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Urgent Alert: 9/11 Our "New Pearl Harbor"? For War for Profit?
by Holly Berkowitz
September 1, 2004

GW Bush exposed his real motives in the blueprint of Bush's CEO administration, the once-covert 2000 Project for a New American Century (PNAC) that claimed in September, 2000, a year before 9/11 that we needed a "new Pearl Harbor" for global military "supremacy" (PNAC, 2000). Supremacy? For profit? At all costs?

GW Bush's Paul Wolfowitz wrote the 2000 PNAC, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld signed it, exposing their motives for using negative force to profitize, to use 9/11 as an excuse to invade Afghanistan, Iraq and other nations in "unending wars" and "shock and awe" (ICPC, 2003) to crush other nations and many with negative force, nations that challenge the stated goal of the 2000 PNAC, global military "supremacy" of the United States (PNAC, 2000). Unending wars for profit? For oil? Bulldozer politics of erroneous either-or absolutes? Crushing words of political dissent, the fuel of democracy? Of life? Violating the U.S. Constitution, of internatioal law, of moral law and the words of the authors of the Declaration of Independence? Ripping apart the fragile web for all life for cash?

Paul Wolfowitz also stated on June 4, 2003 that the invasion of Iraq was "about oil" and that the term "WMD" was a "bureaucratic" excuse for war (Asian Security Summit, GPF and Guardian, 2003). This Bush administration may have tried to cleanse websites of that information as Donald Rumsfeld was more upset about the release of photos at Abu Ghraib than he was about the torture (Senate Hearing, 2004).

But this Bush administration has a "credibility problem" (Lexington Herald, 2004): The 9/11 Commission found "no credible evidence" of a link between Saddam Hussein and Al Queda (9/11 Commission and Lexington Herald, 2004), though GW Bush and Rumsfeld demanded that the US invade Iraq immediately after 9/11, even though intelligence sources found "no credible link" between Saddam and Al Queda (9/11 Commission) or 9/11 (McGovern, 2004), and none have found "credible evidence" of "WMD" in Iraq (McGovern, Kay, Kelly, 2003, 2004). GW Bush then tried to blame those intelligence agencies (911 Commission, 2004) for his own well-orchestrated campaign to deceive the U.S.. Congress in October, 2002 before the 2002 elections for political gain. The prestigious Union of Concerned Scientists also has written two letters to GW Bush demanding that GW Bush stop abusing science for political gain (UCS, 2004). And Moveon.org's website Misleader.org has documented the extensive disconnects between GW Bush's words and the actions of this Bush administration.

Space is too short to document the many impeachable acts of this Bush administration that violate the U.S. Constitution (Lawyers' Statement on Torture, 2004;Impeach Central, 2003), international law (Weston et al, 2003; Impeach Central, 2003) and moral laws (Tutu, 2003), moral laws of reciprocity that we need to produce our own economic well-being (Deuteronomy, 2004). GW Bush has abused power of the U.S. Presidency for private gain, for private profit and abused religions and basic human rights of the many to cause wars for profits of oil, oil for profits privately, pirately, demonstrating that Bush, Inc. assumes erroneously that private profit justifies all. It does not.

Evidence mounts daily that GW Bush and Bush, Inc. conspired to cause 9/11 to cause war to control oil fields of Iraq and Afghanistan for private profit to pay back the war profiteers, oil barons and no-bid contractors that put GW Bush into the White House in 2000 illegitimately[2] <#_ftn2>...war profiteers such as the Carlyle Group (F9/11) and the BCCI (Washington Monthly, 2004), oil barons such as the Bush and bin Laden Families (F9/11), and no-bid contractors such as Dick Cheney's Halliburton that still operates in Iran, part of GW Bush's famous "axis of evil" (20/20, 2004) .... as GW Bush's grandpa Prescott's Union Bank financed the rise of Adolf Hitler to power, his front company seized in 1942 under the Trading With the Enemies Act for treason (Buchanan, 2003). Bush also changed the director at the National Archives where John Buchanan found those documents, and where Sandy Berger was framed (2004).

Senator John Kerry investigated the role of the Bush family in the Iran-Contra Scandal and the BCCI (Washington Monthly, 2004) that exposes the motives of GW Bush and Bush, Inc. to abuse power of the U.S. Presidency for private profit. Michael Moore exposed the motives of GW Bush in Farenheit 9/11 (2004).

Conflict of interest, Anyone?

Is 9/11 our "New Pearl Harbor" that GW Bush needed to invade Iraq and Afghanistan for profits for war profiteers, oil barons and no-bid contractors that put GW Bush into the White House in 2000 illegitimately?

Urgent Alert: Will this secretive Bush administration try to cause another "terrorist attack" to a) blame the Democrats, to b) cancel the election of November, 2004, to c) cause martial law to nullify the U.S. Constitution and to d) cause a "new Pearl Harbor" to cause war for private profit of some secretive few?

Jim Leach, R-Iowa and chair of the House Banking Committee agreed that his Republican GOP "privatizes, deregulates and lowers taxes" for "private wealth" (Leach, 2002), defining "private wealth" as cashflow into private bank accounts, as Newt Gingerich stated that we should privatize Medicare until it "withers away" (Bridge the Gap, 2004), as Ronald Reagan divided America to privatize it, and as Bush's advisor, Grover Norquist advised President Bush to "cut taxes" to "drown government in the bathtub" (UN, 2003). Impeach.

A civil world and civil government of worth will protect the fragile public rights of the many now and generations from now, not value private cash at public taxpayer expense. Are we civil?

Stand up, speak out. Dig beyond the obvious. Vote, if it's not too late.

About the Author: Holly Berkowitz, RHIT in Health Information Management and BA in Linguistics is developing an index for public health. She lives in Iowa City, Iowa with her husband, two children, dog and woodland garden; produces a weekly series, Garden for Eden for Public Access Television in Iowa City, and documents politics in Iowa.

[1] <#_ftnref1> Remember that GW Bush's Supreme Court ordered Florida to stop counting the votes that would have won the election for Al Gore, as GOP operatives threatened those who were counting the votes.

[2] <#_ftnref2> Remember that GW Bush's Supreme Court ordered Florida to stop counting the votes that would have won the election for Al Gore, as GOP operatives threatened those who were counting the votes.

Posted: September 7, 2004


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