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Contest photo

Here are the winners from our 4th photo caption contest:

1ST PLACE: Clinton, Denton, TX. Prize: Silver Worst President Ever coin.

2ND PLACE: Tom, Middletown, OH. Prize: Dittohead CD.

3RD PLACE: Notified and waiting to hear back. Winner has not yet claimed this prize. Prize: Anti-GOP bumpersticker.

All entries for this contest are posted below for your enjoyment:

Has anyone checked these mashed potatoes for rat poison? --name withheld by request
The American public is so stupid that I could piss in this food and convince everyone it's in support of the troops. --name withheld by request
"Should I let him have my leftovers, or should I just get a doggie bag?" --from Robert
O Boy! My favorite - a cold broccoli burger on a slab-o-liver, ala mode! --from Clinton, Denton, TX
Honestly, who wouldn't prefer this every day, instead of body armor? You can't eat a vest - heh heh. --from Gordon, Aubrey, TX
"Look what's new from Halliburton: Petroleum-based food products - tastes like chicken - kinda - its PetroFood!" --from Mikey, Sanger, Texas
See, this is what the troops call a Ready to Eat Meal, MRE in mil-talk, comes in a can, just add water for it, warms itself right up, chemicals react and, RME's for the miltia men and ladies, in armed forces and stuff. --from Tex Thompson, Justin, TX
I'ts a good thing Mama isn't here or I'd have to eat all of this broccoli. --from viewer Tom, Middleton, OH
So, this is how "My Pet Goat" ends. --from viewer Tom, Middleton, OH
If we had chow like this when I was in the National Guard, I wouldn't have deserted! --from viewer Tom, Middleton, OH
What the GI is thinking: "Does he honestly think anyone's gonna believe that's what we get every day? Wait - maybe he believes it!" --from Clinton, Denton, TX
That old dude must be a Halliburton big shot. His plate looks clean and his food's not various shades of gray like mine. --from Clinton, Denton, TX
"Great! My whole platoon risks our lives in a three-day firefight to 'liberate' this school from the locals who built it, just so Mister-Mission-Accomplished can use MY food for another photo-op! Great!" --from viewer Joe, Slidell, TX
Hey, he looks just like my old friend Tom back in Middleton, only not as clever! --from viewer Clinton Bates, TX
I wonder if Congress would consider my wife's cooking cruel and unusual punishment. --from viewer name withheld by request
Transporting Bush and journalists to Iraq: $3.7 million.
Transporting fresh food to Iraq: $1.4 million.
Coca-Cola product placement in photo-op: Priceless! --from viewer Clinton, Denton, TX


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