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Defending Bush's Nazi Connection
by Robert Lederman
Appearing on rense.com

The viewpoint in the article below shows why the AP suddenly took up this theme - on behalf of the Bush campaign in order to downplay it in anticipation of the election in 2004 so it could not come up then. Thyssen, according to the "logic" of this interpretation, was not against Jews and later had a falling out with the Nazis, so therefore Prescott Bush spending ten years helping finance Nazism via Thyssen's Nazi-controlled front companies on Wall Street was not anti-Semitic, and therefore Prescott Bush was not a Nazi.

To further the a-historic logic of this view, if being put in prison by the Nazis like Thyssen was "proof" you weren't really one, then thousands of top Nazis enthusiasts in the SA who Hitler had imprisoned and killed for his own political reasons in the early 1930's were all really good guys too. I guess that makes those who personally imported all those Nazis to America after WWII, who were the lawyers for IG Farben such as William Casey, Kissenger, the Dulles brothers etc. were really good guys as well. It's just those who like me dare to bring up the Bush-Nazi connection who are despicable bad guys.
Of course, this interpretation completely ignores that the Bush family were very big supporters of eugenics (including Prescott, his partner Harriman and Pres. Bush I), were well-known to be anti-Semitic and that Hitler's hatred for and intention to kill the Jews was well-known long before he ever came to power. It also ignores that in 1930's America had a huge and very public Nazi movement, which hardly fits into the picture of America's wealthiest corporate bosses being ignorant of what they were supporting. To say you actively supported Hitler for a decade but didn't know he intended to kill millions of Jews, Poles, Russians, Gypsies is exactly the defense the Nazis used at Nuremberg. Does anybody really think Prescott Bush, Rockefeller, Ford etc. were clueless as to what Hitler was up to during the time they were actively funding and ideologically supporting him and his IG Farben concentration camp-slave labor factories?
As to the issue of the number of shares in Union Bank, yes, Prescott had only one share according to the 11/7/42 Congressional Record, but there were only seven shareholders total. It's not like he was one of thousands of shareholders. See the Federal Register page here: http://www.mbpolitics.com/bush2000/Vesting.htm
Blaming GW Bush for Prescott's action would indeed be unfair if that was all there is to it. In reality, the entire three generation Bush political dynasty has countless connections to Nazis, fascism, eugenics, corporate crime, the CIA bringing thousands of former SS officials to the US, the pharmaceutical companies formerly known as IG Farben etc. Their family fortune - which is the basis for every Bush's political position today - all came directly from supporting the Nazis.
Bush 'Nazi' smear unworthy of critics Joe Conason - The New York Observer
10.22.03 - Liberal invective against George W. Bush has not yet descended to the depths plumbed by conservatives in their crusade against the Clintons, but that isn't because nobody's trying. Mr. Bush's most zealous opponents apparently believe that his faults, and those of his cronies and his administration, will be insufficient to unseat him next year.
That may be why some Bush critics have been circulating a story about the financial connections between his paternal grandfather, Prescott Bush Sr., and a Nazi industrial magnate named Fritz Thyssen.
The sinister cooperation between prominent American businessmen and their counterparts in Hitler's Germany is an important episode whose details are still being revealed by historians. It instructs us about the terrible crimes that can be committed in the pursuit of profit by men (and they were all men) who regard themselves as a superior race and class. It implicates such famous names as Ford, Standard Oil, General Motors and Dupont. In the case of Prescott Bush Sr., this sorry history shows that even a man who later displayed decent instincts could have been guilty of awful judgment and worse.
According to archival and declassified material recently published, the founder of the Bush political dynasty had much to answer for during his earlier career on Wall Street. Picking up on an investigative story in the New Hampshire Gazette, last week the Associated Press reported on Prescott Sr.'s role in the Union Banking Corp., which served as a front for Thyssen's conglomerate.
Quite reasonably, the U.S. government suspected Union Banking of aiding the Nazis through Thyssen, who had helped to finance Hitler's rise and whose coal and steel holdings were integral to the German war machine. That suspicion led federal officials to seize Union Banking's assets in October 1942 under the Trading With the Enemy Act. While Prescott Sr. held only a single share of Union Banking stock, he also served as one of seven corporate directors whose apparent purpose was to help Thyssen conceal the bank's real ownership.
What the A.P. story notes -- unlike many of the Internet stories circulating about the "Bush-Nazi connection" -- is that, by 1938, Fritz Thyssen had fallen out with the Nazi regime he had helped bring to power, evidently "over their persecution of Catholics and Jews." After fleeing to neutral Switzerland, Thyssen was arrested by the Nazis. At the moment when his U.S. assets were seized, Thyssen was in a Nazi prison, where he remained until the end of the war.
Those complicating facts don't absolve Thyssen or his American associates. The involvement of Prescott Sr. and other members of the American business aristocracy with Nazi-era industry was shameful, and in some instances illegal -- and they knew it.
Like so many Americans who made deals with fascist interests or lent political support to them during the 30's, those businessmen got off rather easily after the war. Most of them, including Bush, were permitted to keep the money they had made with the Germans.
They're all dead now, however. Prescott Sr. died more than 30 years ago.
Before he went to his final reward, the Bush patriarch was elected from Connecticut to the U.S. Senate, where he served from 1952 until he retired 10 years later. He was a liberal Eisenhower Republican who distinguished himself as an opponent of McCarthyism and an advocate of public housing.
Henry Ford was a Nazi collaborator. Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. was a Nazi sympathizer. Unless additional information emerges to indict him, Prescott Bush Sr. was neither. To misuse such terms for political advantage against his grandson is to trivialize very grave offenses.
Whatever the President's grandfather did or may have done, how does that reflect on George W. Bush? In 1942, he hadn't been born yet. If he is nevertheless accountable for Prescott Sr.'s actions, fairness requires that a similar standard be applied to other descendants of politicians and businessmen whose attitude toward Nazism was, at best, ambivalent. Should anyone named Kennedy, Harriman, Dupont or Fish be arraigned for the offenses of their dead ancestors? Should everyone boycott Ford Motors?
The obvious answer is no. In America, the sins of the fathers are not held against the children, nor should they be. Although the Bushes have too often lowered themselves into the gutter for political gain, that doesn't give license to libels against them.
It is ironic that the President would be arraigned on a bum rap at a moment when his poll numbers are declining, his advisers admit he is vulnerable, and several books excoriating him have appeared on the best-seller lists.
There are many unflattering terms that can and should be used to describe George W. Bush. He is, among other things, a truly bad President. But neither his offenses, nor the Republican Party's politics of personal destruction, can justify using such tactics against him. Imputing Nazi sympathies to the President or his family ought to be beneath his adversaries.
For the page from the Federal Register of November 7th 1942 showing the Bush family assets seized by the US Congress for being Nazi fronts see: http://www.mbpolitics.com/bush2000/Vesting.htm I recently had the National Archive photocopy and mail me this exact page in order to conclusively verify it. It's real and they sent it to me for free. Here's their website: http://www.archives.gov/
For an authoritative and very detailed report on the Bush-Nazi connection by former US Dept. of Justice Nazi War Crimes prosecutor and President of the Florida Holocaust Museum, John Loftus, see: http://www.john-loftus.com/
http://www.thejewishadvocate.com/ Jewish Advocate 7/18/2001 (article begins on pg 1)
Robert Lederman: NYC Street Crusader Takes on Giuliani, Bush's Nazi Past
By Susie Davidson Advocate Correspondent
Don't get on Robert Lederman's bad side. Just ask Rudy Giuliani.
Artist, First Amendment activist and Greenwich Village Gazette (and other mags) columnist Lederman has waged an eight-year, one-man campaign, to the tune of hundreds of essays, 41 arrests, hundreds of paintings, postcards and well-maintained websites, all aimed at the erstwhile Big Apple mayor. His art often appears at demonstrations against issues like the Abner Louima and Amadou Diallo incidents, West Nile pesticide spraying ("Orthodox Jews Gassed Again!" he accuses, as the poison hits religious areas on Friday evenings) and Guiliani's homeless policies. His work has appeared in People, New York Magazine, the Times, New York Post Daily News and Newsday; he's been featured on 20/20 and CNN.
His titles include: "Racist Rudy," "KKK-iani," "The Godmother," "Jailiani," "Enemy of Art," "Fooliani," "Ghouliani," and "Mussoliniani."
Why Giuliani?
Lederman, 50,'s first beef with the mayor occurred in 1994, when street artists arrested for selling art without licenses formed A.R.T.I.S.T. (Artists' Response to Illegal State Tactics), and in a case that reached the U.S. Supreme Court, ultimately won a lawsuit against the mayor (one of many Lederman legal challenges to Hizzoner).
He had personal experience; in the '80's, occasionally homeless, he sold artwork instead of panhandling.
Following this victory, Lederman's arrest profile widened: unlawful vendoring, unauthorized posting, disorderly conduct, inciting to riot, resisting arrest, carrying a tape recorder and obstruction of governmental administration. Every case was dismissed with no fines.
Lederman welcomes the media exposure for his causes and his artwork, which are, incidentally, not limited to New York, or to secular themes.
Lederman contributed "A Jewish Perspective on GW Bush" to the recently released 100 Days: An Anthology (ed. Andrea Brady, Barque Press). It's a scathing, fact-filled and documented expose of the Nazi shadows looming behind the Bush family and their cohorts.
"For a Jewish person," he begins, "learning that the President's family fortune and political connections began with financing Hitler (in the Standard Oil/IG Farben concerns) is a serious matter."
There are no Jewish members of Bush's cabinet, he notes, while Ari Fleischer's role adds "ethnic credibility in the event questions arise regarding the President's Hitler connection." Lederman accuses Bush of appointing, and embracing, a few token Blacks and minorities. "In Nazi Germany," he analogizes, "there were Jewish leaders, the Judenrate, who similarly advised their followers not to resist Adolf Hitler. Elevating a few members of a targeted group is an effective way to disarm your victims."
Lederman names prominent American Nazi collaborators. After the war? "The US government," he charges, "brought thousands of Nazis to America, provided them with false identities and established them in the newly formed CIA, in universities, in the media, in medical and psychological research institutions and in the US military."
Allen Dulles, GHW Bush associate and fellow Nazi financier, became the CIA's first director. His brother, John Foster Dulles, major shareholder and lawyer for Standard Oil/IG Farben, became U.S. Secretary of State. William Casey, Reagan's CIA director who "helped the Dulles' bring Nazis to the U.S.", "created the Manhattan Institute - the think tank that invented GW Bush's political agenda and advises him on a daily basis.
"It was the first Bush administration," Lederman writes, "which gave Saddam Hussein the chemical and biological weapons we've spent the past decade trying to locate in Iraq. It was the anti-Semitic, anti-Christian Arab oil partners of the Bush family that our soldiers risked their lives to protect in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War. The corrupt dynasties that oppressively rule these Arab nations were among Hitler's closest allies in WWII."
W? The Christian far right, John Ashcroft, Bob Jones U., the inauguration exclusion of non-Christians, the fact that abortion, globally opposed by Bush in an initial act, was strictly prohibited in Nazi Germany but forced upon Jewish women - all are exposed and denounced.
"All I'd ask of President Bush," he closes, "is something very simple for him to do. Mr. President, please make a public statement - as many of the corporations associated with you have already done - acknowledging your family's past relationship with Nazi Germany, and then, apologize for it - as the Pope recently did.
"Unlike your father, former President Bush, who said it was time to forgive Nazi Germany's war criminals, you have made seemingly sincere speeches about the Holocaust while fundraising at synagogues and Jewish community centers.
"Now it's time for you to complete the 'healing process' you are always referring to and publicly repent for your family's part in bringing the Holocaust about."
Will Lederman's message reach Bush?
Ask Mayor Giuliani.
 Copyright 2001 Susan J. Davidson This article appeared in the July 18, 2001 issue of the Jewish Advocate


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