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Letter to Some U.S. Senators and House Members
from Burt Hall
August 20, 2004

Dear Senators Daschle, Reid, Biden, Byrd, Clinton, Corzine, Dorgan, Graham, Kennedy, Levin, and Rockefeller and Representatives Pelosi, Hoyer, Meehan, Menendez and Wexler:

President Bush is vulnerable on a host of issues. But, he has managed somehow to escape responsibility through various means. There is one issue, however, where Bush cannot possibly escape responsibility, if only you will pursue the matter to its ultimate conclusion.

First, you must do some homework. Please read carefully (1) the 9-11 report (especially the "Blinking Red" chapter), (2) the enclosed article on pre-9-11 presidential leadership and (3) the enclosed open letter to Senators Kerry and Edwards. You will find incontrovertible evidence of presidential negligence in the months and weeks leading up to 9-11. You will also find out why the Commission did not address this matter and how it got off on the wrong track which avoided the issue.

The Commission's omission of any presidential responsibility has already been challenged by David Ignatius in a Washington Post article and by Richard Clarke in a New York Times op-ed piece.

The bottom line is that the combination of expert advice and intelligence received by the President before 9-11 should have led to only one conclusion: Meet with the heads of agencies, put the country in a crisis mode and make it as difficult as possible for terrorists to succeed.

We will never know whether 9-11 could have been prevented. On the other hand, both the history of terrorism and recent intelligence suggested hijacking. Knowledge of the targets and timing of the attack was not essential, as the White House contends. All the Administration had to do was protect against hijacking of commercial aircraft -- just that one thing.

As shown in the enclosed material, Bush was clearly derelict before 9-11, evaded any responsibility, fought against creation of an investigative commission for a year and then stonewalled it for another year. As just one of many examples of stonewalling, the Commission finally got (after months of denial) limited access to Bush's intelligence briefings but only after threatening him with a subpoena.

Bush's negligence eventually will be found in our history books -- too late for election 2004. Will Bush be held accountability when it counts? Or, will Bush again be permitted to escape? It's up to you.

Posted: August 23, 2004


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