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by Paul E.
September 20, 2004

If Mr. Kerry loses the election to Mr. Bush on November 2, simply because he failed to defend himself against the spurious allegations hung on him by the shameless and ruthless GOP right, I wonder what we will see when we then begin to look ahead, into the future of this nation?

Over the next year, after Mr. Bush is well into his second round of god, and the Iraq War is written off as a total loss, and the point is reached where it cannot be concluded without disgrace at some level or casualties beyond another, where the word "Vietnam" finds renewed meaning even though, for a word, it already had meanings enough, where the draft must been re-instituted to maintain troop levels and to offset the decreasing popularity of losing body parts and lives in service which has become increasingly meaningless, where the prosthesis companies are working three shifts to keep up with demand, where US loses in Iraq exceed 2000 killed, 50,000 wounded, and Iraqi fatalities are pushing 30,000 (currently, Iraqi deaths associated with the war are estimated at over 20,500, US fatalities over 1020, and serious American casualties in excess of 27,000), where the war itself has become a national obsession, a continued source of division and, worse, of international derision, and the Bush administration dreams up some new event of even more dramatic proportions to take our collective mindset away from the continuing genocide it, itself instigated, could we by then be willing to demonstrate to ourselves and to the rest of the world, that we actually care, or would it all be too late?

When this all transpires and all those who voted for Bush are silent, Demo's shouting at the tops of their lungs, "I TOLD YOU SO!" won't be helpful in the least little bit; won't reverse time, or rewrite history, or resurrect the dead. To paraphrase the long gone comic strip "Pogo," "Why do we only appreciate someone fully after they're gone. I say, appreciate now and avoid the rush." Well, "I" say, lets do something now, and avoid the back biting and consequences later on, prevention still being, in my view, half the best cure for the disease.

This election will be decided on character and the perceived strength of each candidate, in my view, and not upon any particular issue.  Mr. Bush has demonstrated that he has "character" while Mr. Kerry seemingly remains willing to wear the image of the GOP branding iron, as if to confirm that the Republicans are right about him.  The Republicans have sowed the seeds of doubt on Mr. Kerry well, and it is that doubt that lingers in the minds of all voters, and I submit, even the most ardent Kerry supporters. It will be that doubt that guides the election on Nov. 2, unless something is done to dispel it, soon. .

I suggest we get together and ask Mr. Kerry to defend himself and to set the record straight, asap. I move that we request he set up an interview with a mainstream TV journalist, one on one, unscripted, in prime time, to address the allegations that the Republican Party has invented against him.

Reaching John Kerry on any subject is not a simple task. Everything that gets to Mr. Kerry is thoroughly filtered by subordinates. But, if enough phones are dialed, letters and e-mails sent, the message will get through loud and clear. I have confidence that Mr. Kerry cares, that he will appreciate the merits of our petition, and will respond in kind.

So, I propose a letter writing campaign with a concerted message compelling Mr. Kerry to please do the interview. With enough mail directed at campaign headquarters and other destinations, the message will ultimately reach the candidate himself, with the credibility of measurable numbers behind it. The time is ripe for fresh advisement, since he continues to trail Bush in the polls, and time is getting short. Frankly, I feel that if Mr. Kerry presents himself as he is around his family and friends, to Americans at large, he will dramatically help his standings in the polls, and his prospect for an election win, in a way that will it difficult for Bush to rebut.

I have had people criticize this concept by telling me why it won't work; "If it was a good idea the campaign would have already thought of it," or, "Have patience, the campaign is getting better and will take care of it." Or, "Kerry will demolish Bush in the debates and everything will be OK." Well, to date, Mr. Kerry still has the GOP scarlet question mark (bulls eye?) on his forehead and I haven't seen any trend by his campaign, to get it removed. Mr. Kerry will likely find himself at disadvantage during the debates when he has to explain to viewers, first, why GOP reality is actually not the "real" reality. And, anyway, the Kerry campaign has missed the boat on other opportunities, why should we have confidence that they will do better, this point forward. And, if we sit around waiting until they the figure it out only to learn that they never did, who has that helped? But, in any case, why not pull out all the stops, now, try every possible idea that might help Mr. Kerry win? The alternative is only another four years of Bush, and then maybe another neo-conservative after him - Cheney, perhaps?... a chilling thought, from where I sit!

If you want to be part of this petition program e-mail me immediately: wethepeople@isp.com

Tell me how you would like to participate: Snail mail, e-mail, and or telephone, and give me some idea of where you are located geographically.

In return, I will send you formatted letters you may use verbatim or integrate into your own composition, along with addresses, telephone numbers, instructions and scheduling information for an organized implementation of this plan.

Now, I have no illusions, I won't be the least bit surprised if I get not one single response to this article. I have already concluded that Americans are taking sides on this election because that is easier than actually getting involved. Were we all paying close attention no one would be supporting George Bush, and everyone would have done all the research and decided, as I have, that John Kerry is a very good man behind which to redirect this county. But, such is, seemingly, not the case.... and since I do not have children to pass this heavy legacy on to, a legacy, I am certain, they would pay dearly for, I can be quite satisfied with clearing my own conscience here, with this offering, and if it dies from lack of interest, getting back to my own life and the projects I have more control over.

Sincerely, Paul E. e-mail: wethepeople@isp.com

Posted: September 20, 2004


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