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Here are some of the latest developments in the news about the distortion of evidence
From Moveon.org
July 21st, 2003

MoveOn.org is launching a series of newspaper ads around the country that call on Members of Congress who haven't pledged to support a commission to place truth over politics. (You can use the above link to help this cause)

  • On Friday, the White House released declassified intelligence documents that were intended to show that there was evidence that Iraq was seeking to build nuclear weapons. But that effort backfired when a footnote in the document from the State Department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research pointed out that "the claims of Iraqi pursuit of natural uranium in Africa are, in INR's assessment, highly dubious." (Reuters, July 18; link below)

  • The Bush administration's claim that there's a link between Saddam and al Qaeda is now falling apart too (though there wasn't much of a public case to start with). In an editorial yesterday, two senior intelligence officials wrote: "As members of the National Security Council staff from 1994 to 1999, we closely examined nearly a decade's worth of intelligence and we became convinced, like many of our colleagues in the intelligence community, that the religious radicals of Al Qaeda and the secularists of Baathist Iraq simply did not trust one another or share sufficiently compelling interests to work together. But Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld promised that the Bush administration had "bulletproof evidence" of a Qaeda-Iraq link, and Secretary of State Colin Powell made a similar case to the United Nations. Such claims now look as questionable as the allegation that Iraq was buying uranium in Niger." (New York Times, July 20)

  • President Bush twice made the claim that Iraq was ready to deploy WMDs in 45 minutes or less. That claim has now been discredited by the British government, and the White House now claims that it did not seek CIA approval before using the data. As the Washington Post reported on the 19th, "an adviser to the Bush administration on arms issues said last week that such weapons were not ready to be used on short notice." (Washington Post, July 20)

  • In an amazing departure from reality, President Bush explained in a press conference on the 14th that "we gave [Saddam Hussein] a chance to allow the inspectors in, and he wouldn't let them in. And, therefore, after a reasonable request, we decided to remove him from power . . . " Inspectors were, of course, on the ground in Iraq for over three months, until they were pulled out because the U.S. was going to war. (White House, July 14)

The press and the American people are pushing for answers. Advertising is a great way for us to turn up the heat. You can contribute right now:

Together, we can make Congress put security and credibility ahead of party politics.

--Eli Pariser
July 21st, 2003

P.S. Looking for the original articles referred to above? Here are the links:

Reuters, July 18

By Daniel Benjamin and Steven Simon
New York Times, July 20

By Dana Milbank
Washington Post, July 20

White House, July 14

Published: July 22, 2003


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