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by R. J. Crane, editor topplebush.com

January 23, 2006

Is there anything the Democrats could do now that would even be bolder and more courageous than Al Gore's exceptional speech detailing a Constitutional crisis brought on by Bush's illegal wiretapping? The answer is a resounding: Yes! The Democrats in Congress could all walk out in tandem right before Bush is ready to deliver his State of the Union address on January 31, 2006. This event would forever be called or spun by the Democrats as "The Day the Democrats Stood up for Democracy."

Topplebush.com has been urging its viewers to call their elected Democratic representatives to take this courageous action in protest of the corrupt dishonest Bush regime.

This bold and aggressive display of protest will demonstrate to the entire world that the Democratic Party is now ready to lead our country out of the Constitutional crisis Bush has created with his blatantly illegal wiretapping and his snubbing of the 4th Amendment of our Constitution and the separation of powers doctrine so vital to a functioning Democracy. If Bush is allowed to bend and twist the laws of our country to seize unlimited and unchecked power unto himself, our Democracy is finished and a very bad precedent will have been set and solidified for future presidents to be able to do the same.

Volumes could be written about the horrendous policies, incompetence, and corruption coming out of the current administration. Numerous U.S. laws, international treaties, and UN rules that legally bind the United States could be cited as willfully violated, ignored, or dismantled by the Bush Administration. The list is too long and it is not my intention here to rehash all of these items again. The selling of the Iraq War based on lies, "cooked" intelligence and known discredited intelligence about WMDs and the systematic authorized use of torture against various held captives - too often resulting in death - should have been enough to impeach Bush and try him as a war criminal. However, we will have to rely on his illegal spying to do this instead. Why? Because it is the most obvious and easiest illegal action of the Bush Administration to prove with laws that are quite unambiguous on this issue.

The cold hard truth Americans must come to realize is this: Bush is a bald-faced liar and a criminal. He has severely divided our country. He has broken the laws of our country by illegally wiretapping ordinary citizens without a court order all the while denying his Administration was doing this. He also boldly claims he will continue to break these laws challenging Congress to stop him. His arrogance and defiance of our Constitution cannot be tolerated. Bush has violated his oath of office and the reasons for this don't matter and shouldn't matter. Every criminal has a reason for doing what they did.

The Democrats must start treating Bush as the common criminal he has become while acting as President. Bush deserves no loyalty, no respect, and no deference because of his office. The Democrats must show that they respect our Constitution and body of laws more than they do Bush or his title as President.

We cannot afford again to watch Democrats sitting quietly in their seats while Republicans cheer on cue every sentence of Bush's well choreographed SOTU performance. These images are stale and boring and have no impact. In fact the Democrats shouldn't even be at the SOTU address since Bush only speaks before supporters in media managed performances ala the selling of social security. The Democrats should not allow themselves to be used as wallpaper at another Bush orchestrated performance. The Democrats should not acknowledge this political theatre and charade by their presence. The Democrats should no longer be able to stomach to hear Bush speak to them. They must know by now all they will hear are the same lies, evasive spin, and misleading information from someone who isn't qualified to hold any real job let alone lead a country like the U.S. The Democrats don't need to pretend they care what Bush has to say or that what he says matters...because it doesn't. Who is being fooled by any of this?

A SOTU walkout is THE PERFECT WAY Democrats can show their courage in resisting this corrupt and morally bankrupt Administration. It will also take all of the media attention away from Bush, which can only be positive.

The Bush Administration through its lies, incompetence, and criminal behavior has demonstrated repeatedly that it is not capable of leading our country and cannot be trusted to lead our country anymore. Will the Democrats walkout on Bush at SOTU and tell the world that they can't stand it anymore either?

Posted: January 23, 2006

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