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John Buchanan for President 2004 - Take back America, take back the Republican Party
by John Buchanan
November 30, 2003

Please help a working journalist, armed with truth and the facts, take back our country from the big corporations and war profiteers and return the "neo-con" Party of Halliburton to the Party of Lincoln.

Please help get rid of George W. Bush - BEFORE next November.

"Corporations have been enthroned.An era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power will endeavor to prolong its reign by working on the prejudices of the people.until wealth is aggregated in a few hands.and the Republic is destroyed."

-- Abraham Lincoln

What Abraham Lincoln predicted just before his death has come true.

An elite class, consisting of one-quarter of one per cent of the American population, has gained control of the 21st century global economy and reaped billions of dollars in tax-free profits while exporting American jobs overseas and displacing even more U.S. workers with illegal immigrants.

Instead of creating wealth and prosperity in the names of freedom and democracy, the corporate cabal has extracted record profits from transnational financial alliances that exploit indigenous people, developing nations and their precious natural resources.

As a result - and as a bitter irony - anti-American sentiment is on the rise around the world, just as America has accomplished what the Roman Empire also once so proudly enjoyed - undisputed hegemony.

On the domestic front, that unprecedented power has been transformed into The Patriot Act, diminished Constitutional and legal rights, and a foreign policy of "pre-emption" also known as "the Bush doctrine."

Not since Richard Nixon had his finger on the nuclear button at the darkest hours of Watergate has the United States been so threatened by the errant ego of one man - George W. Bush.

It is Bush and he alone who we must now come together to face as a threat to all we believe in and all we will tolerate. It is Bush and he alone who must be the focus of our rage, our efforts, our commitment to peace and equity as "the role model for the free world."

It is because of the way Bush and his "neo-con" cronies have hijacked the country and the Republican Party that you and your friends, neighbors and co-workers must support me - as a stalking horse for you, for truth, for the Constitution - for President in a head-on confrontation, as a Republican, with Bush, his failed policies and his lies.

Earthsite.org. This is not a traditional political campaign, nor can its aspirations be constrained to the parameters of politics. It is a social justice movement, led by a journalist and a core group of supporters who include the 88-year-old founder of Earth Day and The Minute for Peace (1963), John McConnell (www.earthsite.org ), whose friends have included 39 Nobel laureates and former UN Secretary General U Thant.

twf.org. Another of my key advisers is Mr. Enver Masud, founder and CEO of The Wisdom Fund (www.twf.org ), a post-9/11 Muslim education foundation in Washington.

My grass-roots campaign includes Republicans, Democrats and Independents, and Christians, Muslims and Jews. My core support cuts across the entire political spectrum.

We must come together now with one voice, one mission, one tactic - to expose the sitting President of the United States as a liar who took the nation to war and sacrificed American lives to satisfy his corporate patrons like The Carlyle Group, for which ex-President George Herbert Walker Bush is a "paid adviser" making millions in profits from his traitorous dealings with the Saudi royal family - the world's #1 supporters of state-sanctioned terrorism.

Will you help me bring to light - as journalist and Presidential candidate - the Bush family's betrayal of their country? Will you help me expose the current President for what he is?

Why Should My Candidacy be Taken Seriously?

America is at a turning point, and our future will largely be determined by two issues:

1) What is to be the U.S.'s role in the world as the "only unopposed superpower?"

2) Will we choose to create an equitable society in "the global village"?

If those are indeed the considerations that will determine our national destiny, then I offer the only new ideas and detailed proposals for change - FROM EITHER PARTY.

My platform consists of three key points:

1) Breaking the corporate stranglehold on government and politics,

2) Ending the secret war profiteering by former government officials, and

3) Reforming the media to accomplish a better informed electorate

johnbuchanan.org. More detail on my positions is available at my Web site - www.johnbuchanan.org.

There will be more new ideas, fresh policy concepts, and position papers put forth in the days ahead.

PLEASE take the time to visit my site and make a contribution of at least $20. For those of you who can give more, please do so. For those of you who can contribute the maximum of $2,000, please do so.

We need every cent we can get to expose and defeat George W. Bush. The primary election cycle, against him head-on as a Republican, is the only way it can be done.

Please make a contribution right now and then send this message along to your personal e-mail address book and ask your friends, neighbors and peers to do the same.

Thank you, and please believe in miracles.

John Buchanan, Journalist & Investigative Reporter

Miami Beach, Florida

December 1, 2003

We also need Volunteers in New Hampshire, California and Florida.

Please call (305) 535-9606 or e-mail jtwg@bellsouth.net.

Thanks again for your support.


Q&A: 'Bush-Nazi' journalist explains his improbable GOP Presidential run to "stop Bush"

by Omar Suarez

John Buchanan is the investigative reporter who went to The National Archives and Library of Congress in September 2003 to confirm the existence of U.S. government documents that prove the 27 years of Bush family Nazi collaboration via German industrialist Fritz Thyssen. Mr. Buchanan's work first appeared in The New Hampshire Gazette, founded in 1756 and the oldest newspaper in America, beginning October 10. It has since been reported on six continents via Associated Press, major world newspapers, and more than 100 Web sites.

As a result of his recent work, Mr. Buchanan has been drafted to run for President of the United States, head-on against George W. Bush as a Republican, by John McConnell, the 88-year-old founder of Earth Day and The Minute for Peace (1963), whose friends have included 39 Nobel laureates and UN Secretary General U Thant. "Mr. Buchanan has the kind of courage and conviction that can really change the world," says Mr. McConnell. "He has a real vision, based on new ideas that deserve debate."

Mr. Buchanan, 53 and a native of Virginia, is on the ballot for the January 27 New Hampshire Republican primary. He says he expects to be on the ballot in at many as a dozen states, including California and Florida in early March. More information is available at www.johnbuchanan.org.

What qualifies you to run for President?

I'm a respected and nationally published journalist, with 33 years of experience in the biggest media markets in the country, covering politics, government, business, the arts - you name it. A reporter's job is to sort out the facts and report the truth. That gives you a unique sort of qualification, I think. My only goal, which half the U.S. population shares, is to get rid of Bush as soon as possible, preferably during the primaries.

What facts or truth are you running on?

Based on what I discovered in reporting the "Bush-Nazi" stories - that war profiteering, plain and simple, has been an elite secret society within U.S. economy for a century and that members of the Bush family have been right in the middle of it the whole time - I have come to the realization that much of America's post-Cold War foreign policy is based on the greed of the military-industrial complex, not the best interests of the people or the world. Iraq is the perfect example.

How is that?

The entire run-up to war was based on lies, disinformation and propaganda, not just from Bush but from every senior member of his administration. Vice President Cheney twisted the arm of the CIA to an unprecedented extent to get the "intelligence" he wanted, in order to justify a bogus invasion that toppled a UN-recognized government and cost more than 400 American lives, as well as thousands of civilian lives. It was done to satisfy the business interests of the neo-con hawks - and secret Bush family defense industry interests like The Carlyle Group, Engineered Support Systems and BioPort, to name a few.

What's your solution to the Iraq situation?

I will bring the troops home within one year - period. I'll turn the job of reconstructing Iraq over to the UN, the World Bank, the IMF and the people of Iraq. The country will join the long list of developing nations. It's up to Iraqis to progress in the name of democracy and commerce. They have their chance.

How do you propose to stop war profiteering?

First, you have to make it illegal for any former government official or Washington insider to work as a paid "consultant" to a for-profit defense contractor, whose sole responsibility should be the national security of the United States. Those relationships prompt terrible conflicts of interest - the situation with Saudi Arabia and Daddy Bush, via Carlyle Group being a classic and dangerous current example.

Why is that?

Saudi Arabia is the #1 supporter of state-sanctioned terrorism, via the royal family and their highest ranking supporters. Saudi Arabia has been a supporter of Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda since its inception. Andrea Mitchell reported on NBC News in early September that the Saudis met face to face with bin Laden before and after 9/11 and that they paid money to some of the 9/11 hijackers and paid protection money to Al Qaeda.

Why has the White House never spoken out about that? Why has Bush not demanded that the Saudis stop their support of Wahabbi-based terror? The answer is that the Bush family has profited enormously from its unknown and unreported relationship with the Saudis and the bin Ladens for 20 years. It's fact. It can be confirmed with documentation. But nobody in the "mainstream" press will touch that story.

How else would you end war profiteering?

There has to be complete "transparency" in the defense contracting and aerospace industries. In instances where the relevant information must be classified, I would have a Congressional subcommittee in each house of Congress oversee all defense and aerospace contracts and contractors, then have their reports audited by the GAO before being released to the public semi-annually and annually. The people have a right to know where their tax dollars are going and why.

You say you have a plan for getting corporate interests out of politics. How will you do that?

Number one, make it illegal for corporations and business entities to contribute to candidates or political parties. Number two, ban political action committees (PACs). Number three, outlaw professional lobbying. If you want to lobby, you can buy your own ticket and sit on Capitol Hill on your own time to tell your representatives what you want. It shouldn't be done by billion dollar corporations. People shouldn't earn a million dollars a year doing it.

Isn't lobbying a free speech issue?

Absolutely not. That's a myth spun by the corporations. Corporations have no Constitutional rights. They are artificial entities, created by public charter, at the will of the people. Only people have rights. Now we need to exercise those rights to return government to the people - take it back from the corporations and global special interests.

Do you really think Republicans will vote for you in the primaries?

We'll find out in New Hampshire, I guess. That's our "do or die" state. It also happens to be our first state. I'm just going up there and talking to people and telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, as a journalist. That's all I can do. I have to trust destiny - and the Internet. No matter what, I had a living legend who knew Edward Teller and Margaret Mead ask me to run for President. To a freelance journalist, that in itself is a major victory if you ask me. I have nothing to lose. And I just might win. In 1976, there was this unknown peanut farmer from Georgia who went to New Hampshire. His name was Jimmy Carter.

Do you think you really have anything in common with Jimmy Carter?

We were both once unknowns. It remains to be seen whether I stay unknown.

Posted: December 1, 2003


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