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Questions and Comments to Donald Rumsfeld About The Reasons for Going to War
by John Wilson, guest contributor for topplebush.com
July 10, 2003

Excerpt from Senate hearing (pertaining to the Bush administration's reasons for going to war in Iraq):

Near the end of the hearing, Rumsfeld responded to the senators' lectures with a short lecture of his own.

"I think we have to get some perspective on this and put this in context and think back in history," he said. "This takes time. . . . We need to have some patience."

Here are my questions and comments to Mr. Rumsfeld:

Dear Mr Rumsfeld,

"Were you lying sir when you assured us that the Hussein Government not only possessed but was intending on using weapons either through terrorists or their own deployment such as drone aircraft?

Because now, you state that this was NEVER the intent. That it was all seen "Through the prism of 911."

I say sir that you are a LIAR - that you have purposefully deceived the American public and its media to achieve an agenda you, Mr. Abrams, Mr Wolfowitz, and Mr. Kristol have proposed since 1997 when your group formed the New American Century organization. That, your agenda may well have been (in part) an effort to make amends for your involvement with the same regime during your tenure in the Reagan administration when you repeatedly visited and supported that administration and it's war crimes.

My last question to you sir is this: "What can you say that will convince us that you are not lying now?"

by John Wilson

© 2003 Topplebush.com
July 10, 2003


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