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The Killing Of Ayatollah Hakim - Now It Will All Explode
by Sam Hamod

Now Iraq will explode and Paul Bremer will be lucky if he escapes with his life, as will some of our top brass in Iraq. The killing of Ayatollah Hakim was a major catastrophe for the Iraqi people, but it will be an even larger one for the West, especially the US and UK, along with Israel.

Many American media people are already saying it was the Saddam people, or the Sunni or someone among the Shiía who killed Hakim. But anyone who knows the reality of the situation in Iraq knows that the Sunni and Shi'a were united on driving the US/UK out of Iraq; also, that though there was infighting among the Shi'a for power, none would have killed Hakim for this argument.

But who stands to gain from the death of a uniting leader in Iraq, especially a Shi'a leader? We have to look at this like a murder mystery and put together the circumstantial evidence because we may never get the true, hard evidence to examine for forensic purposes of the truth.

Obviously, America, the UK and Israel, because he'll be out of the way and there is no other leader with his charisma, following, intelligence or will-power to lead the Iraqi people. None of the American appointed puppets have a chance for leadership, the Chalabi crowd especially; they too will be lucky if they come out alive.

Knowing the Iraqi Shi'a this well, I can tell you they will be more militant than before, they will be more daring and even youngsters will be involved in coming after the US/UK/Israeli nexus. Suicide bombers will be seen not only in Palestine, but now more so in Iraq and perhaps in other countries as they attack US/UK and Israeli sites, in retaliation for this killing.

The fact that Ayatollah Hakim was killed in the Holy City of Najaf, the seat of Shi'aism, on a day of prayer, a day when his qhutbah (sermon) was about unity among Iraqis in order to drive the Americans out, will make him a major martyr in the tradition of Ali, Hussein, something not seen for over a thousand years. Hakim's martyrdom will drive many others toward martyrdom in the cause of Iraqi freedom.

Though some of the American media paint Hakim as being in the U.S. camp, most Shi'a knew better; he was patient, playing out a game in order to get time and organization to drive the Americans out of Iraq. He knew this, as did the Mossad and the Americans, but they all played at an amicable surface until today's attack.

Unfortunately, the U.S. has been allowing the Israeli Mossad and military men to help train American troops and even Bremer and his agents; this has the smell of the same type of assassinations as are being done in Palestine. Israel believes that if you cut off the head of a group, they will run away and youíll be done with it. But this is not how things will work in Iraq or even in Palestine. The more leaders you kill, the more new ones will pop up and fight, but without any relief or belief that peace can be achieved without armed conflict. So we will see more armed conflict, but on Iraqi terms, in the streets, in the alleys, on open terrain -- and it will be brutal. America will be the loser for having listened to the brutal ways of the Mossad and Israelis.

Had we behaved decently and never gone into Iraq, we would have been better off. But now that we are there, it has been a mistake to brutalize the people as we've been doing in the past few months. If we truly wanted peace and reform, we should have tried to work with the people's leaders instead of trying to kill them, to break into their homes, threaten them and their families.

I have no doubt in my mind that the circumstantial evidence points only in one direction, toward the US/UK/Israeli nexus; not toward any Iraqi group. The Iraqis, as I pointed out earlier had begun working together to oust the US/UK/Israeli groups. But the US/UK/Israeli groups are the only ones that felt they could benefit from the disposal of Hakim. Some may point at the Kurds, but they are too noticeable to have a strong presence around Karbala or Najaf and would have been known from their behavior and accents. Some might also say, perhaps the Muslims did this to create a martyr. I don't buy this because there are already enough dead in Iraq already, but it is true that Hakim will be a major martyr -- the largest since the killing of Hussein, Ali's son back in the early days of Islam.

On the other hand, you can be sure the American media and their false 'experts' will be pointing their fingers everywhere except at the truth. They will be pointing their fingers at the Sunni, the Shi'a and the Saddam people, as I said earlier, but don't you believe it because it is the kind of lie they want you to believe.

Unfortunately, I predict all hell will break loose in Iraq, and possibly in other parts of the Muslim and non-Muslim worlds wherever US/UK and Israeli interests are represented.

This is a most unfortunate event, nothing good will come of it. ----

Sam Hamod is an expert on Islam and the Muslim World; he is the former Director of the Islamic Center of Washington, DC; advisor to the U.S. State Department; Editor of Third World News (in DC); edits www.todaysalternativenews.com He may be reached at shamod@cox.net

© 2003 Topplebush.com
September 4, 2003


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