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It's George's Turn: The media scrutinized John Kerry's military service yet hardly examined George Bush's military history
by Stewart Nusbaumer
Intervention Magazine
August 27, 2004

The media scrutinized John Kerry's military service yet hardly examined George Bush's military history; it's time for a change. By Stewart Nusbaumer "What is good for the goose is good for the gander," the adage claims. But our media does not believe this is true for the two presidential candidates. It claims what is good for John Kerry is not good for George Bush.

For a month, John Kerry the Vietnam veteran has been raked over the political coals and fried on the talk shows. Under the cover of "journalistic excellence"--which makes as much sense as "military intelligence"--Kerry has been trashed and slammed, called a liar and a fake, and deemed undeserving of his combat medals.

In the hungry pursuit of ratings, the media has been the enthusiastic conveyor of this ugly nonsense, insisting that crap is "news," that innuendoes and falsehoods are analysis and even facts. Yet, those few journalists who have seriously investigated John Kerry's past have not found any truth to these wild accusations of the swift boat veterans--zilch evidence to substantiate that Kerry is a fake and a liar. But the media assault goes on.

Now, isn't it time to move on to George Bush? In the name of fairness and balance, something we have heard a lot about, isn't it time for the media to seriously investigate George Bush's military service? For those who are not ideological stooges, the answer is clearly "Yes."

These are the questions, limited to only three, that I would ask George Bush:

1) Since you were a strong supporter of the Vietnam War, and during that war the U.S. Air Force needed pilots to fly combat missions, why did you enlist in the Texas Air National Guard?

For those of you who might think this question is unfair, I want to say that lately we have heard a lot about how decisions made by John Kerry in his youth are relevant to understanding John Kerry the presidential candidate. Furthermore, I want to know if the man with the power to send Americans to war, and some to their death, was a coward during his generation's war.

2) The Air National Guard spent millions of dollars to train you to be a fighter pilot, so why did you fail to show up for an annual physical, which ended your flying career?

For those of you who don't like this question, I want to remind you that respecting taxpayers' money and fulfilling personal commitments are not inconsequential personality traits. Especially for those citizens who pay their taxes and go to work every day.

3) You insist that you did not skip-out on more than a year of National Guard meetings, but where is the military documentation to prove that you attended these meetings and where are the Guardsmen who remembered that you attended?

For those of you who might think--oh, come on! If going AWOL during wartime is not relevant to a presidential campaign, then morality and nationalism are not relevant to you.

There are many military documents that prove I never went AWOL when in the Marine Corps, and to this day lots of guys remember my ugly face. Surely the same should be true for a "famous son" whose father was a wealthy congressman--unless, of course, he did go AWOL.

Under the heat of the media, back when the media put heat on Republicans as well as Democrats, President Richard Nixon said: "It's important for the American people to know if their president is a crook." This is true. And it's important for the American people to know if their president is a coward, if their president is a liar, and if their president is a deserter.

We know John Kerry is not a coward; the Vietnam War proved that. We know that John Kerry is not a liar because journalists examining every inch of his life cannot find the lies. We know that John Kerry is not a deserter because military records prove he was not a deserter. As for George Bush, we simply do not know.

It is time for the media to be fair and balanced, which requires it to put George Bush's military service under the same investigative microscope that they have used to examine John Kerry's military service. Examine every accusation, every assertion, every possibility, and to do this relentlessly. Then we will know if George Bush's military service stands up to John Kerry's military service. Then we will know if George Bush is a coward, a liar, a deserter.

Posted: August 30, 2004


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