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Now Might be the Perfect Time for the Dems to Play the "Nazi Card"
by R. J. Crane, Topplebush editor
August 29, 2003

People who have studied the "real Bush family" record, NOT the one written by family biographers, know the Bushies have been notorious for playing the "Race Card" to scare voters away from their opponents, especially when necessary to win tight elections. Prime examples of this are: The Willie Horton campaign -- a negative and deceptive campaign using race to destroy Dukakis in the South and elsewhere, approved by G. H. W. Bush at Kennebunkport with help from Roger Ailes (now the head of Fox News, who was a media consultant back then), Robert Teeter, a well known pollster, and Lee Atwater, a notorious practitioner of negative campaigning and major scumbag, who has thankfully done everyone a big favor by passing away. This "race baiting" strategy was hatched over Memorial Day 1988 when the latest Gallup Poll showed Bush trailing Dukakis by 53 to 38 percent with Dukakis rising in the polls and Bush plunging (Sleepwalking Through History, America During the Reagan Years, by Pulitzer Prize winning author Haynes Johnson, pp. 394-403). More recently, there was the Pat Robertson/Christian Coalition backed attempt funded by Bush supporters during the 2000 campaign primaries in South Carolina where leaflets were distributed highlighting McCain¹s adoption of a black baby and phone calls were made and emails sent to thousands of voters in South Carolina informing them that McCain had an illegitimate black baby (implying he had fathered a black baby out of wedlock), when Bush was trailing McCain in the race for the Republican Presidential nomination having lost the important New Hampshire primary (The Clinton Wars, by Sidney Blumenthal, p. 721). McCain accused Bush of dirty politics after losing in South Carolina. There is no doubt we can expect more of this crap during the 2004 elections if Bush is in a tight race to hold onto the job he stole from the voters in 2000..

Many commentators and journalists have already written serious protest pieces about the Bush Administration often comparing it to fascism, Hitler or the Nazi Party. We have a good one by Sheldon Wolin on our website you can read. So now might be the perfect time to drive home the linkage between the Bush family, family money and the Nazis. You can be sure the Bush family would use something like this if they had the chance. Also the timing couldn't be better. With Arnold Schwarzenegger running for Governor of California, the media spotlight is all over his father's Nazi past digging for information on what role Arnold's father might have played as a Nazi Storm Trooper. Shouldn't they love another juicy Nazi story that stuck to the President? And how can they make an issue of Arnold's Nazi father and ignore Bush's Nazi-dealing grandfather? That wouldn't be fair now, would it?

This country cannot afford four more years of the Bush administration no matter how dirty and low the Dems need to sink to defeat him. But bringing up Bush's Nazi past wouldn't sink anywhere as low as past Bush politicing because at least it would be the truth. Basically it has come to this no matter how much we abhor this type of politicing. Now might be the perfect time to enlighten and scare the voting public into correcting their thinking about the Bush family. So let's beat the Bush - Rove team to the punch and play the Nazi Card! Let the truth set us all free! Let's have a Nazi re-awakening and expose the Bush family fortune for what it is: A fortune made by helping the Hitler regime. I would bet anything most voters haven't a clue as to how the Bush family fortunes were made during WWII and Prescott Bush's (George's grandfather's) role in helping to fund the Nazis.

Exactly what is this link between the Nazis and the Bush family? Topplebush has two excellent articles detailing these family ties: A Nazi in the (Pocket) is worth four in the Bush and, Prescott Bush and the Financing of the Third Reich. Please read them if you would like more information about this issue.

If the 1988 and 2000 Presidential elections taught us anything it should have been that clean campaigns against the Bush family will only get you a seat on the sidelines.

© 2003 Topplebush.com
August 29, 2003


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