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Bush with Saudi Prince Salman

Here are the winners from our 5th photo caption contest:

1ST PLACE: Frank from Mildura Victoria Australia

2ND PLACE: Clinton, Denton, TX. Prize: Dittohead CD.

3RD PLACE: Notified and waiting to hear back. Winner has not yet claimed this prize. Prize: Anti-GOP bumpersticker.

All entries for this contest are posted below for your enjoyment:

Hey Princie! I took out a sword just like this one, pretended I would chop of their heads like your government does, and scared the Dems into giving me more war money. --name withheld by request
I can't stop laughin' at this redneck hick! The way he carries that sword makes him look about as regal as Opie headin' to the Mayberry fishin' hole! --from Clinton, Denton, TX
"Orange" you glad I didn't say "Banana" again, uh, you know like all the other times? Get it? Orr'n jew glad . . . --from viewer in TX
Wait till the ol' Chainster gets a look at this! The most dangerous thing we ever let him have is some lousy bird shot! --from a viewer in TX
Remember when you came up with that crazy "Wanted Dead or Alive" poster for my nephew? He looked like he was about to crap in his robes when you did that! Aw man, good times! --from a viewer in TX
This will be great! I've never beheaded a political prisoner before! --from a viewer in TX
This'll be great! I mean for you and me, not the other guy so much. I never have de-headed, uh, chopped off, a political rival, and uh, terrorist. His head, I meant, uh, chopping it off, you see, is called de-heading, like removing his head, then uh, he'll be dead and it's great for us, not him. --from a viewer in TX
Let's go out in the desert and "rattle" our swords and watch these media dudes go crazy with the story. --from Anita, Boyd, TX
Dubya: "Did you see the look on his face when I acted like I was gonna trim his hair?"
SS dude: "Laugh it up, Big Guy, just remember I've got a gun and all you have is that silly sword." --from viewer in TX
Ha...Ha! He...He! Dat's a funny one chief, but no I still ain't gonna deliver dis here sword as a gift to the Israelis as a two-in-one tool for circumcision and population control.--from viewer in Melbourne, Australia, name withheld by request
I wonder if I should tell him that when he laughs like that his nose looks just like the tip of Satan's tail? --from viewer Joe, OK
A great American once said, "Walk softly, but carry a big-ass sword!" An even greater American said, "If you got a big-ass sword, swing for the fence!" Or something like that . . . --from viewer Sandy, TX
Yeah, he's got my back, but Laura says if I stop too sudden-like, his nose will poke out my belly button! I guess I shoulda saved the nickname "Brownie" for him. --from viewer Al, TX
Not looking comfortable with a blade near his neck. --from viewer Kevin, Moscow, PA
I better hide this when I get home. --from viewer Kevin, Moscow, PA
So be honest....you really don't think I am an a**hole? --from viewer Ron, Sterling, CT
". . . and by the time they figure out that they have to pay back the $800 per person on next year's tax return, someone else will be President, and he (or she) will be blamed for screwing up the economy!" --from viewer Betty, TX
So, have you ever seen Clinton dance? --from viewer Robin, Rio Rancho, NM
When I asked him if he'd take a bullet for me, he asked "Where to, and do I have to bring it back?" --from viewer Kay, Aubrey, TX
Oops, I think I shit my pants! --from viewer Ron, Sherwood, AR
Duh, Pat Robertson and the Wahabis would go berserk if they saw us cavorting in this gay bar! --from viewer Charles, Beeville, TX
Now, some heads will rrrroll!!! --from viewer Pamela, Allentown, PA
"I like nicknames - I think I'll call you Shake-n-Bake."
"Funny! And I'll call you . . . when I need a lap dog to amuse my family!" --from viewer Frank, TX
Hey, Hassim, wanna hold hands? --from viewer Tom, Middletown, OH
Hey, look at us! We're a coupla swash buckling Oil Pirates! --from viewer Alan, TX
Have you heard this one? Two rabbi's walk into a bar....... --from viewer Ron, Sterling, CT
"How about this one? Two warmongers stroll into a bar with their swords . . ." --from viewer Jim, TX
Now all I need is a fancy bath robe and a cafe tablecloth for my head! --from viewer Ben, TX
After I said it'd be easier if I could be a dictater - they let me! --from a viewer in TX
Then Rummy said, "Senator, we do not, have not, and will not ever, engage in torture of innocent enemy combatants, based on the definitions of torture and innocence established by our Commander in Chief!" It was great! --from a viewer in TX
My brother bet me fifty bucks I couldn't get the price of gasoline in the States up to four bucks before my second term ran out! Well, it looks like I'm gonna hit that Florida jackpot ONE MO' TIME! --from viewer Warren, TX
No, I don't call it a recession. With profits in the oil and insurance industries rising like a sky rocket, with no end in sight, I call it MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! --from a viewer name withheld by request
"World leaders can't help all the citizens of their countries, so we chose to help the five percent who control most of the wealth." --from a viewer name withheld by request


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