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Goodbye, Asshole
A fond farewell to the "Mission Accomplished" man

by Bryan Zepp Jamieson
January 14, 2009

Watching Putsch prance around trying to put lipstick on his failed presidency (an action akin to bronzing a turd) is both funny and sad. It's bad enough that despite everything that has happened over the past eight years, one in four Americans still think he was a good President. "Bob" once said that "If you consider how dumb a person with an IQ of 100 is, then ponder that by definition half the population is dumber than THAT!" Figure you can spot the dumbest 25% by the Bush stickers on their cars.

You look at the Putsch supporters, and you think of Detroit Lions fans. Yes, the team did go 0-16 this year, and there weren't many bright spots. But where the Lions have it over Putsch is that you can at least hope that the team will do better next year. Supporting Putsch at this point is a bit like supporting the Cleveland Spiders, a long-defunct major league baseball team that suffered the ignominy of compiling the worst record in major league history. As with Putsch, who was given a country that was at peace, had budget surpluses and no problems bigger than Clinton's zipper, the Cleveland Spiders were contenders who traded away all their talent, including some pitcher named Cy Young, and went 20-134 the following year. They were 84 games out of first place, 35 games out of next-to-last. They were so bad they got traded to the American League.

Did Putsch even have 20 wins? I've been trying to think of bright spots in his presidency, and about all I could come up with was his fight against AIDs in Africa. I applauded his move into Afghanistan to capture bin Laden, but that ended the minute I realized the fool planned to stay and occupy the country. Just like Alexander. Just like England. Just like the Soviet Union. England beat the odds: they survived the attempt.

AIDs in Africa. A good thing on his part, surely. But that was all I could come up with. The rest of his eight years were just one protracted cringe of humiliation and shame for Americans and all of America's friends.

There was 9/11. He reacted exactly like a schoolyard bully who just got gobsmacked, blinking in utter disbelief, at a total loss, and then picking himself up and running away. Who can forget his frantic race around the country in AF1, hopscotching from one imagined point of safety to another, until finally, three days later, he realized it was safe to bluster and then, and only then, went to ground zero to shout defiance at a foe who had already walked away, laughing?

And the party dirtbags who put that stammering, shiftless idiot in the White House didn't waste any time exploiting 9/11. The first thing they did was call for a tax cut for the rich. Less than two weeks after 9/11, I wrote that this was "the sort of sickening tackiness that so often accompanies right wing sanctimony and ignorance. Unfortunately, it isn't limited to the trashiest lower reaches of the right. While Democrats in the House and Senate were setting differences aside – even the matter of the fact that Putsch stole the election – Republicans, with a whoop, were taking advantage of the war fever, patriotism, and confusion to push as hard as they could for their various pet projects.

The rich white trash at the Wall Street Journal kissed off all their dead comrades with unseemly haste and gloated in an editorial that ‘the bloody attacks have created a unique political moment when Americans of all stars and stripes are uniting behind their president.'...Accordingly, the $40 billion ‘anti terror' bill that Putsch is requesting comes loaded with all sorts of GOP wet dreams. It includes $8 billion for ‘Star Wars,' particularly ludicrous given that this pie-in-the-sky scheme would never have stopped the terrorist attack two weeks ago. It comes with a capital gains tax cut. Six thousand, five hundred people are dead, and the very least we can do for the grieving rich is give them a free ride on the backs of our society, permanently. After all, rich people are deeper, and grieve more. Those of us who aren't rich should give them special breaks. John Ashcroft, the American equivalent of the Taliban, wanted to resurrect the Alien and Sedition act."

I already had deep doubts about the patriotism and honest of Putsch and the GOP after the election debacle nine months before. This cemented my opinion, never changed, that Putsch and the GOP are cowardly, vicious liars and thieves who would happily gut America and steal all they could.

Subsequent events proved me right.

We know that Putsch lied us into Iraq. We knew it at the time. I remember laughing at Colin Powell for his shameful presentation to the UN, trying to pretend that an adobe building with no running water and only a Honda generator for electricity was a sophisticated bio-weapons lab. I mocked a clown who emailed me every day, swearing up and down that the fact that Saddam had anodized aluminum was proof he was building hundreds of centrifuges. I argued with buffoons in Michael Savage baseball hats who claimed Saddam was behind 9/11, and/or an ally of Osama bin Laden.

Then came the speech to a joint session of Congress, a call to arms. I watched this vapid little disgrace stammer through mawkish and calculated lines, eyes shifting about to gauge the effect of his words, and swooning reporters called the speech "Churchillian." Like anyone raised in Britain, I found the comparison insulting. Churchill offered Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat. Putsch offered tax cuts for the rich, the Patriot Act, and advised everyone to keep shopping.

The war started, with carpet-bombing of a modern city that had done America no harm glorified as "Shock and Awe." That 70% of Americans cheered this showed us all, especially Putsch, that America was ready to begin a hard and nasty descent from its position as greatest nation on earth.

Guantanamo. Extraordinary Rendition. The Dixie Chicks. Bill Maher. Abu Ghraib. Patriot II. A vast swindle in which the government was forbidden to negotiate drug prices with the big pharmaceuticals. Dick Cheney's secret meetings with oil, coal, and energy industry reps, followed by Enron and then hundreds of other energy scandals. Inviting the churches in to oversee public largess and claim credit for same.

It kept getting worse. Blackstone and Ohio. The effort to privatize Social Security. Amnesty for telecoms caught out spying on the American people for the government. The Libby commutation. The US District Attorneys scandal. The efforts to politicize the science agencies.

And the lies. The endless, stupid, self-serving lies, dutifully massaged and spread by a supine and obedient media.

Well, in a week Putsch will be gone, and I personally look forward to the day when I read in the paper that the son of a bitch got run over by a milk truck.

In the meantime (and this is intended as no insult to the Detroit Lions), it turns out that hapless NFL team does have one thing in common with America: the next season cannot possibly be worse.

Posted: January 20, 2009

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