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Contest photo

Here are the winners from our first photo caption contest:

1ST PLACE: Ken S., USA [last name, city and state withheld by request] See winning caption on photo. Prize: Backwards Bush keychain.

2ND PLACE: Sandy Rogers, Phoenix, AZ. Prize: Eric Anders CD.

3RD PLACE: Ellen Remore, Monroe, NY. Prize: Bush-Cheney noose car magnet.

All entries for this contest are posted below for your enjoyment:

W: "Nuts, Condi pinned this rubber hand a little too low, this time. Well at least my real hand is free to play around during this staged, phony political exercise." --from Ken
But Laura even the thought of having to eat all that 'crow' just upsets my innerds." --from Bill Jacobs, LA
"That one smelled like a week old burrito! No wonder he's holding his stomach!" --from Stan, Miami, OK
AT LEAST MY HEART'S IN THE RIGHT PLACE --name withheld by request
'Laura - I think that tummy-bug is back again' --name withheld by request
And that's when everyone in Albania realised they were sick just looking at this evil man. ---name withheld by request
My approval ratings have dropped to an all time low and so has my heart. --name withheld by request
And the rock is red there, the...bum...um...mum...mmff...oh, IN AIR --from Ellen, Monroe, NY
As our US soldiers come home in coffins, President Bush takes a moment to calm his stomach after moments before having a delicious meal fit for a king. --from Becky, Temple, TX
Laura, I knew I should have taken that Kaopectate instead of Pepto-Bismol!!! --from Tara Lynn, Brick, NJ
"Simon says, put your right hand over your heart. Now put your right hand over your belly. Hold it! I didn't say Simon Says! Uh, Mr President . . . Uh, Simon says, you're out, Mr President . . . ?" --from Clinton, Denton,TX
"Shucks, I can't remember what the commander-in-chief is supposed to do - cover my heart? Salute the flag? Check my zipper? I can't make up my mind! I wish I really was The Decider!" --from Clinton, Denton, TX
"Hey, wait a minute! That senioriter is singing our song in Mexican! I'm not covering my heart for no Mexican anthem - I'll just rub my belly. I love them beanie-weanie burritos! Mmm mmm good!" --from Theo, Sanger, TX
Hey! I finally achieved what my Daddy wanted, A "New World order", so I do not have to salute that flag any more. Every time I here the words in the "Pledge of Aligiance" I get this sick feeling in my stomach. Man! I can never get this right. Where was I supposed to put my hand. --from Frank, San Antonio, TX
The Great Uniter, leadin' the nation, doin' some hard work! --from Charles, Beeville, TX
"Cheney was right...a pair of good old Wyoming suspenders does work better that this damn oversized Texas belt buckle!" --Sandy Rogers, Phoeniz, AZ


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