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Contest photo

Here are the winners from our second photo caption contest:
CP Thomas contest winner 1ST PLACE: Charles Thomas, Beeville, Texas. See winning caption on photo. Prize: Backwards Bush keychain.

2ND PLACE: Spencer Brown, Killeen, Texas. Prize: Dittohead CD by Fatso.

3RD PLACE: Ronald Whitcomb, Sterling, Connecticut. Prize: Impeach Bush-Cheney bumpersticker.

All entries for this contest are posted below for your enjoyment:

Of course I've got a plan to get outta Iraq! I got outta 'Nam, didn't I? I mean, it wasn't you guys' fault you got your butts whipped by them VC, right? --from Clinton, Denton, TX
That's right boys, make Michael Moore disappear and Hell's Angels gets a faith-based tax-exemption! --from Charles, Beeville, TX
Thanks for the advice, but I only listen to God. If only I hadn't gone AWOL, I might have learned something. I'm looking for a "Few Good Men" with experience...for photo ops. --from Virginia, Grantsville, MD
I didn't listen to Charlie either...now I'm just blowing in the wind. --name withheld by request
"What I'm wanting for our new military dress uniforms, is something like yours, with lots of eagles and flags, but in blue or maybe green. You get the idea - something flashy. Just bring me some sketches next week." --from Clinton, Denton, TX
Laura said you can't come to dinner dressed like that. --from Spencer, Killeen, TX
Is she a librarian, too? --from Oliver, Atlanta, GA
Are you guys like my Secret Service? Just askin' cause .50 cal rifle sale in D.C. have gone up since 2004. I wonder why... --name withheld by request
"Doesn't walking along side of me make you feel better about yourself?" --from Dean, Wilmington, DE
Well, somebody had to protect Texas from all them Commies in Arkansas... --from Tom, South Jordan, UT
Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho, it's off to war you go. I've lifted age restrictions, Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho! --name withheld by request
Can I borrow your outfit for a photo-op? --from Chris, AZ
Charlie? Charlie who? --name withheld by request
Of course I am the leader of my gang...I left my hog at the White House. --from Lola
"Now look here, I know you had an identity crisis, and I said you could come back anytime, no questions asked, but sorry Carl the tall shmuck and the broads have gotta go." --from Frank, Victoria, Australia
"Are you kidding? If I let my daughters join the military, they could get sent to that stupid war in Irag...they could get killed, or worse!" --name withheld by request
Well, not exactfully, but I DO own a chainsaw that sounds BAD! And I mean BA-AA-DA! --from Clinton, Denton, TX
"Laura, are you sure that the operation on your neck was a success?" --from Larry, Henderson, NV


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