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Do Liberals Really Hate the United States?
by David Pakman, editor
August 10, 2004

The flavor of the week, so to speak, is that those who consider themselves liberals/Democrats, are planning on voting for John Kerry, do not approve of President Bush, are against the war on Iraq, or thought that Fahrenheit 9/11 was a good documentary are un-American, unpatriotic, and "hate" the United States. This idea is thrown around on political television and radio shows, and books have even been written about it, such as Daniel Flynn's Why the Left Hates America (2002). The entire premise is preposterous, and the origins of the idea are hard to pin down, but maybe we can take steps towards determining how it began. In the end, logic will tell us that the entire argument, however, is flawed.

There are several misconceptions which caused this inaccurate perception to propagate itself across the country. I have been told liberals are not angry about the 9/11 attacks because they don't believe that Iraq was responsible for/involved in the 9/11 attacks. We now know that in fact Iraq was NOT involved in the attacks. Liberals are mad about the attacks, but they are mad at those who perpetuated the crimes, not Iraq. In the most fundamental realm of thought possible, you do not punish those who did not commit the crime.

The next misconception is that "liberals opposed the war, so they liked Saddam Hussein." Again, this could not be further from the truth. No one will deny Saddam Hussein was a vile dictator, and no one is upset that has been captured. Without getting into the arguments regarding the premises under which we entered the war, the bottom line is, no logically-thinking person would say that Saddam being captured is a bad thing and that he should be free.

Now we come to one of the most bizarre, unreasonable, and illogical arguments I have heard regarding this matter. This is the idea that those who do not support the President in his views and decisions are unpatriotic, particularly in times of war. Is it being suggested that everyone should agree with whatever the President says, believes, and does? This seems to go against the very foundation upon which our system is built. We have a multi-party system; a multi-belief system; a multi-candidate system. The belief that everyone should be behind one candidate can be likened to a dictatorship, where it is not alright to have opinions and ideals against those in charge. Our country is the way it is today because people have disagreed in the past. If the same lack of blind faith being misconstrued into un-American sentiment had not shown itself in the past, this country may never have gained its independence.

The reasons for not supporting this war on Iraq aren't un-American. In fact, they could not be more patriotic. Is wanting to maintain the United States as a flagship for right thinking, logical leadership, and respect unpatriotic? Is the desire to keep our troops out of harm's way unless it is absolutely, unconditionally, and imminently necessary the sentiment of someone who hates America? Are the requests to go after those who have actually committed crimes against the United States, its people, and its land, and to capture and bring to trial those behind these actions un-American?

Logically, the argument is flawed in a blindingly flagrant way. Those who want President Bush out of office, want to remove him from power because they do not feel he is good for the country. The contention that someone who believes one candidate would be better for the country than another hates America is shameful and shocking. Personally, if I hated this country, I could not care less who is President, I would certainly not be voting, and I would not be in the least bit concerned with who we attack, why we attack them, or how many of our soldiers are killed securing Fallujah, or in a firefight in Tikrit. Does this make liberals un-American? If so, the future is not looking promising.

Posted: August 14, 2004


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