo
How Many Times Can Rush Slander Women in 1 Minute?, Published on March 8, 2012 by bravenewfoundation
35 Hateful And Stupid Rush Limbaugh Quotes That Should Anger Everyone, March 8, 2012, by Stephen D. Foster Jr.

Links to Various Petition Drives
Limbaugh Sponsor & Clear Channel/iHeartPetition
Remove the Rush Limbaugh Bust from Missouri's State Capitol, change.org petition by Pete Kinder. We need to remove a man's image who makes it his priority to demean women, people of color, immigrants, the working class, the poor and the LGBT community. He is not a positive example for Missouri.
SIGN HERE: Tell 40 Limbaugh Sponsors, Clear Channel, & Cumulus - We Will Not Buy/Support Misogyny, Racism or Hate Speech - another change.org petition. Rush Limbaugh has been promoting blatant racism, sexism, and anti-gay bigotry on our public airways. In this petition, we are telling Limbaugh sponsors and advertisers, we will not buy products/services that support his hate.
Tell Cumulus Media To Flush Rush - Rush Limbaugh's contract with Cumulus expires soon. Don't renew it. It's time to flush Rush, 7/13 MoveOn.org petition drive
Flush Rush petition drive in Portland, OR - aimed at getting Rush off KEX
Online petition drive asking AFN to remove Rush's program from their broadcasts to military personnel. Sign this one because this is the best way to get AFN to listen to people. We heard from a viewer and verified that this petition drive reached it's limit of 25,000 and more. Unfortunately no more names can be added to it.
Shawnna Boles has created an online petition drive to get Rush advertisers to drop their affiliation with Limbaugh. Please support her effort.
Support this leftaction.com petition drive to boycott Rush.
And here's another petition from MoveOn.org you can sign online aimed at Clear Channel telling them it's time that they no longer allow Rush Limbaugh to spew hateful and derogatory comments.
Online petition drive asking AFN to remove Rush's program from their broadcasts to military personnel. Sign this one because this is the best way to get AFN to listen to people. We heard from a viewer that this petition drive reached it's limit. It appears no more names can be added to it at this time.
Support this leftaction.com petition drive to boycott Rush.
And here's another petition from MoveOn.org you can sign online aimed at Clear Channel telling them it's time that they no longer allow Rush Limbaugh to spew hateful and derogatory comments.

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