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We Need to Take Better Care of Our Seniors
by Ralph E. Stanley
August 29, 2004

Babyboomers are now over 55, for the most part and most were not very happy with Allen Greenspan's words last night about Social Security. And that's not all they are unhappy about. Most babyboomers have aging parents who take a lot of perscription drugs and expeience 25% increases on perscription drugs. Many Seniors are already spending 45 percent of their Social Security money on prescription drugs to maintain an adequate quality of life. If Social Security is cut and/or the age to draw it is increased, what are Americans to do, move to Canada to retire or perhaps even Ireland. Those are probably good choices if Bush/Cheney gets re-elected.

West Virginia Seniors want to know why the Federal Government would allow four companies to take a $4.2 billion dollar synthetic fuels tax credit for simply spraying diesel fuel on coal and calling it a synthetic fuel. The tax credit was designed to produce a synthetic fuels industry, which it has not done. It was not designed as a mechanism to scam the federal treasury out of $4.2 billion dollars that could be better spent funding programs for Seniors like Social Security, Medicade, Medicare, or supplemental perscription drug programs for Seniors. I wrote an article on this subject which appeared today (Sun. 8/29/04, in the Parkersburg, WV, News, an the Marietta AM. Perhaps the Bush/Cheney paid campaign professional at the local Republican Market Street office in Parkersburg, could answer the above questions for the Bush/Cheney campaign. I asked her over two weeks ago about the $4.2 billion dollar Energy Synthetic Fuels Tax Credit. She didn't know anything about it, but said she would do some research. She has't got back to me yet. Maybe your station could interview the person in charge of your local Republican Office. It would seem to me that paid campaign staff, in pivital states especially, would be versed on the major issues of the campaign, but apparently they are not. Maybe they were just hoping no one would notice this. I saw 65 small refiners go out of business following crude oil decontrol, for which I authored the crude oil allocation regulations, so when I read the article in Time Magazine last October 2003 about a Synthetic Fuels Tax Credit Scam, I knew exactally what it was---just 4 companies living off the government subsidies that probably shouldn't be in business anyway, if it were not for the subsidies.

On November 2nd, VOTE OUT THE ADMINSITRATION THAT ALLOWED THESE ATROSITIES TO HAPPEN AND PUT A DEMOCRAT BACK IN THE WHITE HOUSE WHO WILL TAKE CARE OF OUR SENIORS, PLEASE. Otherwise, we will all have to work till we drop because the Social Security age will continully be raised and the benefits cut to the point where it won't even cover a Senior's perscription drugs, much less anything else, like food, shelter, clothing.

Posted: September 1, 2004


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