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- "We're Number 37" - Here is a song celebrating our ranking in the WHO's list of world health systems for all the obstructionist hecklers to sing as they continue down the road to total irrelevance by Paul Hipp.

- Find information about your favorite band or artist from Band Biographies

- Hear Paul Hipp's latest song: Free Money In The USA about the lovely folks at AIG.

- Check out the very strong antiwar song called "Death Machine" by Sting's son Joe's band Fiction Plane. This song was also performed on the Jimmy Kimmel Show and you can watch the video.

- New CD called "The Year of Defeat" by Grunky Funk - a satirical album addressing the politics of the post 2004 presidential election. Incensed by the knee-jerk support of most country acts toward the Bush administration and its war in Iraq, Grunky Funk provides a voice for the country music artist and fan not beholden to extreme religious fundamentalism, homophobia, and unjustified war.

- Hear the entire Neil Young CD "Living With War" with the controversial song "Let's Impeach the President" streamed at Justice for Music.

- Download the anti-Bush song called "BloodslUSH" by the Hoorn, Netherlands rock trio Mama Loo.

- Download the song "Bush Sux"

- The Decider - listen to this very funny clever song on Huffingtonpost.com by Paul Hipp

- Sub-Iraqian Homesick Blues - new song, music video, and lyrics by Paul Hipp on Huffingtonpost.com

- Listen to Mess with Texas - by Modern Earl, a country song that attacks the political influence of Texans

- BIG GAY GOP FEAR FACTOR FEVER - another clever song by Paul Hipp [3.7MB]

- Visit Sea Lion Records for free mp3 downloads of anti-Bush/anti-war music featured on their CD called: "Election Day USA"

- Find a big collection of anti-Bush rap remixes on The Bots

- Check out this funny uTube music video by The Freedom Toast

- View the music video called Dub Ya! by the band is Great American Taxi

- View and listen to the George W Bush music video - Dubya - "Dubya". The lyrics are inspired by quotes from George W Bush or from his actions during the time that he was President. By Anthony Pell at www.apellmusic.com.

- Election Day 2008 music video by Anonmusic

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These free songs are available in mp3 format for download only!
Just click on the song name to begin the download
Please feel free to share these mp3s with others

To save an mp3 file on your computer will require the following:

PCs: Right click and then "Save to Disk"
Macs: Hold link down for options and "Save to Disk"

Our songs are now arranged in alphabetical order by song title on two pages. We urge our viewers to support these talented artists as they will continue to work hard to oppose everything Bush stands for.

Songs A-M / Songs N-Z

Happy New Year, Nancy Pelosi
(6.6 MB, running time: 4:02)

This is another excellent song by singer/songwriter/musician, Yikes McGee who pleads for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney so that the subject of his admiration and affection, Nancy Pelosi can become President. This folk style ballad is both humorous and serious.

More on Yikes McGee: Please visit his web site to find more great Yikes McGee songs for free download and other information. You can also find other songs by Yikes McGee on our music pages.

No More Whoppers
(2.5 MB, running time: 4:44)

This terrific folk song by Son and Ledder calls attention to many of Bush's lies. They wrote this song to counter Bush's strategy of repeating his lies often enough that people believe him.

More on Son and Ledder: Please visit their website where you can find lyrics to this song, lyrics and chords, and the tune and chords in text and .pdf format.

Not So Curious George
(3.26 MB, running time: 3:34)

This is a very nice folk style song about the over-reaching chimpanzee's[ie Bush's] saga from peacesong.com that was part of a trilogy of songs released for the run-up to the March 18-20 anti-war demonstrations. Nice guitar playing, vocals and lyrics.

More on Peacesong.com: In 2003, PeaceSong released The War Trilogy. The Trilogy is about the damage of the 'War on Terror' to civil liberties, the people of Iraq, and the minds of our soldiers. Today, it remains a top-rated internet site for peace song (#2, Google, 'peace song'). The MP3's of Baghdad Road, Sudden Sound and Enemy Me have been freely downloaded by thousands around the world.

PeaceSong has performed for United for Peace and Justice, WESPAC, the Theatre Against War Freedom Follies and the Social Justice Ministry of the Riverside Church. Peacesong has also presented peace and justice concerts at The Knitting Factory, the Nuyorican Poets Café and The Colony Arts Center (Woodstock, N.Y.). In 2004, The War Trilogy was aired during WBAI's live coverage of the Clearwater Festival.

The performance includes song, sketch and related commentary, including the amusing saga of promoting a top-rated site for peace songs. Topics span a range of peace and justice issues, including healthcare, globalization, homelessness, AIDS, gun control and the environment.

Mark Foley's recordings have aired on public radio nationwide. He has also performed on VH-1(MTV Networks). You can find other songs to download on their web site, including the ones from this trilogy.

Oval Orifice
(5 MB, running time: 3:40)

Oval Orifice is a very well arranged and executed anti-Bush rock song/anthem that attacks the hypocrisy and lies of the Bush Administration by the band Shank Bone Mystic Project. This song pulls no punches.

More on the Shank Bone Mystic Project: Shank Bone Mystic Project is a Brooklyn-based indie rock group. They will be releasing their second independent LP summer of 2006. Their dismay and disbelief at the gross shortcomings of this administration are illustrated in the song "Oval Orifice", the chorus of which proclaims "I Wouldn't Cry if You Died". If you have the opportunity to see this band play live, do it, their live shows are pure rock fantasticness. Please visit their web site and/or myspace page for more information and music.

Out of the Ashes
(3 MB, running time: 3:10)

This is another terrific song written and performed by the Kaiser Blues Band from Germany. Also in English.

More on the Kaiser Blues Band: This rock and blues trio is well known around the club and concert scene in Germany. They have two CDs out that you can order from either of their websites: www.kaiserbluesband.de or www.bluetales.de. We have listened to both CDs and recommend them highly if you enjoy this type of music. Both CDs are very well produced and professionally made and the songs we feature are representative of the music you will hear on both. You can find the lyrics to Out of the Ashes on our website.

(1.1 MB, running time: 2:24)

The basic message of "Patriot" is that in a true democracy, it is a patriotic act to voice your opinion if you disagree with what your government is doing. "Patriot," is expressed from the point of view of a US citizen who feels this way. You can also find the lyrics to Patriot on our website.

From songwriter, Sam Turton: "It is my belief that the Bush Administration is causing great damage to the economy, human rights, environment, and safety of the United States, North America, and the whole world. To correct this damage, it is essential that Bush be defeated in the next election." You can find other Sam Turton songs on his website or view the artwork for Patriot.

Peace March
(6 MB, running time: 5:12)

Peace March is a remix of Bush's speeches sliced, diced and set to an appropriately martial beat.

From Pine Music the creator of this excellent remix: The f-word for the Bush administration is fascism. We need to recognize these corporate brown shirts in America and call them by their rightful name: Fascists. The mark of a great nation isn't the freedom its citizens enjoy during care-free times, but it is the liberties that its government and people hold dear when their nation is threatened. Greatness is gauged by the way a nation conducts itself in the world -- especially in a hostile world. Republicans have failed every test. They play to the nation's worst fears in an ugly effort to consolidate wealth and power. Orwell would have been so proud.

About Pine Music: Pine is one old guy with a bunch of audio gear, a loaded laptop and love of electronica. My political activism goes back to the late 60s, blocking U.S. Route 1 with thousands of students at the University of Maryland, outside Washington, and throwing tear gas canisters back at the National Guard to protest the war in Vietnam. 60s values are now considered quaint or naive in some quarters. I don't agree. I hope to release a CD later this year. Please visit Pine Music for more information on this mp3 and another one they have for free download.

Planes of Sorrow
(6.9 MB, running time: 5:57)

Powerful, thought-provoking anti-war protest song written and performed by singer/songwriter, Dan Krentzman.

More on Dan Krentzman: Dan lives near Boston. He was inspired to write this song to help expose the corrupt Bush administration so Bush will be defeated in November. He would appreciate your sharing his song with others to help spread the word. We also have the lyrics to Planes of Sorrow and you can also find them on Dan's web page.

President Bush I'm Not Voting for You
(5.1 MB, running time 6:05)

Well researched pop/folk song by singer/songwriter, Rick Dieffenbach. This song also incorporates Bush's own words into lyrics that define the foolishness of the Bush Administration.

More on Rick Dieffenbach: Rick is a retired naval officer who plays guitar for enjoyment. He spent time researching Bush's policies so that he could explain in song WHY Bush is wrong. Please visit Rick's website where you can also find the lyrics to this song.

Republicans Rule the World
(6 MB, running time: 5:10)

This is another fine satirical anti-Bush folk song by songwriter Scott Morrison of Scotty and the Skeptics

About Scott Morrison: I've been writing for over 25 years--love ballads, rockers, country twangers, and the satirical and hopefully humorous commentaries that appear at Scotty and the Skeptics site. All the songs on the site are in my satirical/political mode, which seems to be my special niche, and were recorded as song demoes (simple arrangements, a few missed notes) to pitch to artists, producers, labels, etc.

I am the publisher of a line of well-known music education posters that are like roadmaps to harmony for guitar, keyboard, saxophone and other instruments. We produced our first product, The Guitar Poster, in 1980, and it has become a classic. They are available in thousands of musical instrument stores as well as directly from us at the site.

You can find the lyrics to Republicans Rule the World posted on our website. You can also visit their website for more information.

(1.4 MB, running time: 1:28)

This is a very funny song sung to the tune of "Dixie" from the CD called The Bush Diet.

More on The Bush Diet: Politically incorrect as you can get, much like Dubya himself, "The Bush Diet" is the hit comedy CD featuring the voices of George, Bill Clinton, Karl Rove, Pat Robertson, and more. If you cringe at the word "Bush", at least when it's preceded by "George W.", or if you just have a twisted sense of humor and plenty of thick skin, you'll love "The Bush Diet". 27 tracks on high-quality audio CD, Rated PG (safe for the family...your heads will not explode.) Makes a great gag gift! Get this CD now!

Seize Back the Future
(2.9 MB, running time: 3:04)

Really terrific rock protest song written, produced and performed by Bill See. This song is from Bill's new CD called, Union.

More on Bill See: Bill See was formerly the lead singer of the critically acclaimed LA band, Divine Weeks. His CD called Union is an alternative history of the last three years to the one presented by the national media, that became little more than an echo chamber for the Bush administration following 9/11. Union is his first commercially available solo record. Bill wants to make sure the right message gets out through his music.

You can find more information about Bill See by visiting his web site. His CD, Union can be purchased at Miles of Music and you can read a review of it there. You can also find the lyrics to Seize Back the Future on topplebush.com.

Selfish Bitch
(3.5 MB, running time 3:42 min.)

This is a rock/pop song by ROL G1, a London-based guitarist/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, that takes a swipe at the new Secretary of State, Condi Rice.

More about ROL G1: He writes, performs, records mostly as a one-man band in a small old fashioned home studio in NW London He has written and recorded a large number of guitar based tracks, presently unreleased that will be sold on a CD. The majority of his tracks are not quite as angry and aggressive as "Bitch". He will have a new CD out in 2005. For now email him or visit his web site for more information.

Silly Putty
(3.7 MB, running time 3:53 min.)

Silly Putty is a anti-Bush folk ballad by singer, songwriter, and guitarist, Mike Nicolai from Kansas City, Missouri.

More on Mike Nicolai: You can find more information including tour dates and biographical information about Mike on his web site. He also has other mp3 songs there too. Mike is also on myspace.com.

(5.6 MB, running time 6:12 min.)

This soulful anti-war song by the band Everking was inspired by the fact that UK has lost over 100 soldiers in Iraq. The song speaks from a soldiers' perspective.

More on Everking: Everking is a project which started back in 2001 and is currently one album down the line and working on the second E.P. They were #1 in the BBC Radio 1 independant/unsigned charts for about three months and have had music used on UK Terrestrial and Satellite Television. Most of the music they write is fairly upbeat and hiphoppy (the band cannot be described as "politically-minded") but the nature of the subject matter pushed "Soldier" down a more serious path. The poem at the end of the song is "The Soldier" by Rupert Brooke who died in 1915. That, and a coversation with the brother of a British Forces Squaddie was the inspiration for the song. Please visit Everking's website for more information about this band and for information on their CDs.

Something to Believe In
(4.5 MB)

Something to Believe In is an anti-war/anti-Bush anthem performed by the electronic pop/rock group R-Three and its leader, Rhett Redelings-MacDermott

More on R-Three: With R-Three, Rhett Redelings. creates lush pop atmospheres utilizing all the best elements of rock, pop, trance, ambient, trip-hop and basically everything else. R-Three has a CD called: Perceptual Distortion that you can purchase from their website. You can also find lyrics to Something to Believe In on their website to download in .pdf format.

Sonofa Bush
(3.5 MB, running time: 3:45)

A really good hip-hop satire in the "voice" of Bush, rapping his way through recent history, with lyrics inspired by his mispronunciations and misguided thoughts. From Sea Lion Records.

So Wrong
(4 MB, running time: 4:21)

"So Wrong" is a soulful lament reflecting post-2004 election blues by singer/songwriter Eric Anders. This song will be featured in a major motion picture release due out in 2007. This is another exceptional song by Eric Anders. We are pleased to be able to offer this one to our viewers. Also check out Eric's "How Low and Why" and "Looking Forward to Your Fall" that are listed on our Music pages.

More on Eric Anders: Performing Songwriter Magazine describes singer-songwriter Eric Anders' music as "touching on the trance-like ecstasy of David Gray and the deadly seriousness of Nick Drake.... Anders is as engaging a singer and musician as he is writer." You can find more information on Eric Anders and his music by visiting his web site and his blog.

Eric Anders CDs: This song is from Eric's most recent CD: Tethered to the Ground on Baggage Room Records [2006]. Eric has also released these full CDs: Not at One [2003] and More Regrets [2004]. All of his releases can be purchased at CD Baby including Tethered to the Ground.

Squawk N' Awe
(4.1 MB, running time: 3:00)

"Squawk 'N Awe" is a funny anti-Bush country/rock song by Davey Davis and the Cabal Breakers at Country Eastern Music. Give a listen to this one if you enjoy good country music.

(7.7 MB, running time 8:15)

This is a very informative anti-Bush rap song filled with interesting statistics that remind people why they need to get out and vote by Peter Johnson with friend.

More on Peter Johnson: Peter Johnston has been employed as a classical trombonist, a sideman in Louisiana roadhouse bands, an operatic and vocal repertory coach and more...A native of Texas, he has for many years made his home in New York, where he lives with his wife and an overprotected cat. You can find the lyrics to Statistics on our website.

Sunny Again
(2.2 MB, running time 2:30)

This ecletic pop song by Roymond questions blind patriotism taking over for free speech, hoping it will be Sunny Again when Bush's gone.

More by Roymond on this song: Written in June 2003, I was tying together Bush's difficulty making informed, intellegent decisions about world affairs, and peripheral items like the Dixie Chicks speaking out against him and getting accused of being anti-American or somehow unpatriotic for exercising their freedom of speech! I couldn't believe this was happening. "Either you're with us or you're against us" was being yelled at US citizens as if we had no right to question his leadership. Well, I'm not with you, Mr. President. The beauty of this country isn't that our President rules unchecked by its citizenry, but that we can speak our mind and suggest alternate opinions and even ask for accountability for your actions. More than that - I can't wait till you're gone! You can find more information on Roymond and his music and download other mp3s on his website. You can also find lyrics to this song posted on our website.

Take That Job
(1.4 MB, running time 3:04)

This country/pop style song by singer, songwriter and bassist, Charlene Grant, addresses the loss of higher paying, good jobs going overseas.

About Charlene Grant: Charlene writes the music for each tune according to the feel of the lyrics, without one particular band or style in mind. Charlene's new CD, That Would Be Me, includes styles that cover the waterfront from the electric blues storytelling of "Life's Too Short", to the barroom rocking of "That Would Be Me", to the Delta blues advice of "Don't Try To Change Your Man." Her music makes you feel like you're rocking at your favorite club or just hanging out at the corner cafe! You can find more information about Charlene Grant by visiting her website. You can purchase and/or hear tracks from her new CD, That Would Be Me, at CD Baby.

Talkin' George Herbert Walker Bush, Jr. Blues
(1.3 MB, running time: 2:13)

Old No. 8, a Chicago-based band working against Bush. This Bush-bashing "American protest song" is from their new CD called, Communist Country set for release this July. Old No. 8 also runs the Chicago chapter of Bands Against Bush.

More on Old No. 8: They have played benefits for Dennis Kucinich as far away as Tampa FL. This song was written by Andy Levenberg and Old No. 8 ©2004. Please visit their website to hear more clips and get more information on this band.

Talking Points
(3.4 MB, running time: 3:47)

Talking Points is a really terrific anti-war, anti-Bush, anti-Fox rap/hip-hop tune! Rap doesn't get much better than this! We know you will enjoy it.

About Talking Points: "I wrote Talking Points in the deep hope that it can be just one more thing that leads to the change that this country desperately needs. So many of the young people these days are not voting, and no matter how many MTV 'Rock the Vote' commercials they see, they still aren't going to.

I believe the only way to get my fellow twenty-somethings to the polls is help them to understand just WHY they should go, and thus the latest song Talking Points by Bowler was created. It was my intention to put into lyrics a precise and entertaining argument for why this change is needed, and I believe I have suceeded. Clearly, if you've read the lyrics you'll see that I also take quite a few shots at the propagandists in the media who choose to color the news instead of report it. If we can get people to understand just what they are watching (propaganda), perhaps we can open their eyes."

About Bowler: Bowler currently resides in the heart of the Midwest but grew up in the poor South. As a child of the welfare system, he worked hard to claw his way from his humble roots and find a better life for himself, living the American dream. Yet to catch his big break, Bowler continues to plug away in his small home studio whenever time from his day job allows. Please visit his website and support this young artist's efforts and download some of his other songs. You can find the lyrics to this song on our website.

Tell Me It's Over
(3.1 MB, running time 4:22)

This is a really good pop/rock song by Rich Wyman who has let his feelings go in order to point out the abuses of the Bush Government, which completely seems to ignore the will of both its own people and moreover, the entire world. His band also performs on this mp3.

More on Rich Wyman: Rich is currently finishing a new album. It will be out this Fall and it is called FACTORY. The first single from FACTORY will be released to radio in The Netherlands, The U.K. and Ireland in October. It had a beautiful recording of Sleepin’ Bird. Rich signed a deal with IODA (Independent Online Distribution Association). IODA will distribute his music in all downloadable forms on the internet. I have also signed a sales and distribution deal with Zomba/Rough Trade for Benelux.  And all this comes to via his own label, Apricot Records. Find more information on Rich Wyman and his music and CDs on his website.

(4.3 MB, running time: 4:32)

You can't get much better than Terror by SoulPrawn at combining Bush's voice with hip electronic music set to a great beat to make an anti-Bush statement. If you like Terror, you will also like Game Over by SoulPrawn that can be found on this list.

More on SoulPrawn: Raised in France by British parents, SoulPrawn's extensive travels throughout the planet and the fact that he spent the past 15 years in Africa and the Middle-East with regular visits to the United States, gave him the ability to observe political developments in different parts of the world from a priviliged local perspective. SoulPrawn, an amateur musician, has only very recently started working on composing songs, animated by a keen interest in music (rock, trip-hop, electronica) and the political conscience which his observations generated. His very first compositions are a series of criticisms of Bush's corrupt regime and it's impact on America and the world, in which Bush's voice is used to sing anti-Bush messages. Please visit his new website for more information and to hear more of his music.

(4.2 MB, running time: 3:34)

This is a terrific pop/electronic style anti-Republican song by singer, songwriter Casey Wade from his soon to be released album called: "Don't Jive Me Woman."

More information: To find more information about Casey Wade and his music and CDs, please visit his website.

That's All Right, Obama
(1.5 MB, running time: 1:38)

Here's another terrific Pro-Obama song that rocks by the group AlteRockers. "That's All Right, Obama" is a remake of the Elvis song "That's all Right, Mama". It's part of their Obamarama Sessions. Please also visit their website to find more music by AlteRockers. We also have their song "Keep on Barackin' Me" listed on our website.

More on AlteRockers: The AlteRockers (a play on a Yiddish term for oldster) started in 2002 to perform rock 'n' roll satires on Purim, a Jewish holiday in which parody is abundant. Lori Lippitz, a former cantorial soloist at the Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation in Evanston, Illinois, founded the band, which is composed of business and academic professionals who are passionate about playing rock 'n' roll.

With apologies to the original artists, the AlteRockers perform satires on various comprehensive categories, such as religion, politics and food. The ARs write topical satires and conclude every show with the Beatles classic, "Hey Jews," a call to social action and tikkun olam (repairing the world). Other notable titles include "(I Get By with) a Little Help From the Choir," "Saturday Night's All Right for Lighting," "Gimme Some Leaven" and "Hit Me With Your Bird Shot" (dedicated to Vice President Cheney). In 2008, the band released its first CD comprising two election-inspired numbers: "That's All Right, Obama" and "Keep on Barackin' Me." These singles are also available on the band's website, www.alterockers.com.


The Agenda for Century 21
(3.4 MB, running time 3:44)

This is a wonderfully inventive, darkly humorous anti-war song by the group The Used Johnnys from the UK built around the music of the popular song "When Johnny Comes Marching Home." The song incorporates political sound bites, dizzy sax, and piercing feedback mixed to tell a story of deceit, greed and death. The message is simple: no war based on greed and lies - no conflict resolved by occupation and excessive armed force.

More on The Used Johnnys: You can find other songs, including "You've Lost My Vote" for free download and the lyrics to these songs on their website. The Used Johnnys hope to add a voice to those involved in the struggle to make the world a better and more peaceful place.

The Best Trick
(3.7 MB)

This is a very cutting anti-Bush hip-hop style song by the group Überplebs from Australia.

More on Uberplebs: The Überplebs produce political commentary via the medium of hip hop beats. They are fully committed to the downfall of both President George W Bush and Prime Minister Anthony Blair. The Überplebs began about a year ago and was formed by three like minded musicians with the view to entertain and inform interested individuals about some of the key conspiracies surrounding the turn of the 21st century. They are only asking that if you like you share and thus we all become happier and more informed. You can find more information about this group and their music on their web site.

The Bush Legacy
(2.6 MB, running time: 2:17)

This is a humorous folk style anti-Bush song by Randy McGirr, who also has a penchant for fuzz guitar.

More on Randy McGinn: Please visit his web site "Black Turtle" where you can find more songs and videos of his for free download.

The Cowboy
(4.9 MB, running time: 5:13)

A really smokin' song by the Kaiser Blues Band from Germany, written specifically to attack Bush. Don't worry! It's written and sung in English.

More on the Kaiser Blues Band: This rock and blues trio is well known around the club and concert scene in Germany. They have two CDs out that you can order from either of their websites: www.kaiserbluesband.de or www.bluetales.de. We have listened to both CDs and recommend them highly if you enjoy this type of music. Both CDs are very well produced and professionally made and the songs we feature are representative of the music you will hear on both. You can find the lyrics to The Cowboy on our website.

The Freedom Waltz
(2.9 MB, running time: 3:09)

Once upon a time, someone said "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and those are the people I want to concentrate on." Another person said, "If you repeat a lie often enough, everyone will believe it."  So, naïve as I am, I tried to test the hypothesis that if you repeat the truth often enough, at least some people will believe it. Hence, I wrote the song, "The Freedom Waltz." I hope you believe it! I do! Peace, love and freedom! - a folk style song by Ken Swiatek

The Grifter
(3.6 MB, running time: 3:45)

The Grifter is a parody of the folk-rock Paul Simon song, The Boxer. The lyrics were written by Ken Swiatek and reveal some real truths about Bush's life. It is sung and performed with guitar. A grifter is one who engages in making money by cheating, swindling, confidence games or graft. Truth or fiction? Truth or lies? You be the judge. This song is solidly performed and we think you will really enjoy the anti-Bush lyrics.

The Hand That Feeds
(8.7 MB, running time: 7:37)

This is Nine Inch Nails' song that was released into the public domain so others could remix the tracks. This version has been carefully and masterfully remixed by Didjake to incorporate speeches by Bush, Cindy Sheehan and various anti-war protestors. The samples play off the lyrics as well as the music. The song was taken out of its original melodic context somehwat so it would have broader appeal. Please feel free to share this song with others or host it yourself. We thought this remix was exceptional and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

More information: You can find other download sites and the lyrics to the original Nine Inch Nails' song on Didjake's website.

The Homeland Security Blues
(3.6 MB, running time: 3:50 min.)

This is a really well done big band/swing pop/blues style song that decries the loss of personal privacy and freedom in our country under the guise of Homeland Security. Terrific lyrics with a deft sense of humor - excellent musicianship - and a chorus of backup singers too.

More information: You can find Spartacus Jones' CD with this song and three more great tunes on his website.

The Liar
(2.7 MB, running time: 2:50)

This is another cool anti-Bush folk song, by protest singer/songwriter Yikes McGee.

More on Yikes McGee: Yikes is dedicated to fighting right-wing propaganda, and giving Bush the boot. Yikes has written several other excellent anti-Bush songs that you can also download in mp3 format from his web site. You can also find the lyrics posted there.

The Nightmare of New Orleans
(2.9 MB, running time: 3:02)

 This is a terrific hard-hitting folk song by singer/songwriter, Vic Sadot (pronounced Sa-doc) with lyrics that take on the issues of Bush's incompetence in handling the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina.

More on Vic Sadot: Sadot's lyrics aptly paint the picture of a nation under attack from the real enemy ensconced in government. His songs are an attempt to persuade Bush supporters to wake up and turn against him. Vic Sadot has a new CD called: Broadsides & Retrospectives with anti-Bush/protest music. His music is a brand of brash, hard-hitting folk songs similar to Bob Dylan of the 60's. For Vic Sadot music and sales, please visit: zydecoplanet.com.

The Secret Downing Street Memo
(4.2 MB, running time 4:30)

  This is a very pretty and soulful anti-Bush, anti-war folk song written and performed by John Bourne Harbour. It attacks the lies and deceptions in the run-up to the Iraq war.

More about John Bourne Harbour: John is a writer of poetry and prose, and a philosopher of default living in upstate New York. He records his music on a computer running either Linux or Windows. His music is all home-grown. Please visit his web site for other songs. Most are even available with still frame video.

The Star Spangled Boner
(1.3 MB, running time 1:21)

This is a very clever and humorous anti-war song by the Oakland, CA band: The Sons of Emperor Norton.
"I wanted to use the National Anthem in such a manner as to offset the way the right wing wraps itself in the American flag to somehow justify the United States' aggressive, murderous imperialism as some kind of nationalistic form of patriotism. Maybe by association, it can jar a few citizens attention away from the national pastime and into some kind of constructive awareness and activism." (J. F. Kaline, '05)

More on The Sons of Emperor Norton: This band just released an anthology CD of humorous, progressively-minded political music that combines their vintage-country/Americana songs with the rock/jazz styled tunes of some other bands. This song is one of 23 songs on their CD called: "The Putrid Minds Anthology: Battle Hymns for the Blue States." You can find more information about this band on their web site and you can find more information on their CD at CDBaby.We really think you will appreciate this group as their lyrics are great and so is their musicianship!

The Yellow Stain from Texas
(2.8 MB, running time 3:07)

We can't rave enough about this terrific folk/bluegrass style anti-Bush song by Joe Befumo that's a parody of "The Yellow Rose of Texas". The lyrics are terrific, the musicianship is terrific, and the recording is excellent. You must add this one to your collection and share it with everyone!!

More on The Yellow Stain from Texas: You can find the lyrics to this song, sheet music and a chord sheet on the impeachapalooza.org web site.

There Ain't No Cowboys Anymore
(6.5 MB, running time 5:44)

This is an excellent uptempo bluegrass style song by singer/songwriter/musician, Spartacus Jones who cleverly and correctly claims that if someone like Bush qualifies as a cowboy, there must not be any real ones anymore.

More information: You can find more information about Spartacus Jones, his music, and CDs on his website. Our site also features other songs by Spartacus Jones for free download.

They Lied
(4.3 MB, running time 4:35)

This is a humorous but hard hitting anti-Bush anthem with a fun, upbeat, vaudeville feel to it, written and recorded by popular entertainer, Jay Mankita. This song is a serious indictment of the Bush Administration's lies, the complicity of the media, a short history lesson, and an analysis of similarities between Bush and Capt. James T. Kirk.

More on Jay Mankita and They Lied: Recorded at Mark Dann's Woodstock studio, Mankita plays acoustic guitar and sings, while Dann adds electric bass and a little snare drum. They Lied is one of 10 similarly lighthearted songs on Jay's most recent CD release, Dog's Are Watching Us, also available on Jay's site. Jay is a well known and popular songwriter and entertainer. When not otherwise promoting social and environmental justice, Mankita spends his time performing and teaching songwriting to kids. Pete Seeger, national folk icon, had this to say about Jay: "Come hear this guy...I think he's one of the half dozen best songwriters today". Please visit his website to find information about his music, CDs, or to book his services as an entertainer.

Thief of Baghdad
(3.9 MB, running time 2:39)

This is a very nice anti-war, anti-Bush folk style song with a catchy melody, guitars and harmonies by singer/songwriter Jeff Hellman. Visit Jeff's web site to find more information about him and his music.

Truth Half Diminished
(2.4 MB, running time 4:15)

Here is another exceptional song by Erik Burch of Vancouver, WA. However this one is a soft ballad that is both anti-Bush and anti-war with great vocals and lyrics. You can find more information about Erik and his music and get the lyrics for this song on myspace or visit soundclick to hear this song and others by Erik. If you enjoy this song, download "W Beats the Rap" also by Erik Burch located on this page.

Uncle Bush Wants You
(4.8 MB, running time: 4:01)

This hard rock anti-Bush song is the first single by the Toronto, Canada group, ZEROSCAPE, from their new album called BRAILLE.

More information on ZEROSCAPE and BRAILLE: Their new album, entitled BRAILLE, is now available in stores accross Canada. There is a link on their website to buy the album. They will be doing an East Coast Tour in November to support the release. Tour dates will be posted on the website very soon. They play heavy/alternative music, with a blend of ragga/metal/hip-hop/soul. Melodic and powerful, with a truly unique sound. They creat music with no boundaries, no limits, to speak the truth in this world of fraud. ZEROSCAPE IS FREEDOM. Please visit their website for more information and to order their CD. You can also find the lyrics to this song on our website.

Video Game Soldiers
(3.6 MBh, running time: 3:45)

Video Game Soldiers is an excellent soulful anti-Bush anti-war song sung by Eskit with chorus, who also accompanies himself on piano from his CD called: Impeach Me: Songs That Trash the Busheviks. This song corectly compares the Busheviks to people who play video war games in that both don't have a clue as to the consequences of what a real war is like and neither would participate in one. Our site features two other songs for free download by Eskit: Liar Liar and Kool-Aid Man.

More on Eskit: Eskit has released the above CD with 22 satirical, anti-Bush songs and he also has four other mini-CDs with predominantly anti-war/anti-Bush material. You can hear/download audio files of most of his music by visiting his website.

Votin' for Kerry
(2.7 MB, running time 2:52)

In this pop/rock song, Zoomer and his band inform others why they should vote for John Kerry in the coming election.

More information on Zoomer and Zoomermusic.net: One of the top 100 Albums of '2001, (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Magazine), ZOOMER'S first CD release, Maximum Plastic, got the underground music world buzzing around this electric street poet / avant-garde rock artiste. Visit his website for more information on Zoomer, his music and CDs or to download a copy of this song.

War Crimes W
(2.8 MB, running time: 3:04)

"War Crimes W" is a parody of the Roy Orbison, Joe Melson penned song,"Crying" which was a #2 Top Forty hit for the late Roy Orbison in 1961. Singer-songwriter Ken Swiatek wrote the lyrics and performs this song.

War Criminal George
(2.8 MB, running time: 3:01)

This pop/rock protest song by Jonathan Ellison Sumpton and The Angry Brigade is best described as musical terrorism as in "we know what you're doing, we don't like it and even if the world's media won't spell it out so people can understand, we will".

For more information about Jonathan Sumpton and The Angry Brigade please visit their website. Our website also has the lyrics to this song. You can also download this song and find other stuff by Jonathan at CDBaby.

W Beats the Rap
(3.2 MB, running time: 3:29)

This is a hip-hop song by Erik Burch of Vancouver, WA. The song features great lyrics, music and vocals and is a scathing indictment of the Bush Administration. You can find more information about Erik and his music and get the lyrics for this song on myspace or visit soundclick to hear this song and others by Erik.

Warrior Kin
(4.2 MB, running time 4:30)

An excellent anti-war song by singer-songwriter Eric Anders. It is one of three songs from his EP: Songs for Wayward Days.

More on Eric Anders: Performing Songwriter Magazine describes singer-songwriter Eric Anders' music as "touching on the trance-like ecstasy of David Gray and the deadly seriousness of Nick Drake.... Anders is as engaging a singer and musician as he is writer." You can find more information on Eric Anders and his music by visiting his web site and his blog. We have the lyrics to Warrior Kin posted on our site.

Eric Anders CDs: Warrior Kin is on Eric's 3-song EP: Songs for Wayward Days [2004]. You can read his commentary on all three lyrics. Eric has also released two full CDs: Not at One [2003] and More Regrets [2004]. All of his releases can be purchased at CD Baby.

Wartime President Song
(1.9 MB, running time 2:05)

San Francisco Bay Area mockers/rockers ARIEL perform the "Wartime President Song," a humorous musical biography of our 43rd President. Set to the tune of "This Old Man," the lyrics poke fun at various points in Mr. Bush's life and career. This one is hysterical and well done.

More on ARIEL: A SF Bay Area music tradition since the 1980's, ARIEL features J.J. Jenkins, George Petersen, Walter Bush (no relation!) and Chris LaRocca, and plays original music penned Mssrs. Jenkins and Petersen. This song can be also found on their website.

Waste Me/Emancipate Me
(2.7 MB, running time: 2:50)

Another excellent protest song written, produced and performed by Bill See. This song is also from Bill's new CD called, Union.

More on Bill See: Bill See was formerly the lead singer of the critically acclaimed LA band, Divine Weeks. His CD called Union is an alternative history of the last three years to the one presented by the national media, that became little more than an echo chamber for the Bush administration following 9/11. Union is his first commercially available solo record. Bill wants to make sure the right message gets out through his music.

You can find more information about Bill See by visiting his web site. His CD, Union can be purchased at Miles of Music and you can read a review of it there. You can also find the lyrics to Waste Me/Emancipate Me on topplebush.com.

What Are We Fighting For?
(5.2 MB, running time 3:38)

This song features tight harmonies and terrific musicianship by award winning singer, songwriter and guitarist, Robert Ross and his band from their brand new CD by the same name on Fountainbleu Records. This pop/rock song is a scathing indictment of American foreign policy in Iraq.

About Robert Ross and his band: The Robert Ross band tastefully blend rock 'n' roll, folk, jazz, blues, and gospel to serve up a collection of politically charged songs meant to stir and expand the debate of current American foreign policy. To find more information about the Robert Ross Band and to hear some music clips from their CD, you can visit their website. You can also purchase their new CD, What Are We Fighting For? for $5.00 plus $2.00 shipping from Fountainbleu Entertainment.

About their new CD, What Are We Fighting For?: The Robert Ross Band points us in a direction where we reflect and ponder the government's highly suspiscious actions taken in the aftermath of national tragedy.

In the spirit of Michael Moore's current film, "Fahrenheit 9/11," Robert Ross serves up a collection of politically charged songs meant to stir and expand the debate of current American foreign policy. In doing so, Robert Ross and his band bring powerful emotions and humor to the proceedings, all the while maintaining an uplifting view of healing and cooperation. Rock 'n' roll, folk, jazz, blues, and gospel are tastefully blended together on this impressive and provocative cd.

The record kicks off with the title track, "What Are We Fighting For?" that overflows with black humor. With "One Man One Vote," the Robert Ross Band questions recent election day practices and their implications for our democracy. "Fee Fie Foe Fum" sees an Orwellian domestic agenda and an imperialist foreign policy leading to world domination., "We Are One" closes the disc with a gospel touch, a paean to peace, brotherhood and understanding.

When You're Back on Your Ranch in Texas
(2.9 MB, running time:3:13)

This is an excellent folk song by Tom Pacheco from his 2006 album called "Bloodlines". This song asks questions of Bush about the damage he's done and how he's going to feel when he's out of office and back on his ranch.

More about Tom Pacheco: Tom Pacheco is a masterful song-writer who has toured and recorded in Europe. His playlist contains tunes which address the human situation with tenderness and humor. Please visit his website for more information about his music, current album and past albums.

Where We Are
(6.3 MB, running time: 4:31)

This is a terrific rock protest song with great music and vocals by the LA-based band Feuer ("Fire" in Germany).

More on Feuer: Guitars/Vox: Ralf D., Bass/Back, Vox: Kaizer, Drums/Back Vox: Hirsch are the members of Feuer. Please visit Feuer's website where you can find other mp3s for free download and more information on this band. Where We Are is their first protest song. You can also find the lyrics to Where We Are on this website.

Who Rules the World
(4.5 MB, running time: 3:57)

This is a satirical country and western style tune from Canadian artist, Nathan Sloniowski, from his CD called: No Wicked for the Rest.

More on Nathan Sloniowski: This song is already garnering good reviews, and has led to an invitation to open for the award-winning Rick Fines Trio Feb. 19th at the folkus music series in Canada. The song has also hit a nerve in the US and in Europe. These are Toronto's and the Ottawa Valley's best folk-rockers. Please visit Nathan's website for more information on his music, CD, Rocketchimp Records, and up-coming appearances. We have the lyrics to this song on our website.

Who's Drivin' the Bus?
(3.47 MB, running time approx. 4:20)

This folk style song written and performed by Ralph Stever and his band, Musical Graffiti, with backup vocals by the Ralphetts, details the failings of the Bush Administration quite well. [Note: We edited this song to reduce the file size and running time]

About Musical Graffiti: Musical Graffiti is a band of musical insurgents who find themselves hunkered down within the valleys of Northwest Montana wrestling with both external and internal "Shock and Awe." Their second CD, Who's Drivin' the Bus, is a collection of songs that dance. In many ways Nov. 2nd will shape the future of our fragile planet. Who's Drivin' the Bus asks a critical question that all voters have a need to consider. On their cd you will find the unedited version of The Bus and a collection of songs that seach for solutions for a way out of this rather strange place in history that we find ourselves. Viewers can hear more mp3s from Musical Graffiti and order their CD from CDbaby.com.

W in F Sharp
(5.7 MB )

This pop/rock song was written by Richard Foster, a very talented and provocative songwriter/musician from western New York and recorded with some hot fusion players from NYC. This song comes from Ripe Mango Productions.

About Ripe Mango Productions: Ripe Mango Productions produces innovative music for your listening pleasure. They have another political song called Winds of Change on their website you can also listen to. You can also find the lyrics to W in F Sharp on our website.

Yabba Dubya Doo
(4.8 MB, running time: 5:10)

An excellent anti-Bush song by Steve May

Please visit Steve May's website where you can find the lyrics to this song and a higher quality mp3 of this song to download. Topplebush.com also has the lyrics to Yabba Dubya Doo listed.

(5 MB, running time: 5:16)

With just vocals and guitar, this anti-war ballad by Joe Messanella of Long Lost Home Productions from Amsterdam, addresses the disconnect of the pro-war Bush supporters who never had any intentions to serve or sacrifice knowing that a small minority of 'good folk' would bear the burden.

About Joe Messanella: Please visit his web site, Long Lost Home, for more information.

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