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Letter from Swedes Against Bush
from Michal Kosinski
Swedes Against Bush
November 26, 2003

We, the people of Sweden, are hereby offering our help to remove George Bush's administration from office in the year 2004.

"But hey, doesn't Sweden hate our guts just like the rest of the world?"

First of all, we don't hate you, the American people. We know your country has received a lot of criticism over the last few years, but it was meant as criticism towards your leaders - The Bush Administration! It was never hate, we only stood up and protested against things we didn't like and if you look at the facts, most of you Americans agree with us. You don't want Bush to remain in office! You want him out!

The Swedes and Americans have had a long, caring relationship over this last century. You drive our Saabs, we drive your Fords. You listen to ABBA, we listen to Britney Spears. Thousands of Swedes emigrated to your nation hundred of years ago, in search of a better life. And for that we thank you. But you see, ever since Bush Jr. took office... things have changed. Your government has begun to upset the world more and more and by now we've frankly had enough. Unfortunately, most of the things Bush does affects our lives as well - it's not just you he's screwing!

So, as a way to show our love for democracy, we've created this web page to show you that you are not alone - Scandinavia wants to get rid of Bush as much as you do. There is much to be done before the election in 2004 - we hope you've already begun to work on some plans on how to remove Bush & Co! Unfortunately, us Swedes cannot vote during the election. But instead of just sitting quietly and watching YOU guys doing all the hard work we've decided to do what we can to help you win the election. Ergo this website. http://www.swedesagainstbush.com. This will be a source of information. All the bad things that have happened during Bush's administration will be listed here. We will show you the real reasons behind the Iraqi war, the bombing of Afghanistan, the tax cuts and so on... We cannot decide on who you should vote. The important thing is that you DO vote and that you DON'T vote on Bush. Four more years is more than any living person is willing to accept.

So hit the streets and do your part. We will do ours right here.

Swedes Against Bush


Posted: November 28, 2003


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