Pill Label

Pill Bottle Label

The best and easiest way to use this label is to print out this page, cut out the label, and then affix it to an old vitamin or supplement bottle. Just scotch tape it over the current label already on the bottle. You can print this in either color or black and white. Obviously color will look best! If you don't have an old pill bottle available, black 35mm film containers would work well too, although this label may not fit as well. CAUTION! Remove any personally identifiable information from prescription pill containers, BEFORE attaching the new label!

We recommend sending any pill bottles in small padded envelopes which are good for up to 13-ozs. (44c for first oz, 23c for each additional oz), and go by First Class mail. So postage of only .60 cents should cover most shipments saving you a trip to the PO. If this isn't convenient, then just put your pills in a regular envelope and send with a .44 cent stamp (good for up to 1-oz).

Mailing Label large

Large Package Mailing Label

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Regular Envelope Size Mailing Label

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