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What would Castro Do? Hypocrisy in Miami
by Jane Stillwater
November 24, 2003

Leaders of the Cuban exile community of Miami clearly out-Castro-ed their former nemesis this week as Dade County tactical squads, under the leadership of elected Cuban-American politicians, brutally suppressed citizens' Constitutional rights--to free speech, freedom of the press and free assembly--with an abandon and verve that would have had even Fidel himself open-mouthed.

The Cuban exile community's holier-than-thou attitude toward human rights in Cuba is now a thing of the past. Under the direction of Cuban exiles and their allies, police in full riot gear tear-gassed, beat and jailed hundreds of peaceful demonstrators. Bones were broken and faces were smashed indiscriminately.

Tactical squads, using unprovoked and savage brutality on American citizens legally expressing their right to dissent against faulty government policies that will drive their jobs overseas, also threatened and/or jailed several members of the press who were reporting on the event as well as hundreds of non-violent demonstrators including a delegation of soccer moms wearing "Kucinich for President" T-shirts.

After this demonstration of unprovoked force, any further attempts by the Cuban Exile community to criticize Castro can and will be labeled as hypocrisy of the first degree.

Before we "bring democracy" to Cuba, let's first try bringing it to Miami.

Posted: November 24, 2003


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