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by E. Ted Gladue
August 10, 2004

Does anyone take the time to just look at the dictionary ... to discover that the Bush administration has distorted one of the most sacred terms of the political history of the world. Ph.D. dissertations in Political Science have been written on "Sovereignty" and is at the core of the subject itself, but I can not believe that the concept has been so distorted, bent, and raped by an administration trying to distort a pullout...yes "pullout"...from an Iraq quagmire no less a failure than our rooftop withdrawal from Vietnam.

Sovereignty means total contol, not a little control. It would be like the British leaving troops on our American soil after we beat them. Like a woman in a modern society who does not have "sovereign" control over her body...not to have her sacred place mutilated in some primitive ritual, or a husband who purchased her from her father. You are sovereign when you have total control over your self and your space. At the time of our constitutional convention in l987, would we have been sovereign if we had 130,000 British troops roaming America?

I have always believed at the invasion of Iraq was dumb, and my heart bleeds for every American family who has lost a precious family member. It was not a miscalculation. It was a calculated personal, very psychic, attempt by our President to right a personal wrong...Saddam's attempt to assassinate Bush senior.

But to say that we are turning over "Sovereignty" is a personal affront to every intelligent, thinking person in America. The mission has failed. To rationalize that the violence has increased in proportion to the days left to turnover on June 30th is not only a rationalization of the failure, but an out and out lie. The Bush administration, and those close in like the vice-president, defense, advisors etc have put such a spin on this failure that most of the public are buying it, including the media (most likely why this essay will not be published...until I publish it on the net).

We have not only failed in creating a democratic Iraq, but the violence created now has a life of its own that will come to haunt not just us, but our grandchildren for decades to come. When President Bush and his administration talk about turning over "sovereignty," what they are really talking about is running away from the worst violence imaginable in the most volatile region of the world.

Bush has put our young men and women in the most indefensible and horrible conflict of any American president in our history. They are more exposed to death than the crusaders of ancient history, for even then the notorious "fedeyeen" did not have such easy targets. The distortion of the English language by calling our withdrawl and retreat the turnover of "sovereignty" will not make our young men and women any safer, but perhaps put then in an ever more dangerous zone, a killing zone.

E. Ted Gladue, a novelist and freelance journalist with an office in Gloucester City.

Posted: August 14, 2004


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