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What's the Next Big Lie?
by Inanna Jonze, guest contributor for topplebush.com
July 11, 2003

'They' are testing the American public for our mendacity tolerance - and we are passing their tests, probably even beyond their wildest dreams, with all the flying miasmic colors of our current narcoleptic pass-me-a-bud state.

Bubba lied about sex. I know, you think that doesn't matter. But what DID matter was that the person we are supposed to trust, the leader of the Free (hah!) World, who is in charge of our once beloved country, and who has his finger on that button-thingy --- blatantly in-our-face flat-out LIED to us.

That broke a barrier, mystical and subliminal as it might seem, and let them know they could push us even further. So...we got past that one, forgave poor ol' lovable-child-abused Bubba. Hey, everybody wants a....

Next test: Fearless Leader lies about something a little more important than sex - something that cost the lives of 1000s of Iraqi people and hundreds of Americans too impoverished to find any other way of life; while it also achieved the goal of making most of the world hate us, lined the pockets of the fat cats in the Carlyle Group, and left deadly uranium toxic dust with its lingering promise of cancer over an entire country forever.

So....what's next America? How much empire-caca will we eat? We've passed both of their mendacity tests so far and most have sunk back into consumer complacency. We must shop...we must consume...The war is over. Right.

You tell me: What's the next BIG lie? It has to be even bigger than the last one... What's it going to be...?

Inanna Jonze

© 2003 Topplebush.com
July 11, 2003


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